Obama and Reparations for Slavery ?
Barack Obama & reparations for the slave trade.
Why he wont touch it. Too much to hide !!

A lot of Black / African Americans see Barack Obama as the man to open the door to a thousand year guilt trip on the White Race and bleed White Europeans dry of cash, pride, dignity, and any semblance of self worth that may have survived the MARXIST onslaught against us since the end of World War Two.

I saw an Internet article a little while ago about Barack Obama's slave owning family and he excused it by saying that his family were 'Representative of America' at that time. Well, at that time, America and Europe were 'Representative' of the whole world since the days of the creation. And it was the White European who made it a better place for everyone, very largely enforced by the British Navy of the day, as it was the all powerful global policeman at the time. Barack Obama is planning a visit to some old Slave Ports in Ghana.
Along with Benin, Ghana was formerly part of precolonial Black African Slave Trading empires such as Dahomey and Ashanti.

It will be interesting to hear the resultant Anti White Guilt Tripping ( REPARATIONS ? ) propaganda. But the truth will out, there is too much information around these days. Will Barack Obama admit to the ( Non Marxist ) truth about Black African American Slave Owners ?
Instead of this emotive little cathartic trip to Ghana, Barack Obama would do well to highlight the number of Black Slave Owners in America in days gone by. See Dixies Censored Subject in the list of articles about slavery on this forum, this is about Ex African American Slaves, going into the Slavery business !!
In those days, even American Indians owned Black & White Slaves !! And Black African American slavers also owned White slaves.

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