Bilderberg - From The Horses Mouth !
Bilderberg Out Of The Closet

Below are some of the responses on YouTube

" If terrorists were real, these bilderburger "cockroaches" would never all meet in one vulnerable hotel. But because they organise the terror,? they know they are safe. Just think about it. How easy it would have been to wipe that hotel off the map. Every week atrocities are happening in Syria, organised from outside of that country. Some of those cockroaches at bilderburg are organising what is going on in Syria."

"I hope that under the 'Chatham House' fucking rules that Ken 'Oooo what a smug bastard I am' Clarke along with his distinguished buddies are going to foot the bill for the security for his 'informal' weekend rather than the tax payers who apparently have no fucking business knowing what they were doing or talking about!!!!!!!!! "

"These scumbags having a laugh like no one is filming it. This just shows the arrogance of these puppets and their self interest policies. People need to make this video viral just so they understand the level of pieces of shit they are. We will see who gets the last laugh when they finally put them all in jail these corrupt complices of war and terror."

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