NOT In The News ? I was There ! Freedom of Speech March, May 6th 2018. Speakers Corner to Whitehall - Downing Street

Quite often these the days the most important issues of the day are not the issues we see in the News, but the issues that our media people have chosen NOT to include in the News. Do our media people report the News ? Or do our media people cold bloodedly 'Orchestrate' the way they release the available news in line with some alternative agenda ? Who is pulling the strings in the background ?
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NOT In The News ? I was There ! Freedom of Speech March, May 6th 2018. Speakers Corner to Whitehall - Downing Street

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I was There ! I was There !
The Freedom of Speech March, Sunday May 6th 2018.
Speakers Corner to junction of Whitehall and Downing Street.

I got to speakers corner at around 11:30 and wandered around for a while. Not a lot of our people about at that time so I found a loo that cost 20p just to spend a penny. I complained about the price and jokingly remarked that it would be cheaper to hire a boat and then piss in the Serpentine. Having said that, this loo was very well maintained. Clean, soap, warm water, air hand dryers. So, OK, 20p was not OTT.

Then I lay down on the grass for a while. It has been so long since my body has seen sunlight that after just 20 minutes I could feel my arms burning ! Back on with my Black corduroy jacket in the scorching heat, I had to wear that jacket as it has plenty of pockets for the cards that I was distributing. They were quite thick with a linen finish. I had about 600 with me. (They all went) Then I bought a coffee, and by this time the main crowd had started arriving.
I started my card distribution. Giving two at a time saying "One for you Sir/Madam, and one to give away.

We eventually departed on our slow march, with the police looking very glum and serious. But I don't understand just why there were so many of them ? This is not the first march of its kind, and it was all completely good natured and nobody looking for or wanting, trouble ?

As I was distributing my cards I got talking to some interesting people. I should mention here that the social mix found at this march do not usually get found under the same roof. The present and previous Governments attacks on Free Speech has touched a nerve right across the board in a way that I can't remember ever happening before. Except perhaps during WW2. But then, we ARE at war, overseas against our will, and against our own Government here at home. How did we get into this mess ?

One man I spoke to had taken his children out of state education because his child had received 'Detention' just for asking a question about Diversity/Islam. The child had not expressed some sort of nasty opinion, just wanted an answer to a question. He believed that schools and universities were places to teach and answer questions, with the pupils/students encouraged to ask and seek. Now they are more like state propagandists, and our Police have stopped focusing on criminal activity, but now focus on enforcing state social policy. Like "Hate speech on Social Media" Just another way of the state frightening people into silence and compliance.

I thought to myself, how many other people are waking up to this ?

Another had told me his young daughter’s school had sent his (9 year old) daughter a letter inviting/ordering her to participate in a visit to a Mosque. If she wished to decline she would have to ask her parents to write to explain why.
Now, as we all know that means instant 'HATE CRIME'

What I did notice at this march was the increase in the number of younger people taking part in this movement. For years now any objection to the machinations of ‘Political Correctness’ has come from the older generation. Because with years comes 'Perspective'
But it is certainly changing with more and more young people escaping the constant manipulation, and standing up to the 'Social Bullying' of their school teachers and university lecturers.
If you want to get your grades just make sure you make the right social/political noises, and make the right choice of boyfriend/girlfriend. (You know what I mean)

Although the participants of this march were overwhelmingly white and male, there were a lot of women too, and also some ethnic minorities brandishing some very un-PC placards. One of which read 'HATE SPEECH is FREE SPEECH'
But like I have already stated above, the social mix found at this march do not usually get found under the same roof.

In fact, if you watch the video by Redpill Phill below, you will even find Black and Brown self proclaimed "White Supremacists"
No kidding !!

Another interesting character that I met was the 'Reverend Simon Sideways' of YouTube fame. We wound up walking together and I gave him a couple of cards. We passed a few words and I said "where have I seen you before ?" He told me who he was and then it clicked.
I told him that he was on my site (Front page) at which he said he had just seen Redpill Phil and made to leave.
So I quickly gave him 2 more cards for Redpill.

At one point a whole band of Mods on Scooters wanted to join us but the Police would not allow them to join our march ?
Shame, it would have been a nice touch.

We arrived in Whitehall at the junction of Downing Street, where Tommy Robinson and Guests were visible on a raised platform sporting a huge sound system and video screen.

Well Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and others.
There is 'NO WAY' that you are now unaware of the strength of feeling regarding what you have done, and continue to do, to our 'Freedom of Speech' And I can assure you that we all know WHY you are doing it. And we are NEVER going to accept it.
As far as I and many other people are concerned, 'Diversity' is the 'Final Solution' to the 'White Problem'
If I am wrong about this, that is not a crime.
Lets talk about it !
Google this ... Barcelona Declaration of 1995. Or just watch the YouTube video below. Better still, do both !

And of course the 'Rogues Gallery' says it all about the cover up that has been going on for YEARS !!
The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain, ( Just since the Stephen Lawrence case ! ) is represented in the following pages.
How many had you heard of before you saw them here ?? ... t-and.html

Sean Bryson

Reverend Simon Sideways
Barcelona declaration of 1995. The epitome of treason!

"Day For Freedom" Freedom of Speech event 6th May 2018. By Inspired Champion. Published on 07 May 2018
At about 4:37 to 5:07 into the film you will see a Scottish Soldier playing the Bag Pipes. And behind to the left there is this really good looking bloke in a white polo shirt and black jacket giving out cards promoting his 'Free Speech' website.
Thats me !

Tommy Robinson - Day Of Freedom March Speakers Corner, Sunday 6th April 2018
Tommy Robinson Closing Speech

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten on free speech at 'Day for freedom'

redpill phil - Freedom Of Speech In Hyde Park London, Sunday 6th May 2018