Religious Animal Slaughter.

A couple of videos that you would rather not have seen.

The torturing of animals just to satisfy Human superstition has gone on since the days of the Old Testament.

It has always been an absolute obscenity.

And in 2019 it’s ??????

I am lost for words to describe it.

For many years in Britain all animals led to slaughter were pre stunned, to make them unaware of what was happening. There were some exceptions to cater to the comparatively small number of Jewish people requiring Kosher ritual slaughter.

With the huge increase in Muslim immigration the situation can no longer be ignored. The scale of this barbarity is a stain on our society and has to be brought to a complete and total end. No exceptions anywhere.

And no (rendition) The export of live animals to be ritually slaughtered in another country.

All animal food products should be clearly labelled as pre stunned at slaughter, or not, as the case may be. So that we the purchasing public can make the choice ‘NOT’ to purchase these products, if we so wish.

The videos below show one example each of Halal slaughter, and Kosher slaughter.

The first is Halal

The second is Kosher