In Support Of Donald Trump

I have decided to devote a 'Dedicated' section to the USA. I am a fan of Donald Trump. Rightly or wrongly,
Mr Donald Trump is a very blunt and to the point speaker. I prefer this to the mealy mouthed fork tongued career politicians that we have all become so used to here in the UK. Mr Trump generates debate about issues, that others prefer to sweep under the carpet and pretend do not exist. I like Donald Trump.
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In Support Of Donald Trump

Post by Speaker » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:18 pm

Steve Bannon on Trump, Populism and Cambridge Analytica

It looks like in the USA some people have this same contempt for 'Populism' that some people have here in the UK.

Populism is GOOD, Populism is IN TOUCH, Populism LISTENS, Populism ACTS, Populism responds to the will of the majority.

For years now the populations of Western Nations have been browbeaten and insulted by out of touch academic 'Know Alls'
These people sit on Focus Groups, Advisory Groups, and worst of all become out of touch career Politicians.
At long last the man in the street is regaining his voice and demanding the right to use that voice, and to hell with the self opinionated patronising intellectuals that have been sneering at him since the end of WW2.
Long live The Donald

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