Halal & Kosher Ritual Slaughter in the UK in 2018

Quite often these the days the most important issues of the day are not the issues we see in the News, but the issues that our media people have chosen NOT to include in the News. Do our media people report the News ? Or do our media people cold bloodedly 'Orchestrate' the way they release the available news in line with some alternative agenda ? Who is pulling the strings in the background ?
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Halal & Kosher Ritual Slaughter in the UK in 2018

Post by Speaker » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:30 pm

Halal & Kosher Ritual Slaughter in the UK in 2018

Why has this disgusting, stone age, barbaric method of animal slaughter been allowed to flourish and dominate here in the UK ?
Foe many many years, we have had a perfectly acceptable method of animal slaughter.
What has changed ?
Who changed it ? (Without a mandate from the British people)
And WHY ?

Think about this, and view the videos on this page.
Then leave your comments !

Halal / Kosher Slaughter. The Cruelty of Ritual Slaughter

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