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This is the Intro, or Entry page, to my "Old Site"

I have decided to re-launch this Old Site as due to the ongoing situation on our Southern Border and also the southern border in the USA, a lot more people have "Woken Up".
If you are not "White Woke" today, I suggest that you hurry up and get on board ASAP !!
At all future elections vote for one of the Populist or Nationalist parties, never again give your vote to any of the Lib/Lab/Con tricksters.

10 or 12 years ago when this site was last in place, there was really only the NF or the BNP who were raising these issues. Now, there are an ever increasing number of people asking the exact same questions. Clicking on any NewRoom image as shown above, will bring you back to this page. Clicking on any image showing my website address, will take you to the opening page of my current site.

There is some duplication between the two, but the 'Old Site' is a great deal larger.
To start, click on Chapter Index or Articles of Interest above.

But perhaps the biggest reason that I have re-launched my 'Old Site' is to show the people who are about 26 years old today, that when they were still just about 14 years old, there were people like me raising exactly the same issues that are concerning them today.
Yet NOTHING has changed, in fact, everything is even worse today

Be aware:-
None of the mainstream parties gives a Damn about the native British.
They have all been "Bought Off" in one way or another.
Either that or somebody has got "Someting On Them" to keep them complient.
Consider overseas aid, all of the illegals in hotels with no real effort to stop them, vast amounts of OUR money given away all over the planet.
And never forgetting the stitch up over the triple lock on the State Pension.
The lowest pension in Europe, and the developed world.
This on top of the rocketing prices of energy and the cost of living in general @ 07/03/22.


Find the courage to raise your voice today.
Or you may need to find the courage to raise a weapon tomorrow.



Requesting confirmation of the constitutional legality of the current Lord Mayor of Coventry (Cllr. Ram Lakha) and that of his predecessor
(Cllr. Sucha Bains.) Click

Dear Sir/Madam, Re; ‘Works For Me’ issue Thur June 8th 2006 (page 6) Where to begin? I have unfortunately been unemployed for some considerable time and am a regular reader of WFM in the capacity of critical observer of the activities of the race relations ‘industry’. Click

A Proposition or Blood and Soil Nation? We have been transformed into a people of an idea from a nation founded on kinship and land by stealth. There are two different views of a nation. Click

Britain - Centre of World Terrorism. If anything defeats common sense it is trying to understand how the "establishment", the "elites," see the world around them. They believe that somehow this racial chaos will merge into multi-racial harmony. Click

David Cameron and the Anti-White Alliance. On Tommy Boyd's talk Radio show of 17 February Weyman Bennett described David Cameron as a supporter of the Marxist UAF! Click

Child Rape - The Spoils of War, By Mister Fox. Edmund Burke believed that politics should be based on human nature. The dominant ideologies today go against that and stifle natural expressions of common sense. In his greatest speech made in response to calls for him to be prosecuted under the 1976 Race Relations Act, "The Uniform of Colour", Enoch Powell gave an insight into how human nature operates: Click

Churchills Last Stand: Those who dare call for control and common sense in open-door immigration are demonised as “Nazis” and “Racists by the dominant Socialist-communists, and the New Left which took over in the 70.s.This is highly offensive as many lost family fighting Nazism and we had a long and noble tradition of conserving our homogeneity. This negative propaganda worked for a long time and few know Sir Winston Click

The Political Cesspool has resumed broadcasting. De-humanising the Victims: American philosopher George Santayana remarked that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat its mistakes. On October the 26th is the anniversary of a unique event in England –a bomb attack on an mp’s home in 1965. This is a lesson that de-humanising a politician could have fatal consequences as happened to Pym Fortuyn and Click

Defensive Alliance Against Axis Of Socialist - Totalitarians. As we watch the constant Muslim riots it becomes impossible to see our elites as anything other than evil because they know what they are doing. I have written of elites who promote Islam like Prince Charles, the Archbishiop of Canterbury; senior legal figures like Lord Phillips, Justice Butler-Sloss and Stephan Hockman are trying to introduce Muslim laws. Click

Guerilla War ? The elite's war by immigrant proxy. During just April, May and June this year, the Metropolitan Police recorded 1,580 offences more than quarter of the national total. A breakdown reveals 17 people are stabbed or robbed at knife point in the every day and by July 2008 twenty teenagers had been murdered in London. Click

Free Muslim Immigration.The major issue is race, followed by gender and orientation. The EU promotes this ideology. The news reporting is managed and EU and UN schemes to discriminate against whites are kept from the public. People can not revolt against something if they do not know its happening. Click

Importing Death. New-born babies are now tested for TB in UK hospitals - Tuberculosis had nearly been eradicated in this country but third world immigrants have brought it back. It was the biggest killer in the UK in the 19th century. Click

The New Left: Destroying our Children. Since the decline of our traditional, aristocratic rulers and the growth of unhealthy values like tolerance and cultural relativism we have been plunging into crime and degeneracy which has harmed our young people and is now spreading to the rural middle classes. If we take an odyssey through our present discontented we get a clearer view of what is happening around us. Click

The Persecution of Prince Harry ( Paki - Raghead ) and the Secret War. We are in a battle of more than ideas it is a battle for our country and our dealing with it begins in showing what is really going on in actuality and that the establishment view that the multi-racial society is working can only be sustained by deceiving the population into seeing a good but false picture. Click

On The Socialist-Muslim Axis & The Defensive Alliance. "Of the Eight arrested of the car bombers who attempted to bomb London and Glasgow, Six are National Health Service doctors" Even the most willful dreamers can no longer pretend that poverty, discrimination and "exclusion" are what impels young Muslims in Britain and the Islamic states to extremist clerics who turn them into terrorists and suicide bombers. Click

UTOPIAN IDEALISTS AGAINST OUR NATION AND PEOPLE. We are led to believe that mass immigration is a blessing to us and that only Enoch Powell and a few narrow-minded and prejudiced people have ever seen danger in it. All decent folk of good will, we are told, have embraced this break in our national continuity as a sign of enlightenment with people progressing to a higher state of civilisation. Click

Western Elites are Surrendering Us to Islam. The rulers try to build a multi-racial society from mixed motives: some, high-minded ideals, others exploit this to import cheap labour. They invite immigrants and make us share everything with them while the global elites who live here and multi national corporations pay little tax and politicians pay none and claim vast expenses. Click


Corruption through Multi Media. To Engineer for a different society people are trained to fit into the proposed utopian world of diversity and equality but another operative motive is to be used by commerce for personal gain. A change came with the development of moving pictures in the use of subtle but corrupting images which gave a new and secret weapon to Social Engineers. Click

A hard-hitting new book by Dr Anthea Jeffery of the SA Institute of Race Relations has the ANC, leftist liberal whites, Marxist blacks and their running dogs performing a spluttering, foam-specked and apoplectic shit fit. They’re freaking out because the immaculately credentialled Dr Jeffery has fearlessly exposed the “Struggle” for what it was, and wasn’t. Click


Barack Obama & reparations for the slave trade. Why he wont touch it. Too much to hide !! A lot of Black / African Americans see Barack Obama as the man to open the door to a thousand year guilt trip on the White Race and bleed White Europeans dry of cash, pride, dignity, and any semblance of self worth that may have survived the MARXIST onslaught against us since the end of World War Two. Click

The Hidden Holocaust. More than 6 million babies have been aborted since the Abortion Act 1967 came into force in Britain and around 75 million in the USA! There are 500 abortions every day in England and Wales and the figures show 67% of are carried out before the 10th week, and 89% before the 12th week. There are about 190,000 abortions a year in England and Wales. Click

The Tradition of Conserving Homogeneity. To insinuate those of us who follow a traditional Conservative way and who lost thousands fighting Nazism to be maliciously called Nazis or Fascists is disrespectful and offensive. A racial world view is a traditional world view and goes back to our Anglo Saxon tribal days. Hitler jumped on the bandwagon and took it to extremes. Click

Lebensraum and Improving the Racial Stock. More than 50 million African workers are being brought to Europe in a secret immigration agreement.
This is the most evil plan against humanity hatched in Europe since the Nazis herded Jewish people into the gas chambers and the Soviets starved 5 million Kulaks and is likewise meant to destroy a people: the whole of western Europe and her people and has been Click

Genocide of White South African Farmers. There is a widespread superstition that having sex with children cures Aids. More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were reported last year, compared with 37,500 in 1998. Some of the victims are as young as six- months-old and many die from their injuries, others contract HIV. Click

Civil Liberty

The Final Solution to the Problem of Washington Corruption ?? Itroductory comment: I have been trying to write the present essay for some time. It is written as a sort of supplement to an earlier essay, The Militia Solution, currently posted in the Our Fight section of my website,, which was intended to address the question of how it is possible to stop the outrageous abuses of the government Click

Police Torture a Political Prisoner: On 18 November 2008 a copy of a BNP members list was published on the internet and thus began a train of events that is destined to be one of history's turning points. It revealed to a trusting public what the authorities are really like. These decent people who are supposed to be looking after our interests now stand exposed as totalitarians who will do anything however oppressive Click

Gordon Brown and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson went to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in the first week of November 2008 to ask them to fund our faltering economies by putting billions into the International Monetary Fund. In return they offered them some control over Britain and the West. The Saudi regime is the motor behind Islamisation of the West. It is Saudi's Wahhabi form of Islam which, together with the Click

Home Schooling: Since the rise to power of the New Left, in the 1960.s - 70.s, education has been to instil the correct attitudes rather than developing the child’s abilities. The authorities brainwash our children and only certain selected topics can be taught in history with the Second World war dominant because Nazism is used to frighten children away from Nationalist sentiments. Click

Ideological Judges - Replacing our Culture with Islam. The contribution of the British judiciary to the attack on our people and way of life has two main planks: undermining us through the culture and promoting Muslim extremism. Here are some of the judges and the judgements that have made the law an instrument in the war against our culture, traditions and mores. Click

The Post Democratic Age: Peter Mandelson, the European Trade Commissioner once said: “We are now entering the post-democratic age.” To put it more directly, an era of the totalitarian control of people by the state. We are in the grip of a narrow ruling elite, an “Ideological Caste,” that admits only those into power with the same views and expels after disgracing, any who dissent as in the public humiliation and sacking Click

The State Persecution of Thought Criminals. Robin Page, former presenter of television's "One Man and His Dog", a farmer, columnist for The Daily Telegraph, and the chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust, has set us an example by fighting the new Totalitarian state and winning £2,000 compensation for being wrongly arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. He allegedly made a racist remark at a country fair Click

Police, public protectors or Government enforcers? When I was a child in the 1950's the police were protectors of the public, they were fearless, they would walk up to an armed criminal and tell him not to be silly and to "put down that revolver there's a good lad"; they received medals for this and respect. To be fair though if the criminal shot and killed the policeman he would face the hangman so there was quite a deterrent Click

Magna Carta And Re Empowering The British People TAKING our democratic power back from our corrupt establishment (The Employer Dismissing The Employee) Political Correctness (Marxism) The most deceitful, grasping, corrupt, crooked, lying, vicious, perverted, unnatural, racist, mindless load of old tosh ever invented ! I can't find many people who agree with this failed attempt at thought control Click

General Stuff

History is exciting narrative and can also guide us with contemporary problems. It does not repeat itself exactly but similarly and study can clarify present disorders. A major problem for decent people living their everyday lives is the take over of our towns and cities by violent gangs that have been allowed here by the authorities. A precedent 1920’s Sheffield, England, was terrorised by gangsters. Click

Conspiracy against Europe. Angela Merkel admitted to the European Parliament on 27 June 2007 that:" The substance of the Constitution is preserved. That is a fact." In an interview given to French magazine Café Babel,in November 2008, European Commissioner Jaques Barrot lifted the veil on the secret machinations of the EU rulers and their real views on Islam and mass Immigration and how they are trying to destroy Click

Did one of our ancestors one day enter the forest and capture a wolf to use as a hunting dog or guard dog , did they go onto the moors or highlands and start milking an auroch , a fierce ancestor of our Highland cattle standing 6 foot tall. No, it had to be done in stages maybe by taking a wolf cub or auroch calf and bringing it up amongst people. Click

People of this country are used as a commodity to make money. Women with children are being encouraged to work so they can become taxpayers. Labour's nanny state has taken the family breaking measure of taking children away from their mothers at an early age and placing them in State run nurseries freeing mothers to take jobs. Children are to be forced to remain in education until they are 18 to keep jobs free for Click

In my last two articles, "Farming people" and "Domesticating people", I told you how governments use people as a commodity and how people became domesticated cattle. So what can cattle do if they want to return to the wild? Break down a fence and make a run for it? No, because only a few cattle will have the courage go through that hole in the fence and then some will not know what to do when they are free Click

MINORITY RULE: The Dictatorship of The Minorities in Britain. The best ideas are often very simple, so is the truth when you find it, the realization that minority rule had replaced majority rule in this country was such a moment for me. We are living in a dictatorship run not by an individual but by a collection of minority groups that have by stealth hijacked our political system, our society, our culture and freedom of Click

The Public Being Mugged Off ! We've all got used to being ripped off by the Government's many taxes and their hundreds of new laws brought in so people can be fined for minor indiscretions whilst gunmen and knifemen create havoc on our streets. But it's not just the Government ripping the public off. There you are walking down the road a bit of cash in your wallet or purse maybe along with a few credit cards but are you Click