Far left or far right. Which way are we going ?

Britain and Europe are not lurching towards the Far Right.

But they most certainly are lurching away from the Marxist Far Left, which has dominated for a few generations.

To say you want more ethnic diversity is exactly the same as saying that you want 'less' of the ethnicity that you have already got.

Now that's Hate, that's Racism.

As a native British White, why on earth would I support such an idea ?

Does that mean that I hate others ? No, it does not. But I do not hate and despise my own people either !!!

But God help any native British White who raises this question in public.

Ever noticed how in recent years, in places where people talk, Minority Group / Marxist sympathizers, have been parachuted into "Management" positions ?

In the UK we have all got used to the practice of what was deemed 'Right' by the establishment yesterday, can now be deemed 'Centre' or 'Left' today, depending on the political or propaganda needs (Spin) of the establishment at any particular time.

Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, once used the slogan 'British Jobs for British Workers'.

But when the BNP used it a few years before, they were condemned to hell and back !

So that our masters could manipulate, intimidate and prosecute when they felt the need, various new Race and so called Hate laws, have been introduced. They each have a quite deliberate "Catch 22" trap built into them.

The trap lies in the fact that it is almost impossible to prove that you are not guilty of breaking one of these laws, if someone accuses you ! And it is almost impossible to voice a pro Western or Pro White viewpoint for the same reason.

The definitions are so open ended, any interpretation can be put on your actions or speech if the Judge or the Establishment wants to harm you.

We can no longer even discuss many issues in the local pub anymore, we have to do it anonymously on the internet.

Consider the incredible number of people on Social Media, being on the receiving end of some sort of sanction, just because their world view conflicts with someone else's world view.

(Like some out of touch individual sitting at a desk in silicon valley, who decides to shut down your Facebook or Twitter account) And even more sinister, your own political opposition (Yvette Cooper MP) travelling to another country, to get a multi national company to delete you from their customer/user base.

Now that's Fascism, that's Dictatorship. In short, it's MARXISM !

If anyone has been 'Radicalised', it's people like Yvette Cooper !

Mind you, it has always been the strategy of the Marxists, if you can't answer the questions, shut down the debate.

If you can't explain the crime figures, just stop reporting them. Then shut down that debate too.

This website 'Rogues Gallery' is a real eye opener !

Perhaps the biggest play on words used against the British People for many years now, is the sneering contemptuous way that the words Populist or Populism are 'spat out' at any election result or question, that the establishment finds difficult to answer, or wants to avoid.

What our masters seem to have conveniently forgotten is this ...........

Populism 'is' Democracy.

And Democracy is by it's very nature, Populist.

It's a case of the greatest good, for the greatest number.

For my own part I am sick to the back teeth with my people being sent to the back of every Government and NGO waiting list or queue, then being accused, vilified, demanded from, guilt tripped and insulted by an assortment of political and minority self interest groups if we object. None of these people are our 'Victims' and never have been.

We do not owe them any special or favorable treatment of any kind. Absolutely none !

If minority groups are so terribly treated in this country, why are so many trying to come and live here ?

Instead of staying in mainland Europe.

In 2011 native British Whites became a minority group in London, their own Capital City.


We are living in a upside down society.

Try to object or defend your corner, and 'Bang' you are sure to be guilty of one of a whole shedload of Race or Hate laws.

No wonder Populism and Nationalism are on the rise here in the UK, and all across Europe.

What did our political masters expect to happen ?

And as stated at the beginning of this article, we are not lurching to the right.

Jo Public has woken up, and is just lurching away from the Marxist - open borders - multi culti - diversity - anti white - anti west - anti white male - extreme left.

That, is very different.

We on the "So Called Right" have won,
we no longer need to do very much.

August 20th 2019 - The Rats Are Jumping Ship !! (No surprise there)

For years and years, we on the "So Called Right" have been trying to waken the general public from their brainwashing and get them to start asking the questions that have been staring them in the face since the end of WW2. We have had our lives destroyed for many years as a result. But, it now has its own momentum with everybody looking closer at everything. Mr Morgan has seen the future, and is jumping before he is pushed. There will be more, trust none of them. Some, will start to endorse new versions of the old parties, don't be fooled !!