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Farming People - ( See also ... Domesticating People and Liberating People )
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 05:54:02 EDT

People say that the New Labour government do not like farmers or farming and that's why they over reacted during the foot and mouth crisis resulting in the needless mass killing of cattle and sheep , they banned hunting , they allowed building on green belts and why they are behind with payments to farmers all to force farmers into bankruptcy.

But in reality New Labour like farming but they do not farm crops or animals they farm people.

People of this country are used as a commodity to make money .

Women with children are being encouraged to work so they can become taxpayers. Labour's nanny state has taken the family breaking measure of taking children away from their mothers at an early age and placing them in State run nurseries freeing mothers to take jobs.

Children are to be forced to remain in education until they are 18 to keep jobs free for immigrants to increase taxpayer numbers.

Public transport costs are on the increase and services are being run down to keep people in cars to pay road tax , fuel duty , vat on all items to do with the cost of motoring , parts , congestion and parking charges etc.etc.
Soon road tolls will be here to increase the government's income, we already have speed cameras a real earner for New Labour.
Hundreds of new laws have been brought in by New Labour , all to raise money with "on the spot fines". The latest to be fined , starting in July, will be those who smoke in public. Whatever happened to EU rights the government signed us up for?

Food manufacturers excessively over pack their produce creating mountains of waste packaging which people of this country have to pay the local councils to get rid of or to recycle. Fines for not recycling correctly are a reality too.
Only four firms in eight years have been prosecuted over packing and they faced a maximum fine of only £5,000, hardly a deterrent and why should the government act on these companies when they can make more money from the money producing people who now bear the financial implications of getting rid of the food producers rubbish.

Let's face it a lot of the so called recycled rubbish is in fact secretly dumped in landfill sites or sold to China to be made into cheap and nasty goods which are sold back to the public , a nice little earner for the government.

Because the housing market is facing a slump 100,000s of immigrants are encouraged to enter Britain to become potential house owners keeping the property market buoyant. That's why housing is being allowed on green belts even though the public object.
Speaking about immigrants there is the occasional amnesty to make illegal immigrant workers come out of the woodwork and become legal and taxpayers themselves something the farming world would call introducing new bloodstock.

Smaller houses are being built so more can be crammed on to whatever piece of land can be utilised.

What do the people farmers care if unemployment increases and house owners cannot pay their mortgages banks will just snatch back houses and sell to another farmed person.

If a house owner decides to sell their house then there's the dreaded stamp duty , money the government rakes in because you have decided to move.

The government is not the only benefactor of the "farmed people" there are subcontractors such as British Airways who regularly lose passenger's luggage which means a long phone call on a premium rate number for the farmed people to pay to find their lost luggage. Millions of pounds is made by BA exploiting the farmed people's lost luggage.

TV viewers have been fleeced out of millions of pounds, callers are encouraged to enter premium-rate phone competitions when they could not win. Opera Interactive Technology, the firm that ran phone lines for GMTV, income amounted to an estimated £45,000 a day or £10 million a year.

The latest way farmed people of this country can make these subcontractors money is the home information pack costing a potential seller of a house nearly £750 which will have to be redone if a property isn't sold within the year. Also Buy-to-Let house owners will be forced to have an energy performance certificate costing £200.

Subtlety occurs too , cheaper packs of 10 cigarettes are to be phased out so people have to pay for twenty is this to compensate for loss of revenue as the ban on smoking in public comes in this summer.

Water bills are to be linked to property values which will mean water bills will soar even though there are regular drought orders and restrictions on use throughout the country.

In an effort to increase the farmed people money producing life the retirement aged as been extended the 'work til you drop' syndrome is also a reality.

Everywhere you look and turn the government is using people of this country to produce money unless of course you are old and no longer capable of producing money ; just as animals no longer breeding on the farms are surplus to requirements and are put down the government likewise cuts off money which should be spent to keep the elderly healthy. Medical drugs are withheld and operations cancelled as the elderly are deemed to old for operations.

Drugs such as Macugen , a treatment for age related macular degeneration , the biggest cause of blindness in Britain at a cost of £5,000 a year is being withheld from the non money producing people of this country just as the drug for Alzheimers at £2.50 a day is also being withheld for the now government considered useless members of the country's people farm.

Even when you die although you have paid tax on your earned income , on savings and everything you purchased in your lifetime your children will have to pay death duties.

From cradle to grave the Government has made money from your very existence.