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In my last two articles, "Farming people" and "Domesticating people", I told you how governments use people as a commodity and how people became domesticated cattle .

So what can cattle do if they want to return to the wild?

Break down a fence and make a run for it? No, because only a few cattle will have the courage go through that hole in the fence and then some will not know what to do when they are free from the farm confines and once the farmer sees the cattle free he will make a concerted effort to get his livestock back; it's his livelihood. Even if some of the cattle make good their escape they now have the problem that there is no wild pastures any more, the natural life no longer exists for them.

At some point the cattle will rub up against human civilisation and will cause panic amongst the people and concern amongst the farmer. If the farmer is unable to get the cattle under control he will call in the police marksmen who will shoot the leading troublemaker dead. The rest of the cattle will now be docile and return to the farmer's fields.

People are much the same as those cattle, so how can people return to their natural state?

You the reader were born into this social and political system which was not of your making, probably your parents and grandparents didn't help in the making of this system we live in today either. They may have fought to defend it and even lost their lives or suffered horrible wounds to ensure it survived.

People could of course have a word with their MP's about the ill's of this country, but that is enough of jocular remarks, a Member of Parliament is no longer the voice of the people, the representative of your area, a person who lives and works amongst you who stands for your views.

Those days are long gone, a Member of Parliament is now a highly paid profession like doctors, scientists but without the intelligence or technical skill.

He or she is likely to be straight from university, a Labour MP will probably never have held a proper manual job a Conservative very unlikely to have run a business.

They don't represent you and speak your views for they are told by others what to say, what to think and how to vote. The party they have chosen to belong to is the one they feel will be the best choice to gain a parliamentary seat and that fat pay cheque, that ticket for the gravy train and all those perks and expenses.

Look at this example; the Tory candidate for Ealing Southall, Tony Lit, former male model, the boss of Asian radio station Sunrise, recently queued up to be photographed with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair at a Labour fund raising event. Lit joined the Conservative party only a week before he was chosen as a candidate. Sunrise paid £4,800 for the table where Mr Lit was sitting and successfully bid £4,000 for a trip to America including dinner with Hillary Clinton. So Lit is standing as a Tory candidate when he is also a Labour donor.

Lacking real intelligence MP's rely on professional clerical people to run the country, the civil service.

MP's do not live where you live, they do not work in your factories or offices, they do not walk the dangerous streets of our cities nor travel on our poor also dangerous public transport. When they are ill it's private treatment for them, no waiting for weeks before treatment, if they are threatened armed police will rapidly turn up to ensure their safety. As well as there massive wage they also get huge expense accounts where they can employ wives, family members and friends all on the gravy train; two or three houses ensure they do not live in city sink estates. Their pension is protected yours isn't.

They are free from the effects of inflation, a low paid worker will if he is lucky get a 3% wage increase to keep up with a 4% inflation rate meaning his wage increase just about keeps pace with a rise in food costs however it doesn't keep up with his rent increase, council tax increase and all the other increases in every day prices such as public transport.

Just remember a 3% wage increase on £200 a week is £6 his shopping trolley of say £100 of food now costs £104

However if that low paid worker was instead an MP although the shopping trolley would still also be £104 his wage increase would have probably been twice the rate of the low paid worker's raise say 6%, 6% of say £65,000 a year MP wage is £75 a week, nearly half of your wages, over 12 times your increase so the MP is untouched by inflation and far removed from your world. So what is to be done? First you must be clear in your own head how you should live which should be how our ancestors lived which was as one with nature in family groups.

These ancient people of our race weren't put on this earth to raise funds for others nor were they put on the earth to buy useless products from money grabbing merchants, nor were they put on this earth to slave in sunless factories and airless offices to produce useless items for other slave workers to buy.

What is the natural state for an Aryan? Well getting back to basics it is the family unit something Labour have destroyed and now which the Conservatives are saying they are going to be concerned with. Are they, of course they are, Labour oppose the family so Conservatives must promote the family to get the votes that Labour lose over that policy. That's how politics work, what your opponents do you must oppose to catch the voters who turn their back on the opposition.

Politics is all about getting votes; what do votes make? Big fat wage packets for the few!

We have seen how the Labour government has turned into the nanny state forcing young children into nursery and early years school to get them away from the mothers so these women can be forced into employment to pay taxes. They have even taken children away from their parents and put them into foster homes and encourage councils to do this for money bonuses. A pharmaceutical company has even produced a contraceptive pill that suppresses periods which means less time off work for women and of course no children to keep them at home. Abortions are almost obtainable in a high street shop these days; millions of our babies have been murdered since 1967 when the Abortion Law was passed.

Children need to be at home in a family unit, it's the natural way, the Aryan way, they learn to speak and see how a family unit work and are a contributing part of it..

We must get our children back from early years school, away from brainwashing, the stress of exams and targets that all young children must meet these days in our schools. Children go earlier to school for breakfast clubs, but surely that's your job as a parent to see your child has a breakfast.
Mothers must be at home so children can have a family life.

We can't afford it some will say, but surely better use of finances in the home could alter this.

TV programmes are used to promote a 'must have culture', luxury goods are in all television programmes and make it seem that not to have then makes the viewer somehow inferior. People have been programmed over the years to buy useless items to line the pockets of big corporations. In a quest to make more and more profits companies have gone global using foreign slave labour which has had the knock on effect of destroying our country's manufacturing industry.

But think what have you bought that you don't really use, a high street bank's survey showed that Britons have collectively wasted £169 million

How many useless items have you in cupboards gathering dust, the George Foreman grill, the toasted sandwich maker, the smoothy maker, various coffee makers, exotic ingredients for fancy meals you will never cook and don't forget that exercise machine you used for only one week.

It's all needless expense , satnav comes to mind, more and more TV characters have them in cars they use but what's wrong with a map.

When you get home from trudging around the supermarket for your weekly shopping have a good look at what has been bought, how many £'s of chemical filled sweets have you bought, all those biscuits, all those toilet products like shower gel, deodorant, all those so called beauty products wives and now some men buy; what's wrong in just using soap. Do you really look better for all that money that's been spent?

A packet of crisps, take them out of the bag, stack them together and what have you got, a quarter of a potato if you are lucky. Bottled water, what's wrong with tap water after all we pay enough for it whether we drink it or not and if tap water is not available due to the weather conditions we are still required to pay for it. If the profits that the, mostly foreign, companies who own our water supplies were put into new pipes there would probably not be water shortages.

Remember also buy British, have a look before you buy any goods or produce if you cannot buy British then buy from an Aryan country.

Takeaway meals are expensive too, with mother at home, homemade meals can be cooked at a big saving and certainly a lot more healthy for the family plus most takeaway shops are owned and staffed by the aliens in our midst; why line their pockets.

What about banks, how many bank charges do you incur because money is held up by the bank so direct debits go out without being covered by funds causing a massive charge of about £30 instead of what it really costs £4. Try your local credit union which is a co-operative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members. Credit unions differ from banks and other financial institutions in that the members who have accounts in the credit union are the owners of the credit union. Every one likes a holiday but keep the cost down by camping, not only is it cheap it takes your children and yourself away from the trappings of modern life away from computer games, brainwashing television etc. This is a way to get back to nature as our ancestors did as hunter gatherers. Show youngsters the wildlife of our country, show them how basic we can live. If you have not been taught by your parents then buy a survival book or watch an informative television programme like Ray Mears'.

Once your financial outgoings are reduced maybe with the benefits that the government have to pay to this country's over taxed, poorly paid workers you might be better off with mother at home.

Also remember a family unit also includes the elderly who must not be neglected nor put into a care home to be covertly sedated, abused and neglected. They still have uses even if it is only to let the dog out the backdoor when you are away from home. Elderly too are good at educating your children they have years of knowledge and the time to impart it to youngsters.

Extend the family as well, link up to those long lost relatives. It might sound morbid but invite them to funerals of elderly relatives it is important to keep in contact. As the elderly die so their offspring lose knowledge of their ancestry, you may even find relatives on your doorstep. Use the web site; investigation of our family tree has found all kind of relatives we have long forgotten or lost contact with and also their children. Sometimes, as in our family tree, it mingles with another and contact from a distant relative is made by email which turned into a phone call, now a meet is planned. In our instance we have been able to trace a male line from my grandmother back to the mid 16th century. All those relatives that must have stemmed from that one man.

People say the battle for this country is lost but they say that because a few hundred people in Parliament, some not indigenous to Britain, say so. The percentage of immigrant population to indigenous is very small we are far from being in the minority, in fact we far outnumber aliens it's all a matter of linking up. In the 2001 census the resident population of the UK was 58,789,194 of which 54,153,898 were classified as white therefore 4,635,296 were aliens making up only 7.8% of the population so the struggle is far from over as this country is in fact 92.2% white!

So with a family unit now in place what next. Linking up with like minded Aryan people to make your family group into a local group even if it means moving. Look at the aliens amongst us they group together in city areas making large groups that politicians tout for votes to enable them to get on the gravy train. If an election is in the offing anything they ask for they get, a mosque, an own faith school, preferential treatment for jobs, council houses and now even black only candidates lists for their area. We must form the same type of pressure groups.

Combining this with safety we come in contact with the police force and neighbourhood watch. The police force, was originally a law enforcement body paid for by the taxpayer to protect them and their property from criminals but in reality now a tool to enforce the Government's suppression of the indigenous people's free speech, to enforce its draconian race/religion laws and to collect stealth taxes fleeced from the motorists, smokers and to suppress opposition to its policies. For example, controls on two or more people gathering in the street who can now be forced to breakup and moved along. Although this is under the guise of moving on gangs of youths it can also be used against ordinary people complaining about government/local government policies. Is this democracy in action? Since when have two people been a gang . Another example of the police being used by the Government against the people is the case of middle-aged and elderly country people opposing the banning of hunting, these people called by the media "middle England" were violently treated by the police, clubbed down in the street.

Indigenous people need to win back the protection of the police force from the Government. We must play a larger part in policing our country, inform on drug dealers, criminals etc.
Be involved in neighbourhood watch, stick together to protect those members of the public who act as witnesses; work to make your local community a no go area for criminals.

Parents must be concerned in the way their children are taught in schools and play an active part in the way their children are educated. This can be done by becoming parent governors and ensuring that Aryan children are not becoming second class pupils in their own schools, nor being brainwashed into a multicultural way of thinking, nor being transformed into Muslims and certainly not being taught that homosexuality is in some way normal behaviour.

Remember too that the migrant workers from former Communist states are Aryan too. Better them than black Africans and Muslims here to change our faith and culture. These eastern European people have not been conditioned to buy useless manufactured goods or to have the breakup of family traditions forced upon them, their children have not been brainwashed into multicultural thinking in schools like our own children; they are throwbacks to the way we were in the 1950's.

As your local group of like minded Aryans grows in number it is time to put up an independent candidate for your local council; wrest the control of local communities away from party politics. With only a few hundred eligible voters actually voting, sometimes turnout can be as low as 30%, it is fairly easy to get an independent candidate elected with concerted effort; it is not unknown for a candidate to be the only one standing.

There is no point in standing candidates for Parliament as MP's are in fact not in control of the country but are lackeys of behind the scenes world financiers and global corporations.

Just make sure that your area and community is run in the interest of the Aryan race, look upon it as a tribal domain rather than a part of a corrupt British political and financial system.