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Importing Death Into Britain

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Importing Death

New-born babies are now tested for TB in UK hospitals - Tuberculosis had nearly been eradicated in this country but third world immigrants have brought it back. It was the biggest killer in the UK in the 19th century. (1) The first duty of Government is to protect the population but for sixty years successive governments have been neglecting their responsibility and exposing innocent members of the public to deadly diseases. They should have reversed the idea and not allowed immigrants into the country without proper health checks - all should have been screened for TB.

The Daily Mail of 5th July 2001 described Newham, London as TB capital of the West. It had 108 cases per 100,000 people which over twice that of India, where there are 41 cases per 100,000, and more than Russia, where there are 91 cases. On an average day, seven people in London show the first symptoms of TB - a persistent cough, chest pains and sweats In "English Witness" P.Scrivener categorised stories of imported diseases under, Genocide: Conservative writer and former prison psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Daniels:"One obvious explanation (of the increase in TB in the Western world) makes officials uneasy that there has been a virtual conspiracy of silence about it. The explanation is the vast population movement from areas of high prevalence of the disease such as Africa and Asia, to areas of much lower prevalence, such as Western Europe and North America." Daily Mail 10th May 2001

An internet commenter, "TB" in March 2003 believed it is: "...the deliberate importation of diseases by refusing to screen incomers, which kill members of the British Community, such as AIDS/HIV, hepatitus, TB, etc. It also includes the deliberate importation of individuals from communities which have a higher violent crime rate than the British Community, thus increasing the death rate among the British." (2)

Writing in the Spectator of 25th January 2003, Anthony Browne warned of the "The secret threat to British lives" "By promoting mass immigration from the Third World, New Labour has been importing killer diseases … And it is trying to hide what is happening from the public. Several hundred years ago, the British brought mass death to foreign lands. They crossed the Atlantic, sneezed on the native Americans and watched them die of the common cold. Now the tables have turned. We live in fear of foreigners bringing death to our own land. Tony Blair said … that it was 'inevitable' that al-Qa'eda would try to launch a terrorist attack on the United Kingdom; but immigrant terrorists are by no means the most potent threat to British lives. It is not through letting in terrorists that the government's policy of mass immigration - especially from the Third World - will claim the most lives. It is through letting in too many germs … Third World immigration brings many good things to this country. But it also brings the epidemics that blight the poorer countries: HIV infection, tuberculosis and hepatitis. And the diseases that mass immigration is bringing to Britain will probably claim more British lives in the long run than terrorism. The thousands of infected immigrants who are arriving in Britain each year are doubling the rate of HIV, trebling the rate of TB, and increasing twenty fold the rate of hepatitis B. All of these are life-threatening diseases which could be, and in some cases have been, passed on to the host community. Between them they claim six million lives a year worldwide. TB can be cured, but HIV infection and hepatitis B can only be treated - at huge expense to the NHS.
Even if victims survive for many years, HIV and hepatitis B are incurable.
( Editors note ..... Here is another very relevant article by Anthony Brown, then with the TIMES, about this very subject in 2002 !!! )

Britain's new epidemics are the direct result of Labour policy. The government is not only importing epidemics, but is also failing to tackle them and indeed is trying hide what is happening from the British public."

This is the problem with Conservative journalists they pretend NuLab caused all this. In fact Western rulers have known about these threats to us for 60 years since mass immigration began but pretended everything was alright.

There are countless examples. Here is a sample.

In 1953, Rupert Spier (C) asked how many Aliens had free treatment on the NHS in the previous 12 months and was palmed off, by Conservative Minister of Health Iain Macleod, "I regret this information is not available." "In early 1954, Kenneth Robinson (L), who himself became Minister of Health (1964-68) asked Mr. Macleod, Minister of Health, what measures he was taking about immigrants with TB and was told, "Action would be too expensive to make it worthwhile." Seven years later at a fringe meeting during the 1961 Tory conference Macleod, then Colonial Secretary, announced," I believe, quite simply in the brotherhood of man - men of all races, all colours, all creeds." In 1960 one of Macleod's speeches "One World" was published by the Conservative Political Centre.

In a Commons clash of 29 October 1958 Cyril Osborne asked Dr.Edith Summerskill, Labour front bench spokesman on health, would there be any power to refuse a ship of Lepers from West Africa?" She replied, "I hope not." Utopians rule!

In a letter to the Times of 13th December 1960, Birmingham MP Harold Gurden (C)wrote, "On the health question we find the middle ring of the city (Birmingham), where immigrants are mainly concentrated, heavily peppered with dots of tuberculosis incidence. It is the opinion of medical officers that at least some immigrants are suffering with this disease before entering the country. We have a duty to our constituents."

In January 1962 two Pakistanis were in hospital in Birmingham with smallpox Mr.Gurden wrote to the Minister of Health urging medical checks on immigrants. In the winter of 1961-62, a young Pakistani girl entered the country with smallpox and caused an epidemic.

In 1964 Peter Griffiths(C) Smethwick called for health checks on immigrants when he responded to a question in the local paper the "Smethwick Telephone." "Immigration should be limited to those of sound health who have jobs and living accommodation arranged before they enter." This was prescient as there was an outbreak of Typhoid in Smethwick in April 1965. Dr.John Briant the Deputy Medical Officer of Health said "Smethwick had contained one outbreak but another might occur if people were let into the country without health checks."

Mr.Robinson as MOH, was asked about Immigrants health checks on 20 December1965.
Mr. Madden, asked the Minister of Health what improvements and extensions have been made since the publication in August of the White Paper, Immigration from the Commonwealth, to the facilities for making checks on the health of immigrants at ports of entry; and to what proportion of Commonwealth immigrants health checks at the port of entry are currently being applied.
Mr. K. Robinson: "While existing facilities for health checks at ports of entry have not changed since the publication of the White Paper they are now being more comprehensively used, particularly the X-ray facilities at London Airport. I regret that the proportion for which the hon. Member asks is not available for this particular period. Returning residents and dependants entitled to admission are not subject to medical examination under the Commonwealth Immigrants Act but medical examinations under the Act now cover virtually all others who come to settle in this country." (4)

The Guardian of November 24 2003 found many not being checked: "Asylum seekers may face health checks Alan Travis, home affairs editor reported"Ministers are close to a decision on the introduction of compulsory HIV and TB health screening tests for asylum seekers and migrants travelling to Britain. "There have been many, many reports on immigrants bringing diseases and debates about health checks on them are in the news every year but still we are put at risk.

Dr John Watson, head of the HPA's Respiratory Diseases Department, said the largest increase was seen among patients not born in the UK, who accounted for 5,310 cases. Levels of TB in the UK-born population remained stable. But, he said only 22% of these non-UK born patients in 2005 arrived in the UK during the past two years. "This suggests that the increase is not a result of a large number of individuals arriving recently with TB but rather a combination of TB disease developing in individuals who may have been infected for some time and new infections acquired in the UK, or as a result of travel to other countries where TB is common."

Practical, common sense measures are blocked by ideologues. The Guardian of February 16 2005 wrote: "The Conservatives were accused of moving into BNP territory after detailing their plans for compulsory health screening of new migrants for HIV and TB. Kevin Curran, the general secretary of the union GMB, said the Tories were trying to make an insidious link between immigrants and disease: "That is the sort of outrageous message I would expect to hear from the BNP, not a supposedly mainstream party. It's time to accept our public services and economy will rely on migrant labour in years to come."

It was reported on 26 May 2007 that" Seven more Luton schoolchildren have TB" The results of (TB) tests at a Southfield Junior School Luton, revealed a further seven have the disease, while 34 have an inactive form Dr Marian McEvoy, director of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Health Protection Unit, said: "We've found an unusually high number of cases at Southfield Junior. While we are concerned by this situation we are glad that the decision was made to screen the whole school. British Doctors Want Indian Immigrants Screened for TB.

Then on 30th September The Observer reported on two new outbreaks in Luton and Cardiff. It added senior doctors want all immigrants from the Indian subcontinent to be screened for the disease. The doctors want the screening to also include immigrants from Africa. Vivienne Nathanson, the British Medical Association's head of science and ethics, said the re-emergence of TB was so serious that ministers should consider the mandatory immunisation of all school children. He added that general practitioners should offer screening to new patients who come from parts of the world where the disease is common, including eastern Europe.
Then why let them in at all?

In May 1st 2008 The Guardian reported "30 contract TB in Birmingham girls' school" All 200 pupils at Birchfield Independent Girls' School in Aston were screened after three girls tested positive for the bacterial infection. A spokesman for Heart of Birmingham primary care trust said one girl contracted the disease last summer and was successfully treated. But in February, two more girls at the Muslim school developed the infectious form, leading it and health officials to test all pupils earlier this month. "Thirty children returned positive skin tests for the disease," he said.

In November 2006 it was reported that the Government were advertising for immigrants to come here from terrorist countries. Discovered in the embassy in Pakistan a Foreign Office pamphlet declared: 'Multicultural Britain - A Land of Immigrants'. It encouraged immigrants to come here telling them of the preferential treatment they get under the Human Rights Act and well-paid jobs. The Foreign Office put it in embassies across the world.

In this country it is bad manners to spit in public which is why we developed systems of manners and civilized behaviour which has been ruined by immigrants - Asians constantly spit in the street expelling TB bacteria into the air which can infect others. It's now more important than ever to take your shoes off before entering the house so as not to spread TB and other germs.

TB is rife in London, Birmingham and other cities. People like a friend of mine whose son suffers with Cystic Fybrosis, are being put at risk of losing their lives to TB germs which lodge in the throat - this germ can kill someone with CF and they have to have huge amounts of antibiotics to help to combat it. But this is becoming outdated as XDR TB is a worldwide threat as TB becomes resistant to once effective antibiotics. The World Health Organisation has warned that if the strain becomes established, it could lead to a TB epidemic leaving few options for treatment. (5)
I thought immigrants were being tested?

An asylum seeker (illegal immigrant) in his 30s from Somalia, East Africa, was the first to be diagnosed in Britain with this extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis. This case was discovered in Glasgow in January 2008 but a court order detaining him in hospital for treatment lapsed after his condition stabilised and he travelled south to Leeds. He was been admitted to an isolation room at a hospital in the city and given high-dose drugs by specialist medical teams. The treatment costs tens of thousands of pounds a year and will cause indigenous patients to go with out some life-saving treatment or equipment.

The Daily Star of 27th December 2008 reported French charity: C'Surs "Only a change in Britain's "open door" immigration and asylum policies will stop more coming across The English Channel". Spokesman Father Jean-Pierre Boutoille said: "There are more than 2,000 migrants in the Calais region right now and they are all determined to get to Britain. They will keep coming for as long as Britain maintains its strange asylum and immigration systems. He warned: "Many are ill with TB and scabies."

The rate of AIDS has more than doubled since 1997. Two-thirds of the cases were from outside the UK, so there not screening for this. The origin is mainly sub-Saharan Africa - has changed the nature of the epidemic, with heterosexual cases now outnumbering homosexual/bisexual infections two to one. Of the 1,850 cases of HIV acquired in the UK during 2002, about 1,500 - 80 per cent - were among homosexual and bisexual men and 275 among heterosexuals. The British Council, for example, import young Africans after teaching them to be Western and to like jeans and hip hop, severing them from their families and culture, to come here. (4) Salisbury Review. Spring 2003. Vol 21. No3.

A report on Aids in Britain by the Health Protection Agency in 2004 stated:" nearly half (44%)of parents in Britain with Aids were not born here but immigrated from southern Africa. A large number came from Zimbabwe which has cholera. Will our evil politicians be bringing them in too? There is Ebola being bought here by illegal food trade in bush meat according to the Observer of 8th May 2005.

A case in Aberdeen is noteworthy as it was brought into a hospital by nurses from Africa. Aids was hithero confined to homosexuals and drug addicts, until it was allowed to spread to heterosexuals by British women sleeping with African men. We are being reduced to a third world country like South Africa by our corrupt and inadequate rulers.

There is a strain of TB that is increasing in AIDS patients which is causing TB to spread. This been common knowledge for a while but our rulers are allowing it to come here from Africa and kill innocent people. AIDS is wiping out workers rapidly in South Africa. There are many employment vacancies due to deaths from AIDS which remain empty because affirmative action policies force employers to refuse these jobs to whites.

Globalization is greater integration of economies, societies and cultures and has boosted the spread of HIV/AIDS, as easier travel and the encouragement of white women to sleep with Africans has increased the spread of HIV from areas of high prevalence to the once civilised Western nations..
In the UK the heterosexual HIV epidemic is intimately linked to that in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority (84%) of Africans living with HIV in the UK were infected in Africa. There were an estimated 24,800 persons born in sub-Saharan Africa who with HIV in the UK in 2006, of whom an estimated 36% of men and 23% of women were unaware of their infection.

HIV infections acquired in the UK

The number of Africans living with HIV who were infected in the UK is rising. The number has increased seven-fold from 26 diagnoses in 1997 to 191 in 2006, when 8.1% of newly diagnosed Africans acquired the virus in the UK. Most of these individuals had partners who were probably infected abroad. The number of infections acquired in the UK will continue to rise because the number of HIV infected Africans grows.

This shows how our worthless rulers have reduced us from a civilsed country to a third world cesspool. Iif we don't stop Islam this could be the future for our granddaughters or great granddaughters and we have a responsibility to our descendents.

"In the UK: 86,000 women and female children, mostly first-generation immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Britain, are estimated by FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development) to have undergone FGM. Around 3,000 to 4,000 FGM acts may be performed each year (Powell et al., 2002). A further 7,000 children and adolescents under 16 are at risk annually. They are often taken to their countries of origin so that FGM can be carried out. The majority of those living in UK who have experienced FGM, or are at risk of being cut, come from specific countries or have continuing links to them."



(2) English Witess:to their darkest hour, P.Scrivener. 2008.

(4) HC Deb 20 December 1965 vol 722 c358W


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Free Speech

The text below comes from the Civil Liberty website, it's by Kevin Scott BA Hons, the Founder and Director.
" This will come as a surprise to many of our friends based overseas but Great Britain is now one of the most repressive regimes in the world. We operate under the tyranny of political correctness which is just a floppy term for the repressive implementation of one single, dare we say, rather twisted, view of human society, which doesn't allow for dissent or opposition. The regime creates the framework within which they declare views are either acceptable and tolerated or unacceptable and repressed.
It is a framework which defies common sense and is one which even declares that in a court of law, the truth shall be no defence. "

Civil Liberty