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Stephen Lawrence AGAIN ?!

I suspect that this "Exposure" about the Police trying to soil the name of the Stephen Lawrence family, has been planned for some time in readiness for a situation just like this.

And what is this situation ?

At the time of writing, Nelson Mandela is in Hospital, and it is very questionable if he will recover. It is generally recognised in certain circles that when Nelson Mandela dies, things could get even worse for the remaining White population of South Africa, as if it wasn't bad enough already. So, in order to try and defuse any political or street level backlash in this country and even further afield, another WHITE GUILT TRIP has to be launched !!! After all, we can't have any White Pride/Outrage can we now ? I mean, that would be racist !!

( See "The NERVE of Nelson Mandela" By Emanuel McLittle.
This is a very informative read, all the more so because Mr McLittle, is black !
Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance. [email protected] )

Enter Cop Whistleblower !!!

As if it had not already been known for YEARS. And what about the many dirty tricks by the establishment against Nick Griffin etc. Will anybody ever be GUILT TRIPPED about that. Never forget the sickening silence of Andrew Norfolk, about his knowledge of the Racist Sex Grooming of very young WHITE CHILDREN. This was silence, to try and get Nick Griffin found guilty, and thrown into prison. How many hundreds and hundres, of very young WHITE children have been "trashed" by Muslim Pedo Gangs, since the trial of Nick Griffin in 2004 ? I think that somebody should send the full contact details of Andrew Norfolk, to the parents of every child that has been used and abused. I am sure that those parents would have a lot of questions for Mr Norfolk, especially the parents of children damaged since the trial of Mr Nick Griffin.

God, what do we have to do ? What are we GOING to have to do ?

A pox on you and yours Norfolk ! You will NOT be forgotten, and I mean EVER !

Ged Dodd Sings White Roses - A Nations Shame ( Especially FILTH like Andrew Norfolk ) The text below is from Ged Dodd's YouTube page

Published on 9 May 2012
I read the paper today 2012 and was disgusted at the headline .. so I have uploaded this song about the very same problem in 2004 in my home town when everybody turned a blind eye in the name of Marxist Political Correctness and in doing so condoned a horrific systematic abuse of young girls here .. this is a hardhitting adult video which will upset some people but any comments posted of a racist or inflamitory nature will be deleted .. it's enough that you know something was done about it by the few who could not just stand back and let it happen .. thanks for watching .. WOW .. it's hitting the fan already .. just shows how some are living in the state of denial despite it finally appearing in The Times ..and it shows I care more for the safety of our young women folk than those who click the dislike button .. think about it .. ASYHUYA .. I have activated the comment button o you can vote on comments without revealing your identity .. let's hear from you ..

VINDICATION AT LAST's papers on 8th June 2012
and about time too ...

Racism Cuts Both Ways.
Anti White Race Attacks unreported or under-reported by the likes of Andrew Norfolk in our MSM. This is a print quality PDF document

By Dave Francis 06/08/13

On 15 March 2004, fifteen year old schoolboy Kriss Donald, was walking down a Glasgow street.

When he was attacked kicking and screaming begging to not be hurt. He was forcibly bundled into a car by five Muslim men, led by Imran Shahid.
Kriss was taken on a 200 mile journey to Dundee and back by his Muslim attackers.

During the journey the Muslim gang subjected him to shocking torture.
His eyes were poked out and his genitals were cut off.
The Muslim gang, finally took Kriss to Celtic's football training ground.
Where they held him down by his arms, and stabbed him thirteen times.
At this stage Kriss was still alive.
The Muslim gang then doused Kriss in petrol and set him on fire and left him to die.
Kriss is believed to have crawled a few yards after the Muslim gang had gone, before dying.

The Muslims then fled to Pakistan, flying from Manchester airport, believed to have been helped by members of Glasgow's Muslim community.
They were returned to the UK from Pakistan, despite that government figures were at times alleged to have been reluctant to pursue the case for the return of the men, for diplomatic reasons.

On 8 November 2006, three men were found guilty of the racially motivated murder of Kriss Donald. All three had denied the charge; however, a jury at the High Court in Edinburgh convicted them of abduction and murder. Each of the killers received sentences of life imprisonment, with Imran Shahid given a 25-year minimum term, Zeeshan Shahid a 23-year minimum and Mushtaq receiving a recommended minimum of 22 years.
Far as I know, most child killers get much longer than they got.
The case was mostly ignored by the media and in England and Wales it got one day
At the time of the murder, Peter Fahy, spokesman of race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers noted that the media as a whole tended to under report the racist murders of white people, noting:
"it was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men''.
No surprise that the race relations industry ignored Kriss's killing as well.
With Kriss obviously being the wrong colour, white.
For example, how many articles have Lancaster Unity done on the murder?
People such as Ketlan, Garside, the Gables, and other low life types will say nothing, because Kriss was the 'wrong' sort of racist victim, white.
The contrast is striking between the case of another so say "racist" murder in London some 20 years ago, who was stabbed once and died in Welling, South London, by person or persons unknown. Hundreds of people are murdered in London every year and there are many who have never had their cases closed. Whether somebody uttered some mean words before doing the evil deed is of no consequence, murder is still murder. Its not somehow made a worse crime if somebody utters some forbidden magic words beforehand.
The media have declared, without evidence, witnesses, or convictions, that the unnamed person(we all know who it is)was murdered by 'racists', they have turned his murder into a "guiltfest" for their white middle class friends. They have been beating the rest of us with the racism stick ever since and we have not been allowed to forget it with monthly reminders.
As for kriss Donald, silence. No memorial stone no nothing.

People are saying justice has been served. IT HAS NOT BEEN! Because 2 of the 5 are still at large.
While the media like to rub the European people of our lands noses in it over other, not as serious racial murders from over 20 years ago. Like one guy who was stabbed once by some drunken louts in London over 20years ago. Followed by the police bungling things up. Which if anybody has any dealing with the police a large % of the time they hardly ever catch the criminals. Hundreds of people are stabbed, shot and killed every year in London. No its not very nice but other cases are of no comparison to young Kriss D who was a CHILD just 15 years old. He was kidnapped, taken hostage, tortured beyond belief, set on fire and left to die like a dog at the side of the road ALONE. And we hear nothing! Not even on the anniversary of his death!

There is no memorial garden with 24 hours CCTV, no charity in his name nothing. We see nothing of his mother she has made no money from this case. Kriss has been swept under the carpet like some kind of inconvenient truth that goes against the multicultural agenda to stop us complaining about mass population change because that's what it is now because its gone past immigration. People in England across the border don't even know about him. Yet we here in Scotland know one famous “racial” murder victims inside leg measurement and are beaten with the proverbial racism stick monthly.
Whether some nasty names were uttered before the evil deeds were committed is of no consequence.
Why are the Pakistani community in Pollokshields not continually reminded of this vile crime like the ethnic British are over a certain somebody else? Maybe they could learn a few lessons, like us who apparently need constantly reminding of a certain 20year old murder in London every week?
Lets make sure everybody knows his name!

This is a print quality PDF document published by the British National Party
Man guilty of racial murder of Glasgow schoolboy

An Asian man was today found guilty of the racially-motivated murder of Glasgow schoolboy Kriss Donald. The jury at the High Court in Glasgow took two and a quarter hours to convict Daanish Zahid, 20, of the random abduction and execution-style killing on March 15.

Kriss, 15, was stabbed 13 times and then set on fire behind the Celtic Supporters Club on London Road, in the east end of the city.

Zahid was also found guilty of attacking Kriss's friend Jamie Wallace, 20, as the pair walked along Kenmure Street in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow. The jury of eight men and seven woman also found him guilty of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by setting fire to the silver Mercedes used to abduct the schoolboy.

All the verdicts were unanimous.
Lord Philip deferred sentence on Zahid and his co-accused Zahid Mohammed, 20, who was earlier cleared of the murder, but pleaded guilty to other charges, for background reports until December 16 at the High Court in Edinburgh.

At the start of the three-week trial Zahid, 20, admitted attacking Kriss in a racially-aggravated assault and abducting the teenager. Zahid also admitted a racially-aggravated assault on Jamie Wallace and pleaded guilty to persuading a friend to provide him with an alibi on his whereabouts at the time of the murder.

Zahid lodged a special defence naming two people, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, as Kriss's killers.

Mohammed also named the two individuals and a third individual as being responsible for the abduction and murder. During the trial the jury heard how one of the alleged killers was hit by a bottle outside Victoria's nightclub in Glasgow in the early hours of March 15.

Later that day Zahid and Mohammed joined three others in a stolen Mercedes to go looking for the culprits, whom they believed to be from McCulloch Street in Pollokshields. Kriss was walking along Kenmure Street in Pollokshields shortly after 3pm when an individual left the car and started fighting with him and his friend Jamie.

The pair were then attacked by other members of the group before Kriss was bundled into the car. The court heard Kriss, who lived in McCulloch Street, had no connection with his abductors and had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

During an ordeal which lasted more than four hours, the schoolboy was driven 200 miles from Pollokshields, to the Parkhead area, to Dundee and then back to Glasgow.

The teenager was then driven up a dark lane to a lonely spot near the Clyde Walkway, where he was killed, according to deputy advocate Mark Stewart, in a gruesome and callous execution.

In a horrific account of his final moments, the jury was told Kriss was stabbed 13 times in a frenzied attack which severed one of his ribs, three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and kidney.

He was then doused in petrol, set alight and left to die.

Evidence suggests Kriss made his way down towards the Clyde and tried to extinguish the flames by rolling around in a muddy hollow near the cycle path where he was discovered.

From Wikipedia
On 16 March 2004, Donald was abducted from Kenmure Street by five men associated with a local Asian gang led by Imran Shahid. The kidnapping was ostensibly revenge for an attack on Shahid at a nightclub in Glasgow city centre the night before by a local white gang, and Donald was chosen as an example of a "white boy from the McCulloch Street area" despite having no involvement in the nightclub attack or in any gang activity. Donald was taken on a 200-mile journey to Dundee and back while his kidnappers made phone calls looking for a house to take him to. Having no success at this, they returned to Glasgow and took him to the Clyde Walkway, near Celtic Football Club's training ground.

There, they held his arms and stabbed him 13 times. He sustained internal injuries to three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and a kidney. He was castrated, had his tongue cut out, was doused in petrol, set on fire and left to die.

The five men convicted of the abduction and murder were convicted of racially aggravated offences. After the murder, some of Donald's attackers fled the United Kingdom and sought refuge in Pakistan. Three suspects were arrested in Pakistan in July 2005 and extradited to the UK in October 2005, following the intervention of Mohammed Sarwar, the MP for Glasgow Central.

The Pakistani police had to engage in a ‘long struggle’ to capture two of the escapees. There is no extradition treaty between Pakistan and Britain, so it was unusual for the extradition to be agreed. Pakistan authorities agreed to extradite the suspects after an 18 month campaign by Sarwar. There were numerous diplomatic complications around the case, including apparent divergences between government activities and those of ambassadorial officials; government figures were at times alleged to be reluctant to pursue the case for diplomatic reasons.

The issue of the killing quickly became politicised because of the racial element. After the murder there were reportedly ‘racial tensions’ in the area sufficient to lead to police intervention.

From British Nationalist, December 2004

One Law for Them...Yet again!
Did you know that in Glasgow on 18th October, the first ever Scottish conviction for racially motivated murder was secured? Did you read or hear about how fifteen year old Kriss Donald was attacked by Muslim Racists, abducted, driven around Scotland, beaten, mutilated, stabbed and burned alive?

Did you know that the first defendent accused admitted he was killed simply for being "a white boy"?

The chances are you did not if you do not log onto the BNP website or read Voice of Freedom regularly.
Shame on you if you do neither!

very few of you will be unaware of the 'heinous' attack on the coloured footballers playing for England by Spanish fans the day before.
Wall-to-wall national TV and press coverage was given over to the crime of " name calling " while one of the most vicious and brutal murders of a child ever witnessed in this country was either ignored or left as a regional filler.

This is more than politically correct meddling.

This is Communist style manipulation of public opinion.

Hide the real horrors and inflate lesser evils.

White people cannot be seen as victims, only as aggressors. The truth will out though, thanks to the BNP and your help in spreading the word to friends and family.

Kenny Smith
[email protected]

CRE ( Commission For Racial Equality ) statement on the murder of Kriss Donald

Kay Hampton, CRE ( Commission For Racial Equality ) deputy chair, said:
We utterly condemn this vicious murder. I wish to extend our sympathy to the family of Kriss Donald – our thoughts are with them at this time.
I would like to echo Angela Donald's call for calm – the best memorial for Kriss would be if all of Pollokshields' communities unite and bring those responsible to justice. I am aware that community tensions have increased in Pollokshields since Kriss's murder.

We must now guard against anyone attempting to exploit this tragic situation for political gain. ( Like the Stephen Lawrence industry ?? )

What is important is that we respect the Donald family and their privacy at what must be a difficult time. We must ensure that all relevant agencies work together so that community trust is maintained.
Wikipedia & Anti White Race Murders - Telegraph Blog Article

Recently the Telegraph did an interesting article about how Wikipedia treats reports of Race murders of whites. Alas, the Telegraph turned off the comments for this article after just 31 comments ????????
So I have copied it below. Before that is my letter to their letters editor about the article.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write in relation to the article by Sean Thomas in the Telegraph blog on 31/07/13. This was about his concern about the lack of coverage in Wikipedia of Racial Murders of White victims. He did make very telling comparisons to the amount of coverage given to black and ethnic victims, and the lack of coverage given to White victims. It’s a pity that the comments for this article were closed after only 31 comments ? I am sure that I can guess why.
Mr Thomas is just one of the increasing number of “establishment lemmings” that have been forced to smell the coffee. This is because people like myself, and my chosen elected mouthpiece, the BNP, have refused to let the coffee come off the boil !
Not long ago, Mr Thomas suggested that the reason that the Muslim grooming had gone on for so long before anyone took notice, was because people ignored it because it was the BNP that were making a noise about it.

What sort of mental gymnastics did Mr Thomas have to go through to come to that conclusion ?

However, his thoughts would appear to be travelling in the right direction with his questioning of the lack of coverage in Wikipedia for quite a number of white victims. But he seems to have ignored the same lack of coverage within his own industry ? That is, “Your” industry. Never forgetting of course the NUJ guidelines concerning covering anything that is also being covered by the BNP. The BNP must always be presented in a negative way whenever and wherever.
Prior to the internet, which is really still quite young, your industry had the monopoly on the distribution of news and information, but alas for you, not any more. Newspapers are cutting and closing all over the place, and even the once mighty Evening Standard has to pay people to give it away to passers by outside tube stations etc.

Mr Thomas, in his article of 31/07/13 is only voicing what we in the BNP have been saying for many many years, and your industry has called us every dirty name in the book for doing so. But things have become so bad, and the internet has enabled us in the BNP, and others, to have a voice, that even your industry has got to start making exactly the same noises as us. With ever increasing speed, your industry, and the individuals within it, are going to have to wake up to the sheer enormity of the Marxist “Race Crime” that has been inflicted upon the whole of the British people since the end of WW2

I would advise your industry against trying in the future, to set yourself up as the ones to expose this Marxist “Race Crime” As it will not wash, it’s far too late for that.

That well known journalist Mr Andrew Norfolk has tried to present himself as the one to expose the Muslim Grooming gangs, but too many people already know the truth. Especially the children who have been damaged since the trial of Mr Nick Griffin in 2004.And of course, their parents.
We in the BNP are certainly not pleased with the people who have come to our country and behaved in such despicable ways. But our burning hatred is for the native British who have conspired to cover it all up, and who have done so much damage to the people who have tried to expose it and motivate people to protest and take action.

Myself included.

There is nothing new about Mr Sean Thomas’s exposure of the injustice being carried out against the native British White population. The internet has been awash with this information for years, along with the screams of despair as to why your industry has ignored it with a deliberate vengeance ? Everyone connected to the internet is aware of it..

Yours Faithfully
Sean Bryson

Below is the article by Sean Thomas of the Telegraph

There are few people who would decry the peerage announced today for Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. With her remorseless, dignified campaigning she made it impossible for British society to ignore the appalling slaughter of her son.
Wikipedia, as is often the case, summarises the story with admirable lucidity:
“The Stephen Lawrence case became a cause célebre and one of the highest profile racial killings in UK history; its fallout included profound cultural changes to attitudes on racism and the police…

But here’s a funny thing. As I was looking at Wikipedia’s Lawrence entry, I tried to compare it to Wikipedia’s treatment of other “racialised” killings. Like that of white 19-year-old Gavin Hopley.
Ten years ago, Gavin Hopley, who worked as a security guard in Oldham, was hoping to get a late-night taxi with two friends. They approached a number of cars, in the Muslim area of Glodwick, which had seen serious racial tension in preceding months.
Suddenly they were surrounded by at least a dozen Asian youths, armed with lumps of wood. After a vicious scuffle, where he was kicked in the face, and clubbed with fence-posts, Gavin was left unconscious in the road. His friends escaped. A few days later Gavin died from his injuries.

No one was ever convicted of Gavin’s murder, though several men served a few months for “violent disorder”. Hopley’s family said they felt “let down” by the justice system.
It’s not hard to see parallels between the cases of Lawrence and Hopley. Both killings were brutal and, it seems, motivated by race. Both suffered from imperfect police investigations. Years passed, as both crimes went unsolved, and those responsible for their deaths walked free.

So what does Wikipedia say about Gavin Hopley?

That’s right, nothing.

There was, in the past, a Wiki article on his case, but it isn’t there, not any more. However, the Wikipedian debate surrounding the removal of the Wiki article can still be seen.
This is a flavour of that debate. “The very fact that it has been ignored by the national media shows it isn't suitable for inclusion.” “I don’t see why we need an article on every murder”.
You see what happened there? Because no one was talking about the murder, that was a good reason to remove the entry on this murder from Wikipedia. And yet, one reason Gavin Hopley’s case is little-known is because it has been removed from Wikipedia. The editorial decision was circular, and self-fulfilling.
To add to the intrigue, the same fastidious editors who deleted “Gavin Hopley” also removed entries relating to several other savage murders of whites by non-whites: Richard Whelan, Mary Ann Leneghan, Charlene Downes, etc. Here are some of the Wikipedia comments on those deletions: “Sad to say, murder is far too common to confer notability on its victims”; “We really don’t want articles on every single crime”.

The debate on the deletion of the ten-year-old Charlene Downes case (she was allegedly killed by an Asian grooming gang, and the murder is still unsolved despite claims that her murderers were involved in cannibalism) is spectacularly revealing: “nothing particularly notable – unless there was an uproar over the girl being served in food”. Personally, I’d say a case involving race, sex abuse, murder and alleged cannibalism in Blackpool Lancashire is about as notable as it gets. But maybe that’s the tabloid journalist in me.
So what’s going on? Is there some vast, anti-white conspiracy at work in the Wikipedia labs? I doubt it. I suspect this is more a case of people hating the Far Right so much, they will redraft history, in order to deny them “helpful” publicity.
And yet it is difficult not to sense a deeper injustice, when you compare the silence that governs the Hopley case, and those like it, with the furore surrounding Lawrence.
In modern Britain it seems there are racist killings, and racist killings. And some are deemed very important. And some are “non-notable”.

Read the original article here:
Charlene Downes - Still No Justice !?!?

The link below will take you to the Charlene Downes campaigne on FaceBook


From - 24 May 2007

A schoolgirl was murdered by a fast food shop owner who joked that she had been "chopped up" and put into kebabs, a court was told yesterday.

The prosecution alleged at Preston Crown Court that Charlene Downes, 14, was killed by Iyad Albattikhi, 29, owner of a food shop in Blackpool, who had sex with her.
Charlene was one of a number of young girls who visited an alleyway in the town to have sex with older men who worked in the fast food shops, Tim Holroyde QC, prosecuting, told the jury.
Charlene, from Blackpool, was "well and happy", the court heard, but had a "chaotic" home life. Expelled from school, she spent her time hanging around shops on the Blackpool Promenade. She was last seen on the evening of Saturday Nov 1 2003. After kissing her mother goodbye she left alone - and vanished, Mr Holroyde said.
A missing persons inquiry began but police later launched a murder investigation after receiving information that Charlene had been "killed and chopped up", the court heard.
No trace of Charlene's body has ever been found.
Mr Holroyde told the jury that a witness had heard Albattikhi and others talking about her.

"These people were talking about sex with white girls, and there was mention of having sex with Charlene," he said. "Albattikhi laughed and said she was very small - the plainest possible indication that he was lying to the police when he said he did not know her. He and others present then laughingly said that Charlene had gone into the kebabs."

Albattikhi, a Jordanian immigrant, is charged with murder. His business partner and landlord, Mohammed Reveshi, 50, is accused of helping dispose of the body.
Both deny the charges and have told police they did not know Charlene.

Albattikhi and Reveshi were joint owners of the food shop, the court heard, which Albattikhi ran.
Charlene became a "familiar figure" hanging around the shops where she would sometimes get free food.
Mr Holroyde said: "In addition she was one of a number of adolescent white girls who sometimes went at night to the alleyway behind the restaurants. She and others went there to meet much older men from the restaurants, and it seems perfectly clear that there was at times some sexual activity."
Albattikhi took advantage of one of those vulnerable girls - Charlene Downes, the jury was told.
Mr Holroyde added: "It is the prosecution case that the background to the murder of Charlene Downes and the disposal of her body is some sexual activity between her and one or both of the defendants.

"Sexual activity between these adult men and a 14-year-old girl would be a crime which could be expected to have serious consequences for them."
After Charlene's disappearance, both the accused were questioned and told police they did not know her, the court heard.
In 2004, Albattikhi had a dispute with his brother, Tariq, who told a witness, David Cassidy, that he knew what had happened to Charlene - "she had been killed and chopped up and there had been a lot of blood", the court heard.

Mr Cassidy was allegedly later offered a £20,000 interest-free loan from Reveshi.
Police searched the flats of both accused men but found nothing. Detectives then bugged the premises and Reveshi's car, and Mr Holroyde told the jury some of the recordings were "revealing".
The trial continues.

From - 21 January 2013

If any UK murder/missing persons case highlighted the deleterious effects of political correctness on our society, then in my view it would be the Charlene Downes case. For those who do not know, Charlene was a 14 year old girl from a working class family in Blackpool who fell in with a group of Muslim men who allegedly regularily sexually abused her, like similar groups of Muslims have abused so many other British girls. Then, when she was no longer wanted, the Muslim abusers allegedly killed her and disposed of her body in a kebab meat mincing machine. No trace or Charlene has ever been found since she disappeared in 2003.

Two local Muslim men, kebab shop owner Iyad Albattikhi and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi were accused of murder and unlawful disposal of a body respectively. The police investigated the case but blundered badly and in the first trial the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict. The case was set for retrial in spring 2008, but senior police officers saw that the surveillance audio had been improperly transcribed, informed the Crown Prosecution Service and the Crown, then offered no evidence at the re trial and the defendants were released. One police officer, DC Jan Beasant was forced to resign from Lancashire police in 2011.

This case was the first one that opened the lid on the appalling phenomenon of Islamic Grooming Gangs of which we now see examples of up and down the country. During the investigation into the conduct of the case there were allegations that Lancashire police knew that up to 60 young girls were being abused by groups of Muslim men, but that political correctness fears meant that these cases were allegedly swept under the carpet by Lancashire police.

I’ve called this case a quadruple tragedy, and I use this phrase because:

Firstly: A young girl has been raped and murdered, that is the major tragedy. No parent wants to outlive their child and to have your child abused and killed in this way is something that no parent should suffer. A life has been lost, a young girl was never allowed to grow up.

Secondly: The police, in whom we as citizens are told to trust messed up. They messed up, not just through general incompetence but because politically correct attitudes in Lancashire police put the concept of ‘not upsetting the Muslims’ streets ahead of protecting young people from abuse and murder. The actions of Lancashire police allowed those who, on a balance of probabilities basis, were more than likely involved if not in Charlene’s murder, then in her abuse, to go free and unpunished.

Thirdly: Because of the ‘hot potato’ factor, because of the alleged involvement of Muslim men, and the fact that the victim was a white working class girl and therefore not a member of one of the political Lefts favoured ‘victim groups’, unlike Stephen Lawrence, this case garnered less mainstream media (MSM) publicity than the Lawrence case did.

Fourthly: Because nobody in the police or the local authority or the majority of the mainstream media appeared to care about what had befallen their daughter, the Downes family were ripe for exploitation by extremist groups such as the BNP. Because the BNP took up their case, this meant that there was even less chance of this case getting MSM publicity. No mainstream journalist, with the honourable exception of the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph who did cover this case, wanted to be tainted by siding with a family who were being assisted by the BNP. The chances of career damage for a journalist or a publication which said ‘well the BNP may be right on this one at least’ would have been very great, which made the chances of this case getting the publicity that it deserved even less.

The Charlene Downes case is a classic example of how political correctness and the multiculturalist idea that there should be separate social and legal standards for different people hinders justice.

Charlene disappeared in 2003, and since then Islamic Grooming Gangs have been allowed to continue their bestial behaviour almost unchallenged by the Law, right up until the last few years when the problem could not be ignored by the authorities any longer (I also believe that the change of Government in 2010 may also have helped in this matter). It is a chilling thought that there may have been hundreds or even thousands of young British women and girls who have been raped, abused, tortured and even murdered and nothing has been done to stop it, because fear of upsetting the Muslims has so often stayed the police hands.

It is disgusting that the State, which has done so much to make parents fearful, and doubt their own judgement, by causing a ‘paedo-panic’ about the ‘danger’ from non-CRB checked school employees, childcare workers, members of voluntary organisations and council workers etc, has failed to see or act against the growing problem of Islamic and Qu’ranicly sanctioned paedophilia. There is no restriction on child-sex in Islam, after all the Islamic prophet Mohammed himself raped a 9 year old girl and took her for his ‘wife’. It is appalling that for spurious ‘community cohesion’ reasons, countless young girls have had their lives ruined and those who have complained about this problem, silenced and smeared by being called ‘racists’.

The State, the Police and the Citizen must no longer ignore what is going on with our Islamic ‘guests’. Although paedophiles can come from all parts of the community, these particular organised child-sex rings, with girls being sold to other abusers and trafficked nationwide for abuse, is quite plainly an Islamic problem. The organs of the state which we should be able to trust have let us down. By choosing to side with the abusers the police, social services and other agencies have, in the words of the Biblical Prophet Isaiah chosen to ‘call good evil, and evil good’*.

There must be justice for Charlene Downes and her family. If the perpetrators of her death and abuse cannot be brought to book, then there must be a change of attitude on the part of the organs of the state to what is going on and never again must the police pussyfoot about because an alleged criminal is from a so called ‘protected minority’.

The whole country must demand justice for Charlene. There must be no more Charlene Downes cases, British justice should live up to the words inscribed above the door of the Old Bailey in London: ‘Defend the Children of the Poor and Punish the Wrongdoer’.

Mainstream journalists who appear to have no moral qualms about interviewing genocidal terrorists from the Middle East or elsewhere in the Islamic world need to find some courage, defy the shrill cries of ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobe’ from the Leftists of the National Union of Journalists black and minority ethnic section, and tell the stories that they were trained to tell.

As citizens we must demand that there are no more tragedies like that of Charlene Downes and her family.

‘Follow justice and justice alone’** should replace ‘community cohesion’ as the guiding principles of our police, our justice system and of every citizen.

Let us say the following phrase loud and let us say it often, ‘Let there be no more Charlenes’

From - 04 December 2012

Here’s some of the facts of the Charlene Downes murder case for the Lefties who find it so hilarious

The amount of nonsense the Commies on the SLATEDL page on Facebook talk about the murder of Charlene Downes is ridiculous. They say “the suspects were proven innocent”, despite the fact that nobody can ever be found innocent in English law. They say shes run away and is living a happy life away from her dysfunctional family. How likely is it that a 14 year old girl who was put on the game would be living a happy life? Police know she is dead and the same gang are responsible for the deaths of two other girls in the town as well. Nobody has been arrested for the grooming of 60 girls in the town despite the girls making full statements. Lancs police are terrified of being seen as racist so they will not deal with it. The Commies see this child grooming and murder as funny, just because they are blinded with hate for us. Shows you the sort of vermin they are. NFSE

Charlene Downes was a girl from Blackpool who disappeared in 2003, aged 14. She is presumed murdered.[1]

During police investigations covert tape recordings were made in which local kebab shop owner Iyad Albattikhi allegedly admits to having sex with Downes, killing her, feeding her body into a meat grinder and apparently using her as kebab meat. Albattikhi and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi were put on trial in 2007.[2][1]

The jury failed to receive a verdict and a retrial was set for April 2008. However, senior police officers raised objections to the evidence and the Independent Police Complaints Commission and Crown Prosecution Service were notified. The CPS offered no evidence against Albattikhi and Reveshi, the trial was called off and the two men – who claim never to have met Downes – were released.[1]

On 15 October 2009, after an eighteen-month investigation, the IPCC declared that the conversations had not been properly transcribed, that the officers on the case were “inexperienced and untrained” and that the informant had not been properly briefed.[1][3] In 2011 the detective who transcribed the conversations, Sergeant Jan Beasant, was forced to resign following a review of the investigation.[4]

In May 2012 Charlene’s mother, Karen Downes, was given a harassment warning notice by police after handing out leaflets implicating Albattikhi and Reveshi in the disappearance of her daughter.[5]

Wider issues
A police report put together following investigations into Downes’ disappearance stated that “[y]oung people were being groomed and sexually assaulted both inside and outside of premises by a number of takeaway owners and workers”. According to a Daily Telegraph article, the report “identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as ‘honeypots’ where the non-white men preyed on young white victims, who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex.” The Telegraph report claims that Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent with Lancashire Police, has stated that the police were aware of this for some time, but that “investigations were being hampered by political correctness.”[6]

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Oxford grooming gang convicted of appalling acts of depravity on children. Who is at fault, you decide?


By Fill Smith 09/08/2013

Kamar Jamil, Akhtar and brother Anjun Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed and brother Bassam Karrar and Zeeshan Ahmed (all of Muslim heritage) convicted of grooming six vulnerable white girls before putting them through a “living hell” during which they were forced to commit acts of depravity.

When sentenced to serve a total of 95 years the presiding judge, Judge Peter Rook, described it as "a series of sexual crimes of the utmost depravity".

How long did it go on for, from May 2004 to Jan 2012, 6 YEARS!!!!

When did the Police know?
The Thames Valley Police was first made aware of allegations of rape and sexual assault against teenagers back in August 2006 when the Police interviewed Akher Dogar who denied it, so they dropped charges.

On at least three further occasions they failed to pursue the investigations after other terrified victims withdrew their complaints. They were all extremely intimidated and scared to death no wonder they withdrew their complaints (so reminiscent of the harrowing Rochdale grooming scandal).

If a child complains to you covered in cigarette burns, cuts and bruises, evidence of being whipped, and obviously needing help you should know something is fundamentally wrong!
Once under the control of their abusers these poor girls were forced to have sex using threats of extreme violence.
Some were gang-raped, while others were prostituted to men who would travel from all parts of the country to have sex with them. Mohammed Karrar even branded one underage girl with an “M” on her buttocks to show ownership.

Girl A was repeatedly raped and sold for sex between 2004 and 2007 when she was aged 12 to 15. To make her comply they threatened to burn her younger brother alive.

When she went to the police you would expect some reaction, there was, she claimed on oath, that the Police threatened to arrest her for wasting Police time. Wow PC at its best!

Girl B was threatened with a gun to her head when she was only 14 if she didn’t do as they told her. Then she was taken to a flat off Rectory Road Oxford where 11 men were waiting to have sex with her.

Girl C was plied with drugs and forced to have sex in front of cameras when she was only 13. Despite obvious evidence of abuse, this was not even picked up by an unnamed London Hospital when she was admitted with a drug overdose.

Girl D was only 11 when forced into depravity. Mohammed Karrar personally “prepared her” for sex slavery and when she was only 12 he subjected her to a DIY abortion.

She said, on oath, that she was taken two or three times a week to High Wycombe, for "sex parties", attended by more than three men at a time to be subjected to depraved BDSM acts. At 13, she was injected with heroin and from then on, she would be beaten if she refused.

Girl E was only 12 when she woke up one day in bed with two men - but could not remember how she got there.
Other girls are known to have been identified but would not give evidence.

I have to say, I don’t blame them and my heart goes out to those that did.

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