Orwellian engine of social takeover
Common Purpose: Orwellian engine of social takeover (FULL)

Uploaded on Apr 3, 2011
Common Purpose is the kind of shady treacherous NGO you DO NOT want in your community. Least of all when it's getting funded by your tax money. It's the prototypical communistic-fifth-column-at-the-bottom/f­ascistic-at-the-top, social infiltration and takeover tool. Former Congressional chief of committee Norman Dodd warned us about these types of NGO fronts DECADES ago (watch his interview with G. E. Griffin here on YT).
Research and help expose these Common Purpose creeps.

Every country in the west has its little Common Purposes, the idiot-ridden NGOs-for-social-control-and-spying, specializing in the recruitment of social climbers with delusions of grandeur that don't mind following the straight-from-the-top-criminal-agendas that are handed out to them. It makes them feel "oh so important and inside the loop", while they bury their country and their own lives at it.

Brian Gerrish has been exposing these Common Purpose vampires and their war on the public for some time now. Check out his websites at:


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