55 Murders in 2018 @ April 5

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55 Murders in 2018 @ April 5

Post by Strict » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:08 am

What They're NOT Telling You About London

To date there have been 55 murders in London this year, as of 05 April 2018
The City is losing it's marbles and sense of direction all round.

These days it seems that nobody is afraid of being caught, or afraid of the consequences if they are.
Something has to change BIG time.
And soon.

For my own part I could not care less if the criminal fraternity respects the law, or fears the law.
Who cares !!!
As long as they OBEY the law.

It's just a case of the greatest good for the greatest number.
It's called 'Populism'
I don't care about that either, because it's just another word for 'Democracy' Which we seem to have lost.
(The greatest good for the greatest number)

This is a very pertinant extract from a page on the web.

Taming The Gangs - The Sheffield Solution.

Captain Percy Sillitoe who had served in the South African police. Sillitoe became famous as the “Gang breaker” and went on to tackle Glasgow’s “Razor gangs.” He finished his career as Director-General of MI5. He also visited America to advise J. Edgar Hoover on combating Chicago’s more stylish gangsters.

In his autobiography “Cloak Without a Dagger” captain Sir Percy Sillitoe gave this insight into human nature ....

“There is only one way to deal with the gangster mentality.
You must show that you are not afraid.
If you stand up to them and they realise you mean business they will knuckle under.

The element of beast in man whether it comes from an unhappy and impoverished back ground, or from his own undisciplined lustful appetites, will respond exactly as a wild beast of the jungle responds -
to nothing but greater force and greater firmness of purpose.”

The Sheffield Gang Wars, by J.P.Bean (D&D) Publications.2004
Cloak Without Dagger, Sir Percy Sillitoe. (Cassell.) 1955
Sir Percy Sillitoe, A.W.Cockerill. (W.H. Allen.) 1975

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