The Remainers War against BREXIT, is a UK Race War against Native Britons & Europeans in disguise.

At the end of WW2, Britain was second only to Japan as the most law abiding country in the world.
Now look at us.

As of September 2019, It is no coincidence that the Remainer fraternity has a very high proportion of Leftists and Ethnic minorities in it's ranks. There are also plenty who want to remain for personal gain ££££.

(The EU pensions are awesome !)
It is also pretty much a London based movement.

The EU has, as has been pointed out many times in the past 30 years, morphed into a new version of the old Soviet Union. And as usual, whenever this was pointed out by the likes of the BNP/NF etc, it was viciously condemned as the foulest of racist hate speak.

Since the end of WW2 the left has used the stories of the Holocaust, Nazi's, Hitler, Nationalism, Fascism etc, to justify stamping out any sense of group cohesion, among Native Britons. For the purpose of this article, Native Britons means White People. In fact, many years ago Labour MP Frank Field openly admitted that the Labour party had deliberately engineered mass immigration since the end of WW2, to destroy any sense of 'Nationhood' among Native Britons.

The manufactured destruction of Europe - Watch this video to the very end !!

In December 2019, the EU will make it a crime to speak out against mass immigration.

These days the term Nationhood has become unfashionable, and the Lefties have substituted the words 'Social Cohesion' instead. Alas, true to form, the only way this illusion of 'Social Cohesion' can be maintained is for increasingly severe and numerous 'Race' and 'Hate' laws.

All crimes are 'Hate' crimes. Nobody ever got shot and stabbed because they were liked by the person who did it.

I don't doubt that in our present 'Diverse' culture there are some groups who interpret a head butt followed by a kick in the groin as a display of affection.

But I will not debate that here.

The British establishment sometimes pats itself on the back at having made Britain the most successful Multicultural society in the world. That's utter Bull !

Native Britons have been spied upon, accused, bullied, guilt tripped, and frightened into silence and compliance.

The anger and resentment among Native Britons is huge, and growing.

We are now seen as an irrelevant side issue on our own land.

White DNA is an 'Abomination'

Red Ice TV on BitChute

It's our spineless profiteering politicians who are seen as responsible for bringing this about, and it will take years to rebuild pride and self respect in our up and coming younger generations. But we will do it.

The teaching profession has a lot to answer for.

It's just basic arithmetic !!
Saying that you want more ethnic diversity is EXACTLY the same as saying that you want LESS of the ethnicity that you have already got.
Now that’s RACIST !
That's HATE !
Why would any native Britons agree with this ?
What is so great about less White people, in White countries ?
Try to debate this and see what happens to you.
Am I a Racist ? Absolutely not !
I want more ethnic minorities every bit as much as they want more of me.

How much is that ?

The British people are the most photographed (Surveillance Cameras) in the world. Britain also has the most invasive, and draconian 'Race' and 'Hate' laws anywhere. These 'Race' and 'Hate' laws are deliberately vague and equivocal, so that the courts can penalise at will for pretty much any obscure reason that suits them.

Respect for the law has largely gone, now there is just fear. Unless of course, you are a genuine criminal.

Genuine criminals are having an easy time of it in Britain today. Facebook and Twitter (crimes ?) take priority .

There are entire Police departments checking for any sign of 'Political Dissent' (Hate and Racism ?) on Twitter and Facebook.

In short, ethnic minorities are encouraged to consolidate within our land, with little check on legal status of entry, or employment. With abundant welfare benefits too.



Naz Shah. Why is this woman still employed by Labour ?
What sort of people vote for an organization, that supports or employs Naz Shah ?
Listen to the Audio File below by Professor Kai Murros.

AUDIO - England is at WAR - Professor Kai Murros - Race War - Civil War in Britain

Marxist Generals - Ethnic Soldiers - White Victims - Worldwide

The British establishment is at WAR against it's own people, and has been more or less since the end of WW2.

Always vote against the "3 Stooges" Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dems. Always remember to vote.

NEVER ever waste your vote. But always vote against the "3 Stooges" every time. Just vote for anyone else !

Preferably, a 'Populist' party.

Native Britons on the other hand are forced by Law, to be 'Diverse' and 'Inclusive' When did you ever see a Black or White person working in an Asian business ? Next time you go to the Post Office take a good look around, the same is true for a number of High Street chains.

Maximum licence and allowance for minorities, maximum compliance and obedience from Native Britons.

Perhaps there should be outreach programmes to address this imbalance. If the situation were reversed there would be Government prosecutions for discrimination and compulsory outreach programmes to recruit minorities.

Little by little, half an inch at a time we are being squeezed and frozen out. Replaced.

Try to say anything and guess what ? You get called a racist for demanding equality !

No wonder that there are hordes of economic migrants desperate to get out of Europe and come to Britain.

In 2011 Native British Whites became a minority group in London.…REE-MILLION-10-years.html

Dare to question it and you could get nicked.

You have a measure of safety on this website as it is hosted / published in the USA, just play by the American rules.

That, combined with my own little set of rules linked at the top of the page, you should be OK.

Something that is very confusing is why so many appear to be coming from Muslim countries ?

Considering that they are constantly offended, and claim to be so badly treated in this country, why not stay in France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc ?

Is there some sort of hidden agenda in operation here ?

But, getting back to the title of this article ....

"The Remainers War against BREXIT, is a UK Race War against Native Britons & Europeans in disguise."

What has happened in our political institutions, the media, and on the streets of Britain since the 2016 referendum, has it's origins in the aftermath of WW1. There have been other symptoms but the BREXIT vote has brought it to a head as the left sees it's long laid plains, spanning a number of generations, falling in ruins.

Broadly speaking:

After WW1 a certain Marxist organisation was disappointed that during the war itself, there had not been a workers uprising to overthrow capitalism and all of the old Monarchies and form a 'Peoples Utopia'

This organisation was 100% Jewish at the time, and came to be known as the 'Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism

', after the city where they formed themselves into a group. After all, Karl Marx was Jewish and has always had a large Jewish following. The Milliband Family is just one. I did highlight above that I am speaking very broadly here, so don't jump with shock and alarm. This 'Frankfurt School' concluded that if society was deliberately fractured, corrupted and broken, they would be better able to sell their ideology to the masses.

(They would stay in charge of course, just like the anti BREXIT remainer politicians of today)

The MARXIST tactic of 'Critical Theory' is this fracturing, corrupting, and breaking in action. To achieve this they worked over a period of generations to get as many of their own people as possible into controlling positions across the media industry. The British Newspaper 'The Daily Mail' is generally considered to be right wing. Right wing compared to what ? Compared to the Labour party I suppose that it is. That's about all. It's just about Right wing enough to give the false impression that there is a genuine alternative media opposition.

Any damned fool can find fault.
Examples of this 'Critical Theory' or FINDING FAULT !! is the non stop creation of one Victim Group after another, so called 'Social Justice, and so called 'Equality'

The Iconoclast on Bitchute

The Iconoclast on Bitchute

These three avenues alone have been used very effectively to guilt trip and disenfranchise the Native British to a huge degree.

But more than anything else, mass immigration has been their greatest weapon.

The new words 'RACISM' and 'RACIST' were invented in the Soviet Union, and quickly got taken up by Marxist sympathisers around the world. This was mostly in schools and colleges where it was pimped out by various educators and establishments to fit in with the latest trendy theory.

Guardianistas (Guardian hacks and Guardian readers) cultivated the attitude that to utterly despise and condemn your own people, history, and culture, was an indication of superior intellect.

Any attempt at speaking positively about the west or White people (Native Britons) was met with orchestrated mass disapproval, a devastating weapon, especially when used against the young.

Oh to hell with it, let's call it by it's proper name.Organised Mass Bullying !

That's called persecution isn't it ?
Unfortunately, most people will cave in under this sort of weight.

See the video above showing Piers Morgan openly stating what we on the 'So Called Right' have been saying for years.

Communism and Marxism have always found support in the young, when they get older and have to pay the bills things tend to change. At the other end of the spectrum are the Champagne Socialists who are probably the worst form of social parasite around today. A lot of anti BREXIT Remainer politicians fall into that bracket.

When in Government, they keep running out of other peoples money.

Anyway, getting back to the present day, and the BREXIT situation.

As stated above the long laid plans of the Marxists are coming undone as the Native British, and many newer British turn their backs on the corrupt EU, and the damage that open borders amongst other things, have done.

My own greatest horror is the prospect of a EU Army !

Controlled by an unelected unaccountable small group of about 9 people.

What could possibly go wrong ?

With the re establishment of national borders, enforced with guns if need be, the Marxist plans laid long ago come grinding to a halt. When these plans were formulated so long ago, nobody could have foreseen the advent of something like the internet. Something that we should all thank (Englishman) Mr Tim Berners Lee for.

When Britain has successfully left the EU, it is odds on there will be other countries following suit.

This is what truly terrifies the Marxists, and why there has been such a despicable corruption of long held principles in Government to stop BREXIT.

In the summer of 2018 I went on a couple of pretty large Free Speech Marches. It was mainly white people who attended but there were a surprising number of Black & Brown people along with other ethnicities showing their support for the cause. In addition, there were people from every social and economic strata of society. It was unusual to find such a broad spectrum united under one banner.

Red Pill Phil was just one, follow the link below for his YouTube channel. There were others too.

At one time I found myself walking next to a man who was marching because his young Daughter of about 8 years old, had come home from school one day and told him that the class were going to visit a Mosque . It was a compulsory visit and if the parents objected they would have to explain their reasons in writing.

This is just an invitation to self-denounce yourself and be prosecuted for some sort of phobia, racism, hate etc.
This man was genuinely paranoid and afraid of his own Government.

To Hell With That !!

It is also criminal to try and get young girls to be trusting and accepting of a people, that history in this country has shown, are a great danger to young girls.

Grooming gangs first gain trust, everything else comes after that.
And as we all know, including school staff, Grooming Gangs frequently operate just outside the school gates !

This man was afraid for his daughter and other girls, and also for himself. As he knew what had happened to the parents of other children who had asked the wrong questions in the class room.

On more than one occasion, British households have been visited by the ‘Race Police’ just because someone had been on a Tommy Robinson march, or had been overheard speaking positively about Tommy Robinson / The West / White People.
This man was afraid, that he would be deemed an unfit parent, and have his child taken into care if he wrote down his objections to the Mosque visit.

This man was just so afraid of his own Government !!

But then again, in Britain today, we all are to a greater or lesser degree.

The ‘Race Police’ are everywhere, at every level of society, but only White people ever get called Racist, Phobic, Full of Hate, etc.
Why do you think that is ?


One image sticks in my mind from the Tommy Robinson Free Speech March.
It was a boiling hot summer day, and just in front of me were a group of young Black, Brown, and White people all sheltering from the sun and marching together, under a great big UKIP beach brolly !

But, needless to say, the entire march was classified as White Supremacist / Far Right / Fascist / Nazi etc, etc.

Some people who were recognized on media footage or admitted they had taken part were badly punished.

Free speech ? Don't make me laugh.

Not in Britain today.

Tommy Robinson closing speech at Freedom March 6th May 2018.
This was in Whitehall London SW1, at the junction with Downing Street. Just yards from Number 10.

Once BREXIT has been achieved, which should not be too long now, we can turn our attention to other matters.
(Tuesday 24 September 2019 - Supreme Court has put the mockers on BREXIT - for now)

Not least of which is the huge years long cover up of the grooming gangs.

This is another of the Marxist ways to undermine and corrupt our society. I can't help wondering if the reason that the cover up has been so widespread, is that many of the people charged with protecting the young and vulnerable, have also been sampling the goods ?

The Iconoclast on Bitchute

Nick Griffin - Live - October 10th 2019.

Here he speaks about various things, not least of which is how he and the BNP tried to raise awareness of the Grooming Gangs many, many, years ago. Look at how he and the BNP were treated back then just for telling the truth. If only he had been allowed to speak. If only people had listened !! Think of all of the young lives that have been wrecked in the years since that time.

Law and order is already on the table with Bo Jo.

At the end of August 2019, this was the headline of the online version of the London Standard.

"London is 'acid attack hotspot of western world' with victims as young as 10"

I want people who do this to be flogged, and sent to prison for a minimum of 20 years.

We need more prisons in a very big way.

Rehabilitation attempts have consistently failed to work in any appreciable numbers.

Fear is the key, fear of the consequences.

Bringing back hanging is essential for this.

We just need to convict and hang 3 or 4, and the murder rate will drop like a lead weight.

Mission accomplished.


Shaun Bailey - Prospective Conservative Mayoral Candidate.

Shaun Bailey was featured on the Andrew Castle show on LBC, Sunday 10th March 2019.

He stated "Knife crime debate changed when white people started being stabbed"

This is pure "Victimhood Parasitism"

Just another bleeding heart minority looking for preferential favor. (Yet again!)

All sorts of people have been making a lot of noise about knife crime for years and years.

Even Tony Blair was making a noise about it when he was PM


Prison should hurt, with re-offenders getting hurt even more.

Fear is the key, fear of the consequences.

After all, the penalties for so called Hate and Racism are so sever, most, and I do mean MOST, people are afraid to voice much of an opinion. (Which has always been the object of the exercise)

So, why should there not be appropriate fear of being caught for murder and other violent crime ?

It most certainly can be done, and it has been done before.

See another article on this blog linked below 'Taming The Gangs'
Taming The Gangs

In the past few weeks (It is late August early September 2019) there have been a number of articles in the so called right wing press about the state of democracy in Britain, along with commentary about how 'Brexit Remainers' and assorted 'victim' groups are shattering society as we know it. With new victim groups popping up all the time.

Democracy can only survive, with the consent of the losers in any vote. They have to agree to lose.

The alternative is WAR.

Candace Owens - The Victim Mentality Of The Left & 'BLEXIT'

I just wish that these so called Right Wing newspaper journalist would learn up on

'The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism'

From that, everything that they see around them in society today would make sense, when seen against the strategic map / blueprint, laid down all those many years ago for the undermining, destruction, and overthrow, of a stable functioning society.
We hear our 'So Called Right Wing Newspapers' telling us that they condemn this that and the other, being done by the Left. Yet this same Media condemns to hell and back almost every group that tries to organise to counter this threat from the left. I am talking about the likes of the BNP / NF and newer ones arriving on the political scene.

John Carpenters allegorical Sci-Fi film - 'They Live' - 1988 - Not to be missed !!!


Yet our Media people have the £££, staff, skill, and resources to thoroughly expose the Left / Labour party, and what it's long term aims are.
It would only take a couple of months of constant exposure of the 'Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism' and how it is being implemented in British society today, to pretty well end Labour for good.

But our Media people choose not to do this ??

Which raises this question:


Are they really Right Wing ?
(Whatever that means these days)
Or are they just a diversionary sham ?

Consider the years long double standards of reporting of Race / Hate crime in the UK.

The media went on a crusade spanning a couple of generations, concerning the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

The entire planet has heard of this one man.

But, just look at this website showing these White victims that YOU never heard of.

"Rogues Gallery"

All of these have occurred since the Stephen Lawrence case.

The two videos displayed below spell it all out for you.

The first video by UKIP Liverpool, shows how and who, decides what constitutes a Race Crime.

The second video highlights some specific cases.

There are many hundreds more White victims that you never heard of. If you take into account the White victims prior to the Stephen Lawrence case, prior to the internet, the White victim count could run into the thousands.

Ask yourself, why have you never heard of any of them ?

Why have our media people not gone on a generations long crusade for justice for these White victims ?

If they did, White people might rise up and turn their backs on the 'Psychological Plantation' that they were placed on in childhood, as soon as they started school, and have been reminded (Guilt Tripped) to stay on it for the rest of their lives.

Free Speech ?

The ugly truth about Diversity.
Kati Hopkins & Stephan Molyneaux


The Soviet Story.

Hang at least 100 kulaks, execute the hostages.

Do it in such a way that people for hundreds of miles around will see and tremble.....

Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov)

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