Strange goings on Earl of Lonsdale Westbourne Grove

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Strange goings on Earl of Lonsdale Westbourne Grove

Post by Strict » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:28 am

Ms Sarah Parker
The Old Brewery
North Yorkshire
LS24 9SB

Dear Sarah Parker,

Thank you for your letter of 20th June 2017.

From your letter you appear to think that my grievance is the result of some sort of bar room banter from just one individual.

Not so.
I will elaborate, but please forgive me if I cover some ground that you may already be aware of.

I am not over sensitive to being called names, I have been called worse things, and no doubt will be again.
Plus, when in a state of anger, I have sometimes used much much stronger language, and insults.
But never I might add, in the Lonsdale.
The point of this situation is that it was perfectly deliberate, cold and contrived. Why ?

On the day in question I was sitting on a brown coloured low easy chair, with my back to the stairs, facing towards Portobello Road, the till more or less in front of me with the fireplace to my front and left.

There were a few people at the bar, with a couple of woman seated 8 or 12 feet to my right, and the young man 'James' seated on my immediate left. If I recall correctly 'James' and I were resting our drinks on the same small table. So we were seated very close. About 4 - 6 feet apart.
I have known 'James' by sight for some years, the women involved are strangers to me but would seem to be locals.

After I sat down in the chair described above, I started to read my newspaper.
Not long after, one of the women seated to my right started to make comments about how someone in the pub had been looking at her young daughter 'That way' (Whatever that means !)

This sort of comment was repeated in different ways by her while getting louder. I got the impression that it was meant for my ears, and I think that at one time I may have glanced to my right. I continued reading my newspaper and suddenly there was a loud 'Bum Boy' remark from 'James' on my left. One of the women said 'That’s Dan, the other woman said 'Yes but that’s' and did not finish her comment.
There was another loud 'Bum Boy' remark from 'James'
During this time I looked up at the bar once or twice and saw the staff member Amanda standing by the till looking on and wearing an expression of embarrassed concern on her face.

It was obvious to me that I had sat down in the middle of a ...

Follow this link for the full story ... sdale.html

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