NOT in the News ? Murders, and violent crimes against White people by ethnic minorities, SINCE the Stephen Lawrence case

Quite often these the days the most important issues of the day are not the issues we see in the News, but the issues that our media people have chosen NOT to include in the News. Do our media people report the News ? Or do our media people cold bloodedly 'Orchestrate' the way they release the available news in line with some alternative agenda ? Who is pulling the strings in the background ?
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NOT in the News ? Murders, and violent crimes against White people by ethnic minorities, SINCE the Stephen Lawrence case

Post by Speaker » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:55 pm

For over half a century we have been getting Guilt Tripped. And Since 1993 our Media people have indulged in a non stop guilt-fest against the White population of Britain over the death of Stephen Lawrence.
Yet, since that date, the HUGE number of attacks on, and Murder of, White people by ethnic minorities has passed comparatively unnoticed, or completely unnoticed.
Do the British Media have an agenda of their own ?

Consider these three items, the video above, and the two articles below. There are plenty more.

Rogues Gallery ...
The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain,
( Just since the Stephen Lawrence case ! ) is represented in the following pages. How many had you heard of before you saw them here ??
Visit - ... t-and.html

And this one on it's own is enough to bring tears to your eyes.
Did you know that in Glasgow on 18th October 2006, the first ever Scottish conviction for racially motivated murder was secured?
Did you read or hear about how fifteen year old Kriss Donald was attacked by Muslim Racists, abducted, driven around Scotland, beaten, mutilated, stabbed and burned alive?
Did you know that the first defendent accused admitted he was killed simply for being "a white boy"?
The chances are you did not.
very few of you will be unaware of the 'heinous' attack on the coloured footballers playing for England by Spanish fans the day before. Wall-to-wall national TV and press coverage was given over to the crime of " name calling " while one of the most vicious and brutal murders of a child ever witnessed in this country was either ignored or left as a regional filler. ... r-11623942