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David Hamilton
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Monday, 6 October 2008
Western Elites are Surrendering Us to Islam

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The rulers try to build a multi-racial society from mixed motives: some, high-minded ideals, others exploit this to import cheap labour. They invite immigrants and make us share everything with them while the global elites who live here and multi national corporations pay little tax and politicians pay none and claim vast expenses. If they want immigrants they should put them up at their houses; invite them into their communities. It is not as if the imports are all needy or in danger, though we pretend they are because it makes us feel wanted and righteous for offering aid. The message conveyed to them is that we are weak and scared and this makes them despise us for not standing up for ourselves. When immigrants arrive they are welcomed by hordes of do-gooders - they can tell any lie and it is accepted. The elites hope there is no threat from them and pretend they are essentially good and appeal to their good will by being nice to them,. hoping they will reciprocate by being nice back. This mentality was expressed neatly by Jens Orback, Sweden’s Minister of Democracy, "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us."

The Government are feeble and allow things to happen but also cunning and manipulative. They are not really in control but inadequate for their positions. They should be strengthening our people’s characters but do the opposite - constantly blaming and using us as scapegoats (racists) if anything goes wrong in the utopian plan. It affects our everyday lives because social relations now have to be regulated and restrictive anti-terrorist laws are imposed on everyone not just the likely suspects, Muslims. We used to be homogenous and trusted one another. In general it was peaceful, we queued, were relaxed with each other and tried to get on by using good manners and showing consideration. Is immigration an accident? No, it is importing cheap labour and votes without understanding the consequences.

In November 2006 the Government were advertising for immigrants and doing it by deceit. A Foreign Office pamphlet 'Multicultural Britain - A Land Of Immigrants' encouraged immigrants to come here because of the Human Rights Act and well-paid jobs. It was placed in embassies across the world. Cherie Blair, the former Prime Minister’s wife, is a human rights lawyer. No wonder immigration increased so much under Blair! In June 2004 while Conservative leader Michael Howard was campaigning against immigration to win the General Election, he was an investor in communications firm Incepta. A subsidiary company Citigate Lloyd Northover won two Home Office contracts to develop Websites and communications technology to speed up applications from immigrants to enter the UK. The company also profited from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate website for the Government which eases the entrance and settling of asylum seekers. The Sunday Mirror of May 1, 2005 revealed that as Home Secretary he gave nearly 15,000 failed asylum seekers the right to stay in Britain for life when he was Home Secretary. He tried to conceal this.

How do ethnics perceive us? "You can chase their women and the men look the other way, even their fathers and brothers don’t mind! There is nothing they can do because their government and media are against them." This applies to communities already here who think of our women as only good for one thing which is at the heart of the widespread grooming of our young girls. One example was in the Times of August 11th 2007 which reported a 42 year-old Muslim man from Burnley. He gave one 14 year-old white girl the first of five Ecstasy tablets at a motorway service station before having sex with her on the back seat of the car while a group drove back to Lancashire.

The court was told that the two men later took the girls to an address in Blackburn where Hussain, from Blackburn aged 42, had sex with the second 14 year-old white girl and gave her ten Ecstasy tablets. Judge Andrew Gilbart, QC, jailed them under new laws to protect young girls being groomed for sex. Parents warned that white girls as young as 12 are being screwed by older Muslim men but Police and groups with responsibility to protect women pretend it is not happening or that this grooming our youngsters is not racial. Parents claim that there are networks to use our young girls while the authorities are frightened to do anything. The issue is not that they are having sex with under-age girls but that they are using our women for gratification when they have their own women.

The elites present white women as only worth one thing. In early August 2007 on a Big Brother programme, within 5 minutes of arriving in the house, the role model for young white women was announcing that she loved to "swallow" and performing a lap dance for two people she'd only just met. Around the same time I accidentally turned on Hollyoaks at 5.15 and was greeted with two blokes snogging, tongues and all. How is our culture transmitted now? David Beckham: "I definitely want Brooklyn to be Christened but I don't know into which religion yet".

There is a predatory element among the newcomers and they see us differently from the way they look at their own people, so they do not feel guilty about exploiting us. They view us in a similar way to how we viewed them when we went into their countries: as pushovers and a source of advantage. They are doing what comes naturally to humans while we are being surrendered by our elites. It is encouraged by TV which sells its programmes to foreign countries and this acts as incitement to come here. For years traditional liberals would argue,"We did it to them now they can do it to us." It was of course us who had to do their suffering for them.
They live in good areas!

The elites are softening us up for ethnics to take over! An editorial in the Birmingham post of 18th march 2006 asked: "Is there anything intrinsically wrong with whites becoming a minority in Birmingham?" Well, then, why not look at what is happening in practice? Take the "Pride of Spitalfields" in Heneage Street off Brick Lane. This beautiful, traditional East End pub was fire-bombed by an Asian gang in 2003 and some staff were injured. Two weeks later the landlady was threatened with a replica gun in Brick Lane by Asians and warned: 'You don't belong round here'. She stood her ground and told them to shoot if they were going to. The Bangla gang ran off.

The same courage has enabled her to continue - and it's still a great pub. The Exmouth Estate was a completely white estate but because of Labour's plan to enrich the entire East End with Bangladeshis so that the BNP don't get re-elected - it's full of Asians . John Cruddas M.P. stated that ...
"they would beat the BNP by demography."

( Editors note ... This is just one part of the much bigger Nu Labour 'Marxist' agenda
See Multiculturalism as tool to Divide & Conquer, & the Origins of Political Correctness )

The Hollands was one of the loveliest pubs in London and prized by the Victorian Society, and poet John Betjeman. It was full of Victorian artifacts and sitting in the back bar was like sitting in a small Victorian drawing room. How did the immigrant feel about this quaint Victorian bit of our culture? They continually tried to burn it down. The 1997 attempt didn't quite succeed but they persevered and finally achieved the desired result.

Within the year the Spanish landlady decided she'd had enough. Young's Brewery, who owned the place, decided it had become a liablity. Burning a pub down is against the law. The police are paid to do uphold the law and detect crime but not, where Muslims are concerned - they can do what they like to our society, our country - they are protected because the police are afraid to interfere in issues of 'cultural sensitivity'. Police who do so risk not being promoted - inevitable in a politicised police force. The chiefs of the police are in league with the immigrants against us. Lord Stevens introduced spies in police training colleges to report on and weed out "racist" trainees.

In Tower Hamlets recently it was revealed that police raids on suspected terrorists would have to be cleared with local Muslim religious leaders to prevent civil disturbance. Check with the local Imam before trying to raid a terrorist suspect's flat!

At one level they are constantly pushing for more political power and the local council is now nearly all Asian and changing our ways to their own. In the council chamber recently a memo was sent round exhorting non-Muslims to observe fasting practices during council meetings. Two years ago, a traditional Guy Fawkes Night usually subsidised by the council was abandoned for a public enactment of Bangladeshi folk tales which were funded by local council taxes. There was a proposal to alter the name of Aldgate East underground station near Brick Lane to Banglatown. Last year, because of a shortage of cemetery space for Muslims it was proposed by one Muslim councillor to relocate the graves in Tower Hamlets Cemetery elsewhere in order to construct a ‘multi-faith burial site’ " a Muslim burial site. Why did the graves need to be dug up? Because dead Muslims cannot be buried alongside Christians and other infidels. There are some relatives of those buried in that cemetery still living. The dead include victims of the famous Bethnal Green tube disaster of 1943.

On the streets, the other part of the pincer move to power operates - the lawlessness of Bangladeshi youths, whose parents appear to have abandoned any attempt to control their behaviour. The Ousley report published after the Bradford riots in 2001 showed that Muslim fathers, by and large, were only interested in their sons adopting Islam. If they did, the parents turned a blind eye to any anti-social behaviour. All white people, even the elderly, are targets. Tribal gang wars have seen in the last few years - between the Brick Lane Boys, the Shadwell Posse and the Poplar Boys, for example. These gangs also fight gangs from other Asian turfs in London, such as the Drummond Street Boys from Euston.

At other times, Muslim youths have kidnapped animals from one of the local farms on the Isle of Dogs. Small goats and pigs have been driven around for about a mile then taken out of the car and stoned to death " they have also been tortured in other ways. The Muslim cruelty to animals, particularly dogs, is disgusting. There are educated Muslims who would never behave in this sort of way " attacking white people, gays or torturing animals and I doubt that this behaviour is directly inspired by the Koran, yet there is a wholly unnecessary sense of fear which is felt by those who live there - not only working class people.

There is a parallel in India, but the Indian Government are direct and ours manipulative and deceitful. West Bengal is in the hands of Communists - the ruling party is the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and they have destroyed everything that was good among the Bengalis. From 1977 till now the CPI(M) had destroyed even the last traces of Bengali culture - the Viswabharati, the university of Rabindra Nath Tagore, the Asiatic Society of Sir William Jones, the works of 19th Century Bengali writers. But now Communism is declining in India. In the 1980's and 1990's, the Communists in West Bengal took control of the properties of the Anglo-Indians, the Bengali Nationalists and Conservatives of British Period.

Thousands of Bengalis have been displaced from West Bengal to settle in other countries, UK , USA, and Canada. In Kolkata on 10th September 2008 Activists of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) staged a protest against Bangladeshi immigrants. They chanted slogans about their resentment of the large numbers of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants flooding in. They carried placards and banners and marched down the streets demanding deportation. They want Bangladeshi immigrants to be stripped of the benefits that they get in India and repatriated.

There is about 30 million Bangladeshi immigrants in India: " ... we are staging an agitation against them. We demand that these immigrants should be identified and they should be deported from this country. Detect, delete, and deport, these are our three demands", said Sunil Kumar, an activist. A warning of what EU elites would do with I.D. cards - These illegal immigrants work in low-paid jobs - maids, servants, labourers etc. They are usually naturalised after being issued with ration cards and identity cards. On September the 27th 2008 Former Union law minister Subramanian Swamy told the two-day Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) of infiltration by Bangladeshi as a national issue and said that either Bangladesh should hand over one third of its land to India or take back illegal immigrants.

The elites cannot face that immigrants might want to take revenge on us. Our pretence that they are harmless undervalues their humanity and leads our rulers into dangerous absurdities like police chiefs alerting community leaders before they raid for terrorists or explosives! Implicit in our conduct is we have no fight in us, are easy. The crimes committed by ethnics are not the same as those committed by our people, they are how people invade by demography - raping, stealing and assaulting us " they are here to take." Their body language shows it as they swagger through our streets.

As soon as we wake we put on the TV, or sit at our PC.s, to prevent thinking about what is going on around us.

We accept broadcasts from our elites telling us what to think and how to interpret news events without question.
We are encouraged to be tolerant which is to be passive and allow others to take everything off us.

The media treated the Muslim bombings as if it were a natural disaster and no one was to blame to excuse it which encourages others. There is no questioning of their cultural background but blame the "preachers of hate," their visits to the middle east: but these have learned all about us, decided they do not like us and our ways and rejected us. This is a blow to the rulers because they pretend that these middle-class lads of the third generation, behave just like us while at the same time they promote tolerance for different cultures.

It is fearsome to look at where we did it to others like Ireland, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Ceylon. Rubber came from South America not Malaya but we planted it there and because the Singhalese were not cut out for the work imported Tamils with a different language and religion and caused mayhem and misery which is still going on. The elites think it is normal to mingle but people have deeper loyalties as in Sarajevo where superficially it seemed that everyone was uniting. On independence the divided populations of India collapsed into civil war, as Nigeria, Rwanda, Iraq and Iran, as in Sarajevo, it happens regularly and is happening here.
Everyone needs somewhere to belong.

Is it guilt that motivates the elites? Guilt is remorse and you make amends, but the elites are not making amends themselves they use us for that by bringing immigrants into our communities not their own. They live in lovely areas or safely in gated communities and this shows their real motive - loathing of their own people and fear of offending other ethnic groups. The profession of guilt is egotistical and makes them feel virtuous. The political, intellectual and corporate elites think only of themselves. One gets cheap labour, the other looks magnanious and great. They do not care how much we suffer as long as they feel good. Many illegals work unlawfully long hours for almost nothing and have their liberty restricted by their masters. If anything makes me want to vomit it is the sickening hypocracy of western elites who publicly apologise for historic slavery while importing wage slaves from the third world and now Eastern Europe! Although, the elites allow Muslims to what they like to us and our communities they exploit them in their own countries. There have been reports of our elites using sweated labour in bangladesh.

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David Hamilton

Free Speech

The text below comes from the Civil Liberty website, it's by Kevin Scott BA Hons, the Founder and Director.
" This will come as a surprise to many of our friends based overseas but Great Britain is now one of the most repressive regimes in the world. We operate under the tyranny of political correctness which is just a floppy term for the repressive implementation of one single, dare we say, rather twisted, view of human society, which doesn't allow for dissent or opposition. The regime creates the framework within which they declare views are either acceptable and tolerated or unacceptable and repressed.
It is a framework which defies common sense and is one which even declares that in a court of law, the truth shall be no defence. "

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