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Tuesday, 9th September 2008
Guerilla War ? The elite's war by immigrant proxy

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According to the Mail on Sunday, which obtained the official statistics of 37 police forces under the Freedom of Information Act, there is an offence involving a knife every 24 minutes of the day in England.  There were over 5,500 serious crimes involving knives in just three months this year - one every 24 minutes.
That is 55 knife-related murders and more than 2,000 stabbings. 
  Editors note ...
Take a look at this article Multiculturalism As A Tool To Divide & Conquer. - Louis Beam

[And that figure does not include data from Northamptonshire, Somerset and Lincolnshire - Ed] The newspaper explained:- London, Manchester and Birmingham are the worst-affected areas, while West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Northumbria police forces were also in the top 10.

During just April, May and June this year, the Metropolitan Police recorded 1,580 offences more than quarter of the national total.  A breakdown reveals 17 people are stabbed or robbed at knife point in the every day and by July 2008 twenty teenagers had been murdered in London.  The total for the whole of last year was 26 shooting or stabbing killings among young people. Our elites have imported gang warfare while pretending that the immigrants were soft, sentimental like pets and if we were nice to them they would be nice to us! Common sense tells people that immigrant areas are no longer safe for white people to live in.  But to obfuscate the facts, a 9 percent reduction in crime is claimed by the police, with the violent crime sector being reduced by 8 percent.  As is now well known, in areas with much crime many people do not report burglaries or muggings because experience tells them that the police will do nothing about it.  Less than half of such crimes are reported.  It is a deceit visited upon the population by a government who cannot control crime because they are acolytes of the religion of equality, and no racial or ethnic group can be more inclined to certain crimes than any other.

The elites have a variety of other motives for their treachery, and I will mention one or two in passing.  But radical egalitarianism is the principal reason that they cannot face the fact that some of the black-on-white knife murders appear to be racially motivated.  No matter.  These are simply not classed as racial incidents. This is the case with the Sidcup murder of the young Harry Potter actor, Robert Knox.  Two blacks were arrested.  And it was the case in the murder of Ben Kinsella, brother of East Enders actress Brooke Kinsella, where four blacks were arrested. The protest march of six hundred in North London against knife crime had a few black girls but no black males. The ruling elite - politicians, media, the police and the courts - are covering-up constant racist violence against indigenous people. 

So the latest spate of white murders are not comprehended by the average person (who, in any case, has been brainwashed into thinking that victims of racist violence all look like Stephen Lawrence). This is nothing new.  In or around 1979 a Metropolitan police report on black mugging was withdrawn to prevent a clamour for control of immigration or even a white backlash.  Even as far back as 1959 two reports from the London Metropolitan Police and the West Midlands Police expressed concern at the growing number of crimes of violence being carried out by some of the newly-arrived West Indians.  The rate per head of population was something like four times that committed by indigenous people. The West Indian family has broken down and now many black boys involved in street crimes, including murder, do not have a father to control them, and some have an inherited disposition towards violence. 

Crime in Jamaica is similar, and holiday makers can not go our for a stroll from their hotels, just as in Sub-Saharan Africa, Detroit or New Orleans! An important but unregarded fact is the way the elites, who literally hate their own people, stir up racial hated against us from the other communities.  Ever since immigration began there has been constant one-sided propaganda about the slave trade to turn blacks against whites.  They fill their minds full of hatred for us. Anyone who has lived and worked in an inner-city knows that the main reason cited for mugging white people by blacks is slavery.  To keep this hidden the police reports stopped taking ethnicity into account. Why are calls for control of immigration treated with such vehement approbation?  Because our elites follow an ideology that is at odds with reality and tells them that immigrants are better than us and enrich us. 

To the innocent people who think this is an accident, I repeat some words from Dele Oguntimojou, an African lawyer working in London-: (you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to retune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop.  Even now the British Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country.(1) In November 2006 it was reported that the Government were advertising for immigrants to come here from terrorist countries.  Discovered in the embassy in Pakistan a Foreign Office pamphlet declared: Multicultural Britain - A Land of Immigrants.  It encouraged immigrants to come here telling them of the preferential treatment they get under the Human Rights Act and well-paid jobs. The Foreign Office put it in embassies across the world. 2 July 2008, the Daily Mail revealed:- British girls as young as 12 are being forced into prostitution by migrants. Children from ordinary families are groomed by older men before being pimped around the uk to have sex up to 20 times a night.

They are raped and often drugged, according to police. Officers have identified syndicates of Iraqi men throughout the uk behind the exploitation. A government report said internal trafficking was an emerging issue and it should no longer be assumed young victims of sex exploitation were smuggled from abroad. A UK human trafficking centre intelligence report says girls as young as 12 are taken from town to town and controlled with threats and assault. In one operation, 32 victims were identified in the sheffield area alone. All were aged 12 to 15 and had been raped. In another study, police say girls are given to a life of exploitation, waking up in anonymous towns, unable to contact family and with no way out. Figures released at the end of a six-month crackdown on people traffickers showed 167 victims were rescued across Britain and Ireland and 528 suspected traffickers were arrested. Latest estimates by police are that there may be as many 18,000 trafficked victims that are forced to work as prostitutes. Iraqi men? 

This is a form of guerilla warfare carried out against our children.  These are the people our elites work so hard to get here, and if they are illegal give them amnesties.  If you have seen the Blairs houses you will know why.  Cherie was a Human Rights lawyer.  Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said:-It is difficult for us to determine what the size of that problem is but it's something we are aware of and we have concerns about. That is all they care about our children. The now normal event of knifings and murders amongst the black population should be no surprise.  Practical people have pointed this out to the utopian idealists since mass immigration, or what Lord Elton in 1965 called The Unarmed Invasion (2), began. Those who wanted controls on practical, common-sense grounds were attacked mercilessly by tyrannical political, cultural and intellectual elites who suppressed debate and stifled the genuine worries and fears of innocent people. It is not left versus right.  The first House Of Commons debate was appropriately on the 5th of November, 1954.  It was an adjournment debate and called by John Hynd Labour MP for Sheffield (Attercliffe).  There had been questions asked in the House prior to this. 

He stated, One day recently 700 embarked from Jamaica without any prospect of work, housing or anything else. He also commented on the colour bar in Sheffield dance halls because of knife fights involving blacks. Throughout the 1950s honourable MPs were worried about the consequences. Norman Pannell MP Liverpool (Kirkdale), addressed the Conservative conferences of 1958 and 1961 on the perils of admitting criminals and the sick. In 1961 the debate was stage-managed to stop MP.Cyril Osborne(Louth) speaking.  He stood outside in the rain handing out off-prints of his letter from the morning Daily Telegraph.  In his 1961 address Mr Pannell stated that though in 1958 Home Secretary R.A.Butler had disagreed with restricting entries he had agreed with his suggestion of deporting immigrants who commit crimes but nothing had been done. Government ministers continued to ignore mass immigration throughout this 58 year period regardless of how innocent British people had to suffer. 
Where is the moral high ground in that? In the House of Commons in the mid-50s Marcus Lipton, MP for Brixton (L), said Jamaica was sending their criminals, and was told by the Government minister, They actively discourage it. 

He asked How do they? and was fobbed-off, with must get on. Sir J Lucas (C) asked if machinery existed for Jamaica to know how many immigrants had criminal records.  Alan Lennox-Boyd (later Lord Boyd) replied, There is not. In Jan 2002 police were worried about muggers progressing to guns.  The Independent and The Telegraph reported that crack cocaine was being imported by the Jamaican connection, and was plainly a cause of violence:- Ballistics experts warn that firearms are now cheap and easily available. The discharge of guns in non-gangland crimes, such as muggings, is still relatively rare.

They kept being presented with statistics, but they believed in none of them, and so acted on none. There were 4,658 muggings in the Met area in November 2001 alone, the largest category involving robberies of mobile phones from school children. Overall gun crime in Greater London rose by more 30 per cent last year from around 240 firearms-related incidents in April to 317 in November.  The total number of gun murders in April to November 2000 was 16 nearly double the previous year to 30 in the same period last year.  Senior Met sources say the age profile of most of the gun criminals arrested in London is between 18 and 30.  However, there is deep concern that the level of indiscriminate violence will increase with the next generation.  Detectives in Lambeth and Southwark have spoken of hardened criminals as young as 12. Commenting on this report The Independent tried to deceive their readers by disputing that it was blacks mugging whites, saying that it was only the victims who said the attackers were black! They try to pretend we are not victims of a race war in our own country by emphasising black on black shootings which is gang fights for territory and customers.  But the muggings mentioned are blacks attacking whites, especially our elderly who we should be protecting.  It is a man's duty to protect the women and children.

Charles Moore, former editor of the Daily Telegraph, produced Salisbury Paper 9 in 1981, The Old People of Lambeth.  It was an empirical study of living conditions of whites.  One elderly man told him, it's our Queen and our country, why should we be afraid to go out? Even Lord Denning, who is regarded as the greatest judge of the twentieth century was pilloried by the totalitarians.  His book What Next In The Law had 10,000 copies withdrawn because of some errors.  But he explained:- The English are no longer a homogenous race. They are White and Black, coloured and brown. They no longer share the same standards of conduct. Some of them come from countries where bribery and graft are accepted as an integral part of life: and where stealing is a virtue so long as you are not found out. Various societies of lawyers attacked him as did The Observer, The Times and Daily Mirror.

A thread comment from Tara, Notting Hill, London on The Evening Standard article of 26 August 2008 about the riots at Notting Hill carnival showed what the reality the elites want to keep hidden is:- I don't know why the media are reporting only 40 bottle throwing rioters, I've just been told by someone who was selling burgers from a burger van in Ladbroke Grove it was over 500 rioters against about 100 police officers until they got back- up.

On Monday night I was told people were shooting at the police a few streets up ... And more reality from a police officers forum. Ordinary coppers commenting about the media covering up how many arrests there really had been at carnival.  One poster claimed there had been:- Nearly 500 arrested and nothing on the BBC news? I find that as unbelievable as I do disgusting. Over time, I can't help but feel that we kid ourselves into thinking that we live in a democracy, but really, we're fed what the Government wants us to be fed and wants us to believe. There is a link to Sky news video and reporter Mark White is praised for being honest. Another poster comments on the latest figures:- re number of Police injuries = 27.  Ok not the riot of the century but substantially more than a standoff with police.  It irritates me greatly that both the MET and the media seem to want to downplay the seriousness of the event.

Playing down the seriousness of the event is absolutely what the elites want to do. It's propaganda in a time of war.

(1) Salisbury Review. Spring 2003. Vol 21. No3. (
(2) Lord Elton.1965. The Unarmed Invasion.(Geoffrey Bles)

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The text below comes from the Civil Liberty website, it's by Kevin Scott BA Hons, the Founder and Director.
" This will come as a surprise to many of our friends based overseas but Great Britain is now one of the most repressive regimes in the world. We operate under the tyranny of political correctness which is just a floppy term for the repressive implementation of one single, dare we say, rather twisted, view of human society, which doesn't allow for dissent or opposition. The regime creates the framework within which they declare views are either acceptable and tolerated or unacceptable and repressed.
It is a framework which defies common sense and is one which even declares that in a court of law, the truth shall be no defence. "

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