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Barack Obama &
Reparations For Slavery
Why he won't touch the subject
... Too much to lose !!

Sean Bryson - September 2008

After the 2008 US Election

Copied below is an article by BNP chairman Nick Griffin about the result and some unpublicised facts about
Barack Obama
Also St Obama by John Bean
Click the links, or just scroll down.

Linked here, are some interesting observations about Barack Obama by Pat Buchanan.
Pat Buchanan presents the European American side of the so called race discussion that is going on in America, instead of the one way conversation that is going on about race relations in America by the news media and gatekeepers.

From - London Evening Standard, Friday November 7th 2008, page 7
Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, a former adviser to President Clinton known for his fiery temper, has accepted the key post of Mr Obama's chief of staff.
According to ABC News network, Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod has accepted the job of senior White House adviser - a post previously held by Karl Rove under Mr Bush. Mr Obama is joining together his campaign and transition teams to avoid a turf war. The overall transition team is to be run by John Podesta,
a former chief of staff to President Clinton, Pete Rouse, who was
Mr Obama's Senate chief of staff, and his close friend, Valerie Jarrett.
Nelson Mandela
  Nelson Mandela
The timing of Israel's December 2008 campaign in GAZA really does speak volumes. No time lost there !

Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips
Anti White
Social Time Bomb Jealousy Social Time Bomb
Trevor Phillips - March 25th, 2009 UK Elections
Quote - 'Britain is ready for a Black Prime Minister'
Trevor Phillips - Chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, formerly the Commission For Racial Equality, calls for positive discrimination for Non White Candidates at British elections. eg, Whites will NOT be allowed to stand for election.
London Read - London Non White by 2010 London
British National Party BNP - British National Party BNP
Nelson Mandela
We, the native British White population, want more ethnic minorities every bit as much as the ethnic minorities want more of us native British Whites. How much is that ??  Have you still got your job ?
British Nationalism is NOT about hating other people, it's all about taking care of your own.
Just like the Other People.
Have a look around you at some of our institutions, high street chains, and local authorities. You will find that "Breeding" white females are very thin on the ground, and "Breeding" white males are even thinner.

Start joining the dots, before it's too late !!

Free Speech

Barack Obama & reparations for the slave trade.
Why he wont touch it. Too much to hide !!

A lot of Black / African Americans see Barack Obama as the man to open the door to a thousand year guilt trip on the White Race and bleed White Europeans dry of cash, pride, dignity, and any semblance of self worth that may have survived the MARXIST onslaught against us since the end of World War Two.

( We did not lose the second world war, but I believe that we have yet to win it. Just seven short years after the end of WW2, mass immigration into the UK started and Russia's invasion by cultural MARXISM went into operation, now carried forward by the EU dictators in Brussels
And don't forget to read this article, "this IS the long term MARXIST agenda" for Britain TODAY ! )

Now Barack Obama, being smarter than your average Black / African American knows the perils of raising the 'reparations' issue.
( As Barack Obama is half Black & half White why is he referred to as 'Black' ?? He isn't !! )
He is half Negroid and half Caucasian, whatever that adds up to it is neither Black nor White.

Because of his Slave owning family history, Barack Obama is most certainly aware of how the truth about the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade has been utterly corrupted in the interest of long term MARXIST ambitions. I don't doubt for one second that Barack Obama is aware that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was initiated, and controlled by Black African Slave Traders, and that it was very largely based on racial competition for space and resources between various Black African tribes, plus unashamed greed and profit, and plain old fashioned RACISM. There are various racial groups in Africa, just because they are brown skinned does not mean that they are all the same.
( But only WHITE people ever get called RACIST ... why ?? )
In the days of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the sons of Black African slave traders would often be sent to be educated in European schools, who would return home to run the family business -

In America, and also here in the UK, we often hear this parasitic 'Hogwash' about the 'Legacy of Slavery' and how it is why Black people everywhere have to be given special favours to stop them falling below the average line in every area of White society, and also in Black countries in the global society.

There is an ever increasing amount of information on the Internet about the Slave Trade, the link below is a good place to start and I have provided a small extract from this article

"The widespread revulsion which the hideous institution of slavery inspires today was largely confined to Western civilization a century ago, and a century before that was largely confined to a portion of British society.
No one seems interested in the epic story of how this curse that covered the globe and endured for thousands of years was finally gotten rid of by the West - not only in Western societies but in other societies conquered, controlled, or pressured by the West.
The resistance put up by Africans, Asians and Arabs was monumental in defense of slavery, and lasted for more than a century. Only the overwhelming military power of the West enabled it to prevail on this issue, and only the moral outrage of Western peoples kept their government's feet to the fire politically to maintain the pressure against slavery around the world.
Of course, this is not the kind of story that appeals to the multiculturalists. If it had been the other way around - if Asian or African imperialists had stamped out slavery in Europe - it would still be celebrated, in story and song, on campuses across America."

- Thomas Sowell, "Multicultural instruction" ... Read On !!!

So, now Barack Obama is proposing "Ladders of Opportunity" for Black People, to "Heal the Wounds" caused by White Europeans ridding the entire planet of Slavery and setting Black people and everybody else free.
Barack Obama is an opportunistic self seeking troublemaker. If he gets power, he will be the cause of devastating social strife in America and perhaps even further afield. Before the Internet he may have got away with it, but too many people now know too much to be lied to effectively for very long.

I saw an Internet article a little while ago about Barack Obama's slave owning family and he excused it by saying that his family were 'Representative of America' at that time. Well, at that time, America and Europe were 'Representative' of the whole world since the days of the creation. And it was the White European who made it a better place for everyone, very largely enforced by the British Navy of the day, as it was the all powerful global policeman at the time. Barack Obama is planning a visit to some old Slave Ports in Ghana.
Along with Benin, Ghana was formerly part of precolonial Black African Slave Trading empires such as Dahomey and Ashanti.

It will be interesting to hear the resultant Anti White Guilt Tripping ( REPARATIONS ? ) propaganda. But the truth will out, there is too much information around these days. Will Barack Obama admit to the ( Non Marxist ) truth about Black African American Slave Owners ?
Instead of this emotive little cathartic trip to Ghana, Barack Obama would do well to highlight the number of Black Slave Owners in America in days gone by. See Dixies Censored Subject, this is about Ex African American Slaves, going into the Slavery business !!
In those days, even American Indians owned Black & White Slaves !! And Black African American slavers also owned White slaves.

Present Day Black African Slave Traders
Black African Slave Traders are still in business in west Africa - Nigeria, Togo, Benin, and Gabon today !!!
See Slavery and Race, by Dr. William Pierce.

Joseph Cinque.
"The Amistad Hero, was himself a slave trader, selling his fellow blacks into this horror after he himself was set free by a US court."

Alex Haley & the Roots Fraud.
"Haley himself was forced to acknowledge, a large section of his book - including the plot, main character and scores of whole passages – was lifted from "The African," a 1967 novel by white author Harold (Hal) Courlander. Haley was forced to pay the author $650,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement after a plagiarism trial in 1978, that’s about $2million in today’s money."

And of course that other self excusing, eternally bleating, badly treated, demonised & misunderstood group, the Jewish community, might be interested in providing White Europeans with 'Reparations' for their disproportionately large role in the European White Slave Trade.
As the whole world now lives in more enlightened times, should there be any sort of reparations ? If so, who to & who by ? And in what form ?
The Jewish near monopoly of this industry was particularly evident during the days of the Roman Empire, at that time it was mainly White Slaves, but it included other social groups too. This article about the Jewish role in the White Slave Trade has a very interesting twist connecting it with Auschwitz. This trade was probably the origin ( and not religion, bigotry, hate, ignorance etc ) of European anti-Semitism.

And in Israel today, the White Slave Trade is still flourishing. This article is about the enslavement of young Slavic women in Israel. As you may have guessed, the word 'Slave' originally came from the word 'Slav' as these people were the most 'enslaved' of all of the peoples of Europe. Including the physical and psychological enslavement by their recent Communist / Marxist 'Slavemasters'
The same sort of 'Slavemasters' now have their ambitions turned on Britain, and the West in general.
I believe that Barack Obama is their 'Front Man & Future Fall Guy'

Victoria's, and Israel's, Ugly Secret By Ina Friedman, The Jerusalem Report.
"Of the thousands of women brought to Israel each year to work as prostitutes, many are enslaved, beaten and raped by their pimps.
Now, one of them is fighting back..."

As far as I am concerned, any wrongs commited in the name of the British Empire, are cancelled out and the slate wiped clean, by the one redeeming act of our Abolition of Slavery all around the world.
( Abolition was resisited for many many years, by Black African Slave Traders !! )

An accomplishment that took over a hundred years to complete, and has been of immeasurable benefit to the the whole of mankind.
There were many other good things about the British empire too, it was certainly not all bad, far from it.
William Wilberforce the British philanthropist and life long Anti Slavery campaigner said ...
"Thank God that I have lived to witness the day in which England is willing to give £20 million for the abolishment of slavery."
He died three days later.
( That was £20,000,000 two hundred years ago. What would that be worth today ?? )

But of course our Marxist educators never mention that in our schools or anywhere else as it does not fit in with their Anti White agenda.
This sort of information does not instill 'Guilt' in the White population and get them to accept 'Racial Quotas' - 'Positive Discrimination' - 'Ladders of Opportunity' ..... And of course REPARATIONS !!!!

Here in the UK, the mainstream White population is the victim not just of institutionalised Anti White racism ( Positive Discrimination - Ethnic Quota's - Diversity Training - Relentless Guilt Tripping - Massive Media Bias etc ) but also a devastating level of violence from ethnic minorities. Take a look at the link below and ask yourself how many of these victims had you heard of before ??

Mind you, I bet that you have all heard of Stephen Lawrence !!
And while I am on this subject in the UK, take a look at the 'Hushed Up' situation in America !!

Mr Obama, how dare you presume to judge us White People today, by the standards that applied hundreds of years ago, brutal standards that were also applied to us White people, and everyone else worldwide !!

We White people have bent over backwards to 'Elevate' you and your people in every way possible, and still you under achieve be that in Black or White countries. Here in the UK we the native White population are about to become a minority in many of our major cities.
( London non-White by 2010 )
We can't be treating people that badly can we ??

Life living with White people can't be that bad if so many people come to Britain and America to seek asylum in preference to any other country. ( Never mind the rest of the planet, lets all go and be a 'Victim of the White Male' in a White country )

And they are not supposed to.
The United Nations rule on asylum is that asylum seekers must seek asylum in the FIRST non-oppressive country that they come to. When they get to Britain they are given 'Victim' status by our MARXIST masters to put them on the positive discrimination life long gravy train, so that they can eventually replace us, in line with MARXIST ideals.

There is only ONE way to 'Heal the Wounds' of Black People, and that is for Black People to accept responsibility for their own Success or Failure. Time and time again in the run up to the US elections we have heard about the possibility of the 'Race Factor' going against you, the implication being that if White voters fail to vote for you it will be the result of 'White Racism'
Because of the massive hype about your ethnicity, I suspect that a lot of White people will vote for you as a result of the years of Marxist guilt tripping that has been inflicted on White people over the generations. I also suspect that a lot of White people have professed support for you as it has become the 'trendy' thing to say and also to avoid unfounded accusations and questioning about possible 'Racist' motives for supporting the other ( White ) candidate.
Yet Black people are never under this sort of pressure or defamation. It has been more or less stated on numerous occasions that many many Black people if not most, see you first as one of their own, and a democrat / politician second.
But they don't get any implied 'Race Smears' thrown at them do they ? ( I call THAT playing the Race Card !! )

I see Black People these days in a similar light to that of spoiled children that can't come to terms with the fact that are not entitled to be given everything on a plate. And that their parents are only Human beings, who do NOT have all of the answers all of the time. However, we White People have given this world more benefits than any other group in history. And I can assure you Mr Barack Obama that the goodwill and patience of the White Populations here in the UK and also in America, is coming to an end. The future for Black People everywhere is going to be the very thing that you say that you want, but in truth do not. EQUALITY !!!
You prefer 'Victimhood' as it absolves you from responsibility and accountability, the money and the other perks aint bad either !!!

That means equality of scrutiny, equality of comparison, equality of historical examination.
Yes Mr Obama, you are going to get equality, and damn all else on top.
Here in the UK we White People are going to have special 'White Interest' organisations just like ethnic minorities, take a look at this link.

Why shouldn't we ??

And then in areas of high ethnic domination we are going to have positive discrimination for ethnic White People. After all us White People don't want to be accused of creating ghettoes for ethnic minorities, do we ?? Then we are going to have 'Dedicated' White interest newspapers, magazines, and other media, just like minority groups. At the moment we have 'Dedicated' Minority media, multicultural & diversity media ( The establishment ) but no 'Dedicated' White media.
In the area of employment, the race laws of the UK are also going to be applied to ethnic minority employers, so that they too have to have ethnic quotas including Whites and Blacks and all the other groups.

Because minority groups in Britain have been spoilt rotten for a couple of generations, many of them and their MARXIST apologists will interpret this 'Equality' as being badly treated, with the resultant social problems. Well, in order to counter this we are going to build a lot more prisons, a guaranteed place for any violent, nasty, chip on the shoulder, demanding little 'Scroat' that earns one.
Any colour you like, there will be no favoritism of any kind, equality all the way down the line with this one. It will be very 'Inclusive'
Nor will there be any ethos of re-habilitation, the object of the exercise will to get them off the streets and nothing else.
Further offences will incur longer and harsher sentences ( With time ADDED for bad behaviour ) so that when they come out they will appreciate living in a society that has rules, and abide by them. Or they can operate within the law to correct any wrongs.
It's the violent 'Street Criminals' that we are going after first. Muggers & Steamers, etc. But only White people ever get called 'Racist'

It's high time that a number of categories of 'Street Crime' here in the UK were automatically classified as 'Hate Crimes' until proven otherwise. Peoples lives certainly do go wrong from time to time, I can remember the homeless people on the streets during the Margaret Thatcher years, an utterly shameful part of our recent history. But 99.9% of street crime in the UK / USA today is not done by people desperate to 'Buy Bread' to eat, but to get money to take the girl out, get a new stereo, buy designer trainers, new parts for the car, go down the pub on Saturday night etc. All of the criminals are given victim status, the real victims are then demonised.

Personally, I think that the death penalty is going to make a come back.
Perhaps we should start with the filth that sells drugs to our children in our schools, I think that would prove very popular !
However, for the unhappy but law abiding fraternity, we are going to provide grants and travel expenses.
And then 'Invite' them to CLEAR OFF !!, and be a 'Victim' and 'Badly Treated' somewhere else.
Perhaps they would like to try their little 'Guilt Trips' on the Asians, the Orientals, or in the African or Muslim worlds ?
And if not, WHY not ?
I have EVERY confidence that a new MARXIST accusation / dirty name, will be invented for us.
But we don't give a hoot anymore !!

And finally, just to rub salt in the Un-Healed Wounds caused by us dreadful White Folks and the 'Legacy' of our terrible slave trade, follow the link below to read about the Black African Slave trade in Africa TODAY !! Copied below is an extract to whet your appetite for more information, information that gets IGNORED and hushed up !!

Black African Slave Traders 1997 ... "I have before me a news story written by a correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. It's a story about the flourishing child-slavery business in West Africa: in countries like Nigeria, Togo, Benin, and Gabon. Businessmen in the coastal cities send buyers into the interior with buses, where they collect surplus children, in the seven- to 15-year-old age range, and bring them back in groups of 50 to 100 -- in other words, a bus load -- to the slave markets on the coast. Typically the buyers pay parents anywhere from 10 to 30 dollars per child. In some areas, they simply bribe local officials to look the other way and kidnap the children.
Once in the coastal cities, the children are housed in large, supermarket-style buildings where shoppers can stroll through, select the children they want to buy, and pay for their merchandise at the door as they leave. Some of the purchasers send the children out on the streets to work as prostitutes. Others use them as house servants or as factory workers.
This is not a small-time thing or an occasional thing. This is a thriving business involving thousands of children bought and sold every year in dozens of slave markets in West African cities, in the region which used to be known as the "slave coast,"

Read the full article here

Ladders of opportunity Mr Obama ??
That means positive discrimination = Institutionalised Anti White Racism. ( We have it here in the UK )
To hell with you and all the rest like you Mr Obama !!
Stop being my victim, and start being my equal, you have had long enough in Africa and in White countries, to prove yourself capable of independence from White benevolence.
Show us what you can achieve without us, show us how equal you are and silence the critics of the Black race for good.
You judge me today, by the standards and values that existed hundreds of years ago, what the hell does that say about YOU !!



You have been given the Earth and the Moon, stop bitching because the White Man was unable to give you the Sun and the Stars too !!

There is a social 'Time Bomb' ticking away, and it is this ..........
What are Black parents saying to their children when questioned, as to why it is that White people invent, create, build, organise, achieve and thus OWN so much compared to Black people ??
.......... Interesting times ahead !!

Anti White Racism
  Click above to view / download a full size print quality PDF version. 831 Kb

'Time For Change' Mr Obama ?? Dead right it is !!

White History Month ?? Follow these links !!
March Of The Titans     British Pride      It's A Wonderful Race     White History Month

What do YOU have ??

Sean Bryson

White History Month

From the London Evening Standard, Friday November 7, 2008 page 7
"According to ABC News network, Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod has accepted the job of senior White House adviser - a post previously held by Karl Rove under Mr Bush."
David Axelrod Rahm Emmanuel
  Who, is David Axelrod ? Quote - "Only in such a profoundly falsified world soaked in fraud could the international media sit by, uninterested, as the great-great grandson of the blood-drenched Jewish Red Army commander Leon Trotsky, David Axelrod, shot to death an elderly Palestinian couple in November of 1990, as part of an Israeli, "Kach" terror group raid. Imagine the hubbub if a grandson of a Nazi war criminal had shot a Turkish couple in Germany."
Read what Winston Churchill had to say about Leon Trotsky and his cronies. Remember, Winston Churchill's Mother was 'American'

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution, and Russia's Early Soviet Regime. The Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism by Mark Weber

Over the coming months you can expect to hear even more MARXIST 'Guilt Tripping' for White people in the USA and the UK. It will be introduced very gradually and sound very reasonable ( Fighting Hate - Fighting Anti Semitism - Fighting Racism - Fighting Bigotry - Fighting Injustice )
You know the sort of stuff. It will be all the usual topics twisted to suit the MARXIST anti Western, anti White agenda. Racism, The Holocaust, Slavery etc.

Dr. Noel Ignatiev  Plus of course, promoting social cohesion and 'DiversityAbolish The White Race
A contradiction in terms if ever there was one !

If you place a Frog in a pan of boiling water,
it will jump right out again.
If you place a Frog in a pan of cold water,
and gradually increase the heat,
it will stay there untill cooked. ( DEAD ! )
This strategy has been adopted by MARXISTS against White / Western society since the end of World War 2.
It's wake up time Folks !!
Men of Conviction Men Of Conviction
Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the American Declaration of Independence?
What kind of men were they ?
Dr. William Pierce
Nationalism vs. the New World Order
911 - WTC. Who was really flying those planes ? Stranger Than Fiction
John 'Birdman' Bryant
The Final Solution to the Problem of ...
Washington Corruption ? Washington Corruption
Boris Johnson
In the 2008 London Mayoral elections, there were "allegedly" 460,000 spoilt ballot papers, and thus NOT counted.
And how many more of your Votes, just went "Missing" ?
"Ideas are more dangerous than guns, we don't let our people have guns,
why would we let them have ideas?" ... Josef Stalin
"It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes" ... Josef Stalin
Feb 09 - The London Evening Standard is now owned by a Russian

UK Elections UK February 2009 Due to the ever increasing popularity and success of the BNP - British National Party, the British political establishment is terrified of the expected success of the BNP in the coming 2009 UK European Elections, and now the UK British Elections in 2010. In consequence, the Labour party in collusion with the TUC - Trades Union Congress, the pro Communist pressure group 'Searchlight', a number of the UK Media, and an assortment of leftist 'Anti Free Speech' fanatics, have employed a Campaigning Team from America to try and frustrate the BNP in the coming elections !!
Who are they ??
They are ... Blue-State Digital.

This is the same team that co-ordinated Barack Obama's campaign for the White House !!

In Britain today we are already rushing headlong into Minority Rule, this has been achieved with the relentless bombardment of accusatory 'Guilt Tripping' aimed against the mainstream native British population, who now dare not defend their corner for fear of being called some sort of dirty name. OR EVEN WORSE !!
Have a look around you at some of our institutions, high street chains, and local authorities. You will find that "Breeding" white females are very thin on the ground, and "Breeding" white males are even thinner.
This situation is an essential pre-requisite for the evential imposition of a Marxist totalitarian state.
Marxist generals - ethnic & minority soldiers - British White Victims !!

Don't miss this article - Say goodbye to England
White Men

Free Speech

The text below comes from the Civil Liberty website, it's by Kevin Scott BA Hons, the Founder and Director.
" This will come as a surprise to many of our friends based overseas but Great Britain is now one of the most repressive regimes in the world. We operate under the tyranny of political correctness which is just a floppy term for the repressive implementation of one single, dare we say, rather twisted, view of human society, which doesn't allow for dissent or opposition. The regime creates the framework within which they declare views are either acceptable and tolerated or unacceptable and repressed.
It is a framework which defies common sense and is one which even declares that in a court of law, the truth shall be no defence. "

Civil Liberty

Free Speech

At the present time, February 2009, the British people are under enemy occupation every bit as much as Europe was in WW2.
The difference now is that the enemy ( Marxists ) are not wearing uniforms or pointing guns.
They are walking amongst us, as one of us, but hell bent on getting rid of us !!
Their weapons are the Media, Trade Unions, Educational Establishments, and our Employment options and prospects.
They are operating in EXACTLY the same way as the hated 'Stazi' in the former Communist block of Eastern Europe.

But by far their dirtiest weapon has been the forced imposition of Multiculturalism and Diversity upon the British people.
In the long term, our Marxist masters intended to use this social stew to create devastating social strife, perhaps even Civil War, to create a diversion so that the man in the street was too stressed out to understand clearly what was being engineered, who by, and why.
These plans were laid out and put in motion before most of us were born, but since then, the Internet has exposed them, thank God !
The Marxists who are currently living and working amongst us on a day to day basis, are in fact political 'Fifth Columnists' or 'Sleepers'
We must all be vigilant, and watch out for any dirty tricks designed to create friction and violence between the various social groups.
Just like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and ????????????

The words "Racist" and "Racism" Just what do these words mean ?
A RACIST is anyone who is winning an argument with a Labour Supporter !
I cant remember where I first saw this definition, but it seems to sum things up very nicely. We have problems because of the lack of precise definitions of what the words Racism or Racist mean. At the present time they have been made into emotional "CLICK" words with little or no meaning, other than the tone of voice used to say them at the time. They have been designed to make people have a "Feel Bad" factor about something or someone without really knowing why. So far it has worked very well at doing this. Getting the questions raised in peoples minds about just what the words racist and racism mean, would be a very good idea, but how ! Mr Average will not ask these questions unless forced to for some reason, and then will probably accept the most "comfortable" definitions given to him by someone else. This is because Political Correctness has been used to place anyone who raises these questions, under suspicion of being guilty of "RACISM"
 Even Al Capone, never had any rackets that were this good !!
Recommended reading ......"The Trial" By Franz Kafka. Also, and on this site ... What is Racism ?

Magna Carta
I would like to see the BNP make it a policy to promote on a poster or the like, outside of every School and Town Hall in which they gain influence, the principles of Magna Carta, and how it reflects from street level all the way to top.
It would require just a very simple "Flow Chart" to graphically show how democracy works, and that the man in the street is "Supreme"
And NOT the other way around as we have today. Today it's very much a case of the "Tail Wagging The Dog"

The "Enemy Within"
How multiculturalism and political correctness take hold of a country.

"A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men." ***
- Cicero, Speech to the Roman Senate.
*** Example ... Shut up and keep your job / wages today, but become extinct tomorrow ... White BritainQuestion ?

I put together this page for Minority Interests to help stop any troublemakers. If you hear of any mischief tell someone, tell ANYONE !
Because of the nature of the Internet, it should be quit easy to counter the 'worst' of what our Marxist masters may have in store for all of us. And I do mean all. So be alert, obey the law at all times, and keep the peace.
That way we can all work together to 'Scupper' the Marxists !! Or any other troublemakers. Trouble could come from any quarter, but it is most likely to come from the left wing on their way down, and then blame others. The left / Marxists have many years, and a worlwide history of it.
There is just no telling how many 'False Flag' operations the Marxists have carried out locally, and nationally.

Keep your respective Spokes-Persons well informed of any attempts to cause trouble, no matter who they may be. But don't rely upon them alone, there are plenty of people around who have been 'Bought Off' by the Marxists with favours & employment positions, etc.
Get the information out in the Public Domain, that's easy with the Internet. Just post your information on a Blog , Group, or Message Board.
Left Corruption It should not be forgotten that all minority groups in the UK, USA & Europe, have been subjected to 3 or 4 generations of exactly the same Lies, Bull...t, Propaganda & Brainwashing as the rest of us. Unrestricted open debate about everything, is the only safe way forward.

As the Marxists continue to fall they will do anything to try and cover for themselves, after all, they know that they are being exposed and called to account ! Don't be under any illusion, they are panicking, as their deliberate Balkanisation of Britain becomes ever more apparent.
Why do you think that this Labour Government, went to so much trouble to put BNP Chairman Nick Griffin on trial.
And for WHAT !! ... Sean Bryson

Tony Ward Hammer Attack UAF Hammer Attack Not long after I wrote this article, there was the Hammer attack on BNP campaigner
Tony Ward by the UAF - Unite Against Fascism ... Need I say more ?!?!
New Labour New Britain New Reich

Political Correctness Start joining the dots, before it's too late !! Opposition         British National Party BNP - British National Party BNP

From the BNP website, Wednesday 5th November 2008

The BNP site permits visitors to leave their comments, you only need to give a username, password, and email address.

This is one of the comments, what do YOU think !
" The BBC is reporting that 96% of Blacks voted for Obama.
If 96% of Whites had voted for McCain
then would not the Liberals be screaming Racism?
Why not this time then when the shoe is on the other foot? "

Join the BNP, and do it TODAY !

It's Time For Change !
es We Can
and Yes We Will !

Barack Obama
  Barack Obama
"Black people have reason to hate," says Obama
Slavery ... Is this what he has in mind ? ... Slavery

Nick Griffin assesses the significance of Obama’s Presidential victory. — An outgoing Republican President leaves behind him an American economy in free fall, and a Democrat wins the race to replace him. No surprise in the USA then.

Obama’s inevitable victory was against a liberal puppet of the plutocrats whose greed has wrecked the economy not just of America but of the entire world. This is not the result of some zeitgeist change in the USA that heralds a bright new leftist dawn of peace and harmony under a brilliant new leader who will heal ills just by touching the afflicted.

Obama was elected because McCain represented the party which Americans blame for turning the cash withdrawal machines they called houses into giant millstones of ever increasing debt and despair. While Obama’s undeniable charisma and brilliant Internet campaign played an important role in his victory, in the end this was not so much about the Democrats winning as it was a matter of the Republicans losing.

McCain’s poll ratings tracked the Dow Jones stock market index and he was doomed when he stated that the fundamentals of the American economy were sound on the very day that Bear Sterns collapsed. That’s all there is to it. The Obama halo is relative to his opponent, and within weeks of his not having an opponent that halo will begin to lose its lustre.

And so it should. Because, unnoticed by Americans — or rather, unreported by the liberal-left media — Barak Obama played a key role in the creation of the sub-prime disaster that has propelled him to power. The disaster started when a ‘community organizer’ in Chicago named Madeline Talbott began to use the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act to build her political influence among the city’s black community.

The CRA itself was a piece of bankster greed dressed up as PC folly. The politicians who passed it thought they were voting to make it easier for poor people — minorities especially — to get mortgages despite having bad credit ratings. The banksters who wanted it passed wanted to be relieved of the inconvenient shackles of prudence that prevented them from getting another huge tranche of US society into unrepayable and hence highly profitable debt.

Talbott made a lucrative career out of suing or threatening institutions over real or perceived ‘discrimination’ against blacks, and the CRA gave her the opportunity to take them to the cleaners. She set up a direct action campaign group, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and set about intimidating various banks into giving loans to poor blacks — and out of court settlement payouts to her.

She was greatly helped in this when she hooked up with a slick and highly capable young community activist in Chicago, who she hired to train her ACORN agitators. Her new friend, one Barak Obama, taught them confrontational tactics learned from various 1960s Black Power activists he idolised (his favourite was Malcolm X), and secured campaign money from the left-philanthropic Woods Fund.

This helped ACORN secure its greatest triumph, when Talbott in 1993 persuaded US mortgage giant Fannie Mae to roll out a $55 million national pilot programme to give mortgages to people with “troubled credit histories”. The rest, as they say, is history — except for the suffering yet to be endured by untold millions whose lives are going to be savaged by the Second Great Depression caused when the banksters/black agitators’ boom went bust.

Still, the McCain camp were too PC, and too heavily implicated in the disaster themselves, to raise these facts as a campaign issue. Obama’s role in its genesis is now academic, as will be his handling of it now that he’s in charge, because the ‘US century’ is over in any case. The American economy has been gutted and destroyed by decades of free trade suicide, and there is nothing in Obama’s policy pronouncements to suggest he can change this.

The place that took over from Birmingham and Britain as the high tech workshop of the world now has an economic profile more akin to a Third World country, with the export of minerals, food and other raw materials being more important than the export of finished manufactured goods. For a decade now, the USA has racked up enormous debts and sold off vital assets in order to finance a lifestyle its increasingly unproductive population enjoyed as the world’s ‘consumers of last resort’.

As a direct result of this free trade lunacy, the economic leadership of the world has been handed on a plate to the Far East, and the United States is now an economic basket case.

At the same time, imperial over-reach in Iraq and Afghanistan has involved the USA in wars it cannot afford, which it cannot win, but withdrawal from which (as promised by Obama, and rightly so) will be a national humiliation.

Add to this the fact that mass Mexican and Third World migration has set the USA on course to having its European-American founders become a minority in their own country by 2040, and it is clear that, on top of seeing the end of the American century, we are in fact witnessing the death of America as anything other than a geographical expression.

The election of Barak Obama certainly will in all probability speed this process up to some extent, but the long-term historical trend was set years ago, and the question of who is in charge of rearranging the deckchairs on the US Titanic is actually of very little significance.

There is only one possibility of this analysis proving wrong: Operation Apollo. This is Obama’s proposal to spend vast sums of money in a crash programme to end America’s (and hence the West’s) deadly dependence on oil in general and Middle Eastern oil in particular.

If he actually has the stamina and political skill to stand up to the vested interests that will oppose this (namely the oil companies and haulage lobbies who will not want this change, the banks which will want to finance things with faster returns, and the liberal welfare parasites whose living comes from overseeing hand-outs to the mainly black underclass), then Obama could actually make a difference and become a significant historical figure for good.

Unfortunately, he is far more likely to end up increasing handouts to those he sees as ‘his people’, and to blow the last American capital on alleviating the symptoms of America’s energy-starved decline than on addressing the problem itself.

If he does so, Obama’s Presidency will end up as much of a disappointment as Tony Blair’s leadership did in Britain.

Far from marking the end of race as a factor in American politics, that will end up polarising the place as never before. Not that that is likely to benefit any white nationalist party in America, as there is none, nor is there one upon the horizon. The place is a political disaster zone of self-indulgent juvenile extremism and lack of self-discipline.

Hence, when Obama does disappoint, the reaction will not produce anything worthwhile, but simply crude racist ugliness. At its worst, a string of white supremacist nuts and disgruntled ex-jarheads will be arrested plotting to assassinate him, and one will succeed, sparking not just pogroms but the legalised dispossession of a white America paralysed by fear and guilt.

For at the very heart of Barak Obama there is a deep-seated anti-white racism. Of course he disguised it during his brilliant campaign, but it oozes from between the lines of his autobiography, Dreams from My Father. In this he tells how he deliberately turned his back against his own multi-racial identity in order to give himself a 100% black persona.

He lives with a ‘nightmare vision’ of black powerlessness. He seethes over injustices and prejudices that he never encountered. He detests his own white grandmother when she is frightened by an aggressive black beggar. He is, in short, a true racist bigot.

“Black people have reason to hate,” says Obama.

He is, outwardly, a handsome man, but a deep and abiding ugliness lurks within.
He is an articulate man, but the problem is not how the leader of a dying super -power sounds, nor even what he says; it’s what he does.
We must of course wait to find out, but find out we will.

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From the desk of Identity editor, John Bean:

In the December issue of Identity we have stated that some radical right and nationalist commentators may be reading the situation wrongly when they believe that the massive support given to Barack Obama by young white American voters means that the United States is irrevocably destined to be subjected to multiracial rule.

The overwhelming majority of those liberal whites rarely mix with blacks beyond the campus gates of the colleges and universities, no more than their parents do who also voted for Obama and who mainly live in gated safe white areas, whether it is in multi-ethnic California or New York State.

Saint Barack Obama
  'Saint' Barack Obama

Their vote was a protest against the policies of George W Bush and the economic meltdown with spiralling unemployment, and who can blame them? Fortunately for the Democrats they chose a candidate with charisma, intelligence and oratorical powers against which the 71-year-old war hero McCain’s sole weapon was his patriotism. Yet he still picked up 55% of the white vote to Obama’s 43%, plus 95% of the black vote and two thirds of Hispanic and Asian votes and 77% of Jewish votes.

Note also that in the traditional Southern States, which have the highest black population, the whites voted overwhelmingly for McCain, and with the exception of Virginia the States all remained Republican. Generally Obama did not play upon his ‘blackness’ (more on this later), but for those in the know the exceptional amount of time he spent in winning over Virginia showed that he was very much aware of it.

This was the former capital of the breakaway Southern Confederation and Obama knew that the symbolism of winning the State was in the same manner as Lincoln sending in black Federal troops when its Capital, Richmond, fell in June 1865.

How effective Obama can be as a president can only be seen with the passage of the next twelve months or so. But when America’s blacks in particular see that little has changed for them then he will no longer be regarded as Saint Obama but as another Uncle Tom. It really depends upon his backers, which include the remaining banks and finance houses of Wall Street. Much play was made of the two million or more small donations to Obama’s war chest via his excellent internet campaign, but more than half his record $650 million funding came from big business.

His appointment of Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff is interesting. Much of the global financial collapse can be traced to the granting of cheap mortgages to immigrants and poor blacks, with little chance of paying them back, by the federal mortgage firm Freddie Mac. Emanuel served on its board of directors when scandal was first brewing.

According to a complaint filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Freddie Mac misreported profits by billions of dollars in order to deceive investors between the years 2000 and 2002, although Emanuel was not accused of being personally responsible for this.
His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, now living in Chicago, was an active member of “Irgun” or the Stern Gang fighting the then British rule in Palestine.

The BNP, whose website already has more visitors than all other UK political parties added together, can still learn much from the brilliant use of the internet by the Obama team. Its mastery of the internet as a campaigning tool was key to his victory. To give a few examples, as well as sending out millions of e-mails to potential Democrat voters, in particular first time voters, his team brought in the co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, and created its own social networking site. This attracted over 1.5 million members who organised themselves into separate activists’ groups to ensure the election, if not the deification, of their idol.

Finally, one could not help noticing the joy upon the news announcers faces, both ITV as well as BBC, when after 48 hours devoted to the second coming they were able to announce that Lewis Hamilton, our “black” Formula One racing driver was now world champion – which he fully deserved. The point is that both Lewis Hamilton and Saint Obama have white mothers. Is this another form of racism disregarded by the liberal intelligentsia who apparently consider that only the black blood counts? I am not suggesting that we should return to Kiplingesque terminology of “half castes”, or even accusing the parents of having “warped biological instincts”, as was once fashionable, but surely “mixed race” would be more accurate?