Italy - Italian Elections 2018 - EU Fears Italexit

The crumbling European Union is falling apart at an ever increasing rate. One country after another is saying NO to open borders, and saying NO to immigration. In particular, European nations are saying NO to any more Islamic / Muslim immigration. The two biggest reasons for this, are Terrorism and the Muslim / Islamic Rape and sexual abuse of our European Women and Children.
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Italy - Italian Elections 2018 - EU Fears Italexit

Post by Speaker » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:21 pm

April 2018. Italy just took their country back!

Well, it looks as though there are ongong improvements in Europe.
It's the power of Populism (Democracy)
As for where is the money coming from for all of the Mosques, it's Saudi Arabia !
That has been well known in Nationalist circles for over 20 years. At least it has been in UK Nationalist circles.

March 2018. 'No to Italy’s Mecca’: Town blocks mosque building, expels 100s of migrants.

The vast majority are not Refugees, but are economic migrants.
When the crew of HMS Bulwark first fished immigrants out of the Mediterranean, they were expecting to find the world’s hungry, wretched and destitute. Instead, they found them relatively healthy, well-dressed and carrying mobile phones and credit cards, which they intended to use upon arrival in Italy.
Follow this link for the complete story ... cades.html