The Abortion Debate

Recently, in the USA there has been a massive shift in public opinion concerning abortion in a number of States.

Here in the UK we also have some very volatile conflicting opinions.

My own take, is that life starts at conception.

There is the very valid argument that a woman has the right to choose, as it is her body.

Now, does a woman have the right to choose to use her body to pick up a hammer, and kill someone with it ?

I find it hard to justify abortion on anything other than medical grounds, or in cases of Rape.

A number of years ago there was a big poster campaign showing an image of a 'Pregnant Man' It carried the caption ......

"He would be more careful if he was the one who got pregnant"

Or it said something very much like that.

I can still remember thinking to myself, "What a bl**dy cheek !!"

After all, the risk of pregnancy is not stopping women getting pregnant, then aborting, and flushing unborn children down the drain on an industrial scale, is it ?

And it is all the more inexcusable when you consider just how varied, cheap, available, and often FREE, contraception is.

And what about the Father ?

Does he have any rights or say in the matter ?

Always assuming that the Father/Fathers are known.

Yes, it is a womans right to choose.

To choose with care in their choice of partner, or to choose contraception (Before conception)

Since at least around 1960, every girl and boy in Britain over the age of 10, has been well aware of where Babies come from.

And also, how they get there !!!

Come on Girls ! I support your right to choice 100% !

So start making deliberate choices, instead of trusting to luck, the taxpayer, orphanages, and abortion clinics.

A Fetus is the Baby in your womb, that you intend to abort.

A Baby is the Fetus in your womb, that you intend to keep.

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  • This is a quarrel that will never be resolved