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Ideas are more dangerous than guns.

We don't let people have guns, why would we let them have ideas ?

Joseph Stalin


The Future of Britain is 'Populist'

And about time too !

My reason for creating this Blog is the same as my reason for creating my website - - around 1999.
And that is my absolute despair and disbelief that grown adults could be bullied and manipulated into self censorship, by turning their brains off, just to maintain social approval. It’s contagious, the people around you are doing it, so you must do so too.
It's called the "Lemming Effect"

To hell with that !!!

True, social pressure is one of the most powerful pressures that can be applied, especially to the young.
To the young, the need to be cool, accepted, and included in the social group is all powerful. But as people get older and start to 'Wise up' I would expect them to become more challenging and confront the glaring absurdities and inequalities that have gradually become accepted without question.


To say that you want more ethnic diversity is exactly the same as saying that you want less of the ethnicity that you already have.

True or False ?

There is only one correct answer. Answering correctly does not mean that you hate/dislike others.
But, can you deal with the consequences of answering honestly and correctly ?
If you answer correctly, and do so publicly, the social consequences to your life could be devastating.
From this one example of fear of answering correctly, come many other fears, followed by other loaded questions, and other fears to answer. In short my British White friends, get a backbone, or perish. Vote Populist !!!


I can see big things happening around Candace Owens. I am sure we will hear much more from her in the future.

No matter what your opinion of Tommy Robinson, this was pure evil and corruption by the British Government.

Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Then vote Populist.

By Simon Darby 11th July 2019 (Borrowed from his FaceBook page. I'm sure he won't mind as he's a very nice man!)…7/posts/10217205032309464

Today might prove to be pivotal in the ongoing race to determine which ideology can officially claim to have taken Britain back to a medieval society first. Whilst Islam can boast a coercive role in the Tommy Robinson case, it will be liberal multiculturalists who will claiming the plaudits for the cut n’ shut trial at the Old Bailey.

Surreptitiously changing the charges and the statute book mid-trial to fit the accused the Attorney General played a blinder, sending progressives into frenzied celebrations.

Before the nine month sentence was handed down there were fears that liberals and Muslims alike would be denied their human sacrifice via an appeal to President Donald Trump for political asylum. However such an admission, that their main ally had descended into despotism would have been highly embarrassing for the US. Instead supporters of freedom and justice had hoped that an unofficial appeal by US authorities may have manifested itself in a light sentence, which had already been served.

Instead, the prison term ceremoniously handed down today, puts Tommy behind bars at least until November.

The judge however was eager to point out that at that time, most likely in a Muslim dominated prison, would effectively be a form of trial by combat.

The left was also keen to emphasise the onset of Dark Ages justice by highlighting the strict gagging orders to be imposed on Tommy should he actually survive his incarceration.

Forbidden to communicate by electronic means on his release, the measure, they argued, could easily be equated to the removal of the offender’s tongue.

In the aftermath of the sentence mainstream media journalists jostled to insure Tommy was efficaciously burnt at the stake. Salacious headlines being necessary to deter others from thinking heretical thoughts with banishment from the land the heavily implied punishment. In modern Britain this is no longer a geographical measure but more a removal of the trappings of a middle class realm, such as being able to earn enough money to keep your own kids at a respectable distance from the nearest Islamic ghetto.

Meanwhile the news of Tommy’s sentencing generated wild fluctuations on the unlisted commodities markets in Karachi and Saudi Arabia. The price of a white child dropped as low as $30 in early afternoon trading although it later stabilised. Spot prices on British MPs, a market already rocked by the recent Peterborough by-election, also experienced volatile trading throughout the day.

Also by Simon Darby 06th July 2019

No real surprise at yesterday’s guilty verdict at the Old Bailey, despite the legal inconvenience that technically no offence was committed.

The issue the power structure has with Tommy is not merely the “sensitive” issues he brought into the daylight, but the actual concept of not being able to own the information stream fed to the public.

The idea of losing control of the narrative and its inevitable consequences truly terrifies the criminal gang currently running this country.

As for Tommy’s Jewish backers, yes I get that, but there’s a bigger question to ask. Personally I don’t find it unreasonable that in return for investment in the white community his benefactors want in exchange a little Islamo-realism as future insurance.

The main issue should be just where are the white politicians, businessmen and celebrities prepared to back him?

The state will now act to insure that other independently-minded citizen journalists don’t threaten the workings of their crime empire and hand down something rather more than a deterrent to others.
The total monopolisation of information, culture and ideas has proved not only an indispensable political weapon but has made the white genocide industry one the most lucrative in the world.

The British along with other Europeans are being effectively farmed out for profit whilst being drip-fed poison to insure compliance and docility just like livestock; nurtured on a diet of emotional triggers, guilt, low self esteem and self-loathing whilst simultaneously sold lifestyles of usurious materialism and self-indulgence.

To maximise yield and efficiency you have to control predators, both positively and negatively, whether indigenous or deliberately introduced.