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Hungary - Viktor Orban election victory April 2018 brings EU end a bit closer

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:37 am
by Speaker

The voice of the 'Man in the street' is shown in this election result.
This election victory was brought about by people the British media call the POPULIST voter, as though 'POPULIST' was a dirty name ?!?!
The populist voter is the Democratic voter, who aspires to the greatest good for the greatest number, and never mind the self important ramblings of the pedo excusing MARXISTS and out of touch career politicians.

I just hope that the majority British population will one day find the courage to ignore being called all sorts of dirty names by the 'Left' and the 'PC Brigade' and just speak up for what is good for our people and our country LONG TERM.
The EU, mass immigration, grooming, and all sorts of other problems, are NOT in the best interest of our people and our country.
Not short term, or long term.

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