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MINORITY RULE: The Dictatorship of The Minorities in Britain

The best ideas are often very simple, so is the truth when you find it, the realization that minority rule had replaced majority rule in this country was such a moment for me.

We are living in a dictatorship run not by an individual but by a collection of minority groups that have by stealth hijacked our political system, our society, our culture and freedom of choice, with virtually zero immigration control, all the major parties have leapfrogged each other to secure the huge and growing multicultural vote, and with all opposition silenced by law or political correctness the SHIELDS handed out to the minorities TO PROTECT THEM are now being used by them as CLUBS to beat the majority.

I expect most of you, like me, dread picking up a newspaper or turning on the television or radio, for fear of being enraged by another story of someone abusing the health, or immigration service, or literally getting away with murder, rape or violence because some money grabbing lawyer had found a way of using some section of the so called human rights law to help them avoid justice.

New words are introduced by these minorities to collectively label all opposition such as homophobic, racist and xenophobic, just like making up that word in a crossword that didn’t really exist to make things fit.

One of the words we keep putting in the wrong place is the word right when we mean privilege, we do this to justify the unfair treatment of the majority by the minority, and because the majority naturally don’t like it we then have to make up unfair laws to force them into going along with things.

I don’t believe it’s a human right to jump a queue, or gain a promotion or a special consideration because of the colour of your skin or your religious beliefs, or your sexual preferences.
I believe it’s a privilege.

I don’t believe it’s a human right to share in another societies wealth, its health service, it’s education system, its housing or its welfare benefits when you have never put anything in.
I believe it’s a privilege.

I don’t understand how it’s correct to have a newspaper called Black Britain, but not one called White Britain.

I don’t understand how you can have a commission for racial equality that is run exclusively by non-white people.

I don’t understand why a march or demonstration by any minority group is described as a celebration of their culture, but a march by the majority population to celebrate their colour or sexuality is instantly branded as racism or homophobia.

We are not in this situation by the desires of bad men or women, but by the most dangerous people in any society “The well intentioned do gooders” It is easy to fight against a vicious and cruel dictator their evil is obvious and actually unites people against them, taking comfort in the fact they are not alone.

It is good intent that has brought misery to millions of people on housing estates all over the country, with no protection from the pitiless torments of out of control youths.

It is good intent that has turned our prisons into soft touch drug riven universities of crime, feared only by the innocent who have never been in them and it is good intent that has destroyed the authority and respect for the police and the laws they try to uphold.

Our children go to schools where the disruptive bully runs the classroom, and the ultimate punishment for bad behaviour is removal to a school with more facilities and attention than is available to the well behaved left behind.

We live in a society where the elderly in care are forced to sell homes they worked for all their lives to subsidise their care, while limitless amounts are spent to feed, clothe and shelter illegal immigrants and their extended families from around the world.

We live in a society where in spite of the pill, and fourteen other forms of contraception, adoption and abortion on demand, we still encourage young girls to have babies without fathers, by providing them with homes they don’t have to pay for and money they don’t have to earn whilst making them the envy of their friends, yet in many instances married couples both go to work and are not able to see their own children grow up whilst trying to make ends meet.

I believe as more and more injustice is heaped on the majority it is simply a matter of time before pent up rage eventually explodes into civil disorder on a scale never seen in this country.

If we are to turn back the tide of political correctness destroying our culture we must empower the silent but angry majority by offering referendum voting on all major issues, like levels of immigration, the return of capital punishment, the re introduction of corporal punishment, zero tolerance of anti social behaviour and the abolition of laws that enslave the majority by giving to much power to the minority, it’s time to say NO MORE or see this country destroyed from within.