Sean Bryson threatend in the street by Black Opposition

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Sean Bryson threatend in the street by Black Opposition

Post by Strict » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:33 am

Today Saturday 17/03/18 at about 12:50 pm I was walking along Ladbroke Grove near the tube station, same side towards Malton RD. When a very short Black man of about 35 who was walking towards me stated "Watch yourself" as he passed. He was wearing a dark green hooded outfit. This is pretty tame stuff, but when taken together with some of the other "Micky Mouse Treatment" that I have had in the area recently, it might have some basis.

On Thursday 15/03/18 a regular watering hole in Portobello Road (The Distillery made it clear that my presence was no longer wanted.
Nothing was said, but the entire staff suddenly made me feel like the "Anti Christ"
Something that all-encompassing has to have been a management dictate.
If anything happens to me I would appreciate any of my supporters taking the appropriate action.

This is probably happening because recently I have updated my website with some pre election video material, urging people to

How is it possible that Notting Hill Labour supporters can feel so threatened by one man and his website ?

Take a look see !

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