NOT In The News ? British Resistance On The March - Day Of Freedom March Speakers Corner, Sunday 6th April 2018

Quite often these the days the most important issues of the day are not the issues we see in the News, but the issues that our media people have chosen NOT to include in the News. Do our media people report the News ? Or do our media people cold bloodedly 'Orchestrate' the way they release the available news in line with some alternative agenda ? Who is pulling the strings in the background ?
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NOT In The News ? British Resistance On The March - Day Of Freedom March Speakers Corner, Sunday 6th April 2018

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Tommy Robinson - Day Of Freedom March Speakers Corner, Sunday 6th April 2018 Q&A (full details of meeting times)

So, at last, after years of wandering in the wilderness, many differing interests with one common interest 'Free Speech' demonstrate together.

How many times has it happened that two seemingly opposing groups have asked the same question and come to the same answer, only to wind up accusing each other of something or another, because they could not bear the thought of being in agreement with their long term opposition ?

I have noticed this time and again when speaking with people here in Notting Hill. (These days I no longer even try, and with new legislation it is now dangerous to even try)
It is far safer and better to express your views on the internet. At least that way the context of what you said and when and why can’t be falsified to harm you.
A lot of people are in obvious sympathy with my stance on 'Anti PC' But dare not openly support me for fear of being branded by local agitators, and then 'Dropped' by their friends.
But little by little over the years the internet has broken down the fear, a fear instilled at a very early age by our 'Educators' who strive to determine our thoughts by making certain topics and issues so 'Bad' that if you are known to be even thinking about the wrong issues or asking the wrong questions, that means that you are 'Bad'

Nobody likes to be thought of as 'Bad' especially the young, when social approval and 'coolness' are so important. As you leave youth behind, you gain the perspective to see the bigger picture. You may not be 100% correct in your interpretation of events, but you certainly do start seeing the cracks in the 'Headline News' When you start to question these cracks, that is when the local thought police and the Establishment/Media machine go into overdrive at every level of your life to undermine, break, and silence you.

Well, the heavy lifting is now over !
There are just too many people from all walks of life, all political colours, all social, ethnic, and economic groups saying NO MORE !!
You can now use this forum/board to 'Free Speak Your Heart Out'

You are more than welcome to speak your truth as you understand it.
That is the 'Birth right' of the British People.

Your understanding may be wrong.
You have the right to be wrong, without censure, or penalty.
You have the right to adjust your understanding, or not, as you think fit.
That is the 'Birth right' of the British People.

Telling someone something that they do not want to hear is quite OK.
The reverse is also true.
That is the 'Birth right' of the British People.

Consider where 'Pro British’ sentiments were just 5 years ago, and consider where they are now. Now, consider where they will be 5 years in the future ! Good times ahead.
Our leftie critics and detractors will continue to do their best to silence us, but they have been failing at an ever increasing rate for the past few years. This will continue.

I can remember just how hard it was to ask even the most innocent of common sense questions about immigration, and other issues, just 10 or 20 years ago. Getting the wheel of enlightenment turning again has been a herculean task with many social casualties. People have had their lives broken and damaged beyond repair, just for exercising inoffensive 'Free Speech' Just ordinary people who were not particularly political have fallen foul of the 'Thought Police' and increasingly the 'Race Police' too. But the wheel has now turned in favour of free speech again, and it will never be allowed to be stopped by the establishment and its lackeys, the internet will see to that. Populism, also known as democracy (The greatest good for the greatest number) is on the rise again, and that is as it should be, and not the minority interest rule that we have had foisted upon us.

My own 'Crime' that started my political journey was my writing of a protest letter at the 1991 Gullf War.
My Father was in the British Army circa 1948 in Palestine, and at the outbreak of the 1991 Gulf War I rememberd some of the things that he had told me when I was still at school.
Take a look at this protest letter and all of its replies.
Very telling stuff ! ... ryson.html

Below I have linked one of my favourite YouTube presentations; it's by Professor Kai Murros. It's purely audio, but I am sure you will recognise the truth and brevity of his words.
It all rings so true when you think of the things that are now going on in our country. It all rings so true when you think of how self respect, tradition, identity, and continuity have been deliberately undermined in Britain. It all rings so true when you consider that at the end of WW2, Britain was second only to Japan as the most law abiding country in the world. Look at our country now, look at our London now. All of this has been deliberately broken and fractured so that people have nothing to hold on to, and makes them confused, afraid, and easy meat for the Marxist social engineers.
The British people have had all of their reference points despised, condemned, riddiculed and stripped away.
What do they have left to teach their children ?
So as parents are always wrong and humiliated, they give up for fear of being called some sort of dirty name and allow the experts (The State) to do the child rearing.
(Don't tell me that you have forgotten the August 2011 riots already !)

In Nationalist circles for many years we have tried to put across to the general public that there is nothing to choose between Labour and Conservative because behind the scenes they are dancing to the same tune, with the band being paid by the same Bankers.

In a nutshell .......
The mainstream parties have been at war against the interests of the British people, to serve the long term interests of 'Big Business'

Read these two items for instant clarity
Multiculturalism as a tool to divide and conquer by Louis Beam ... _beam.html
Multiculturalism and the Ruling Elite By Daniel Brandt ... randt.html

Multi Culti was NEVER intended to have a happy ending !!!
And in The Daily Express on Thursday 03 May 2018 Leo McKinstry seems to have woken up to this at last. Europe was all part of the Multi Culti plan. BREXIT has undermined that plan. ... -McKINSTRY

It is no coincidence that the major concerns of Nationalist have always been Europe and Immigration, and of course Muslim Pedo Grooming.
We used to be looked upon as 'Pond Life' for speaking of these issues, now these issues are mainstream everywhere.


Enjoy Professor Kai Murros below.

Sean Bryson