What a Night ! Finsbury Park Mosque, Wednesday Sept 11th 2002 - By Andy
What a Night ! Finsbury Park Mosque, Wednesday Sept 11th 2002 - By Andy

I've just come back from the BNP demonstration against the Islamics at Finsbury Park. I turned up at 7 o'clock and the police told me that the BNP were in a corner opposite the mosque. To begin with, there was only a small group of people there with Union Jacks. But they had no political interest or BNP interest. So I went back to Finsbury Park and a small group of BNP supporters started arriving so I just followed them to where the police had arranged for all of us to meet. There was a small number to begin with but by 8 o'clock the BNP support had grown to about 100. The Arsehole Nazi League were about 10 yards away from us but someone said to me half of London's police force is here so there was no trouble from our side as the two groups were kept well apart.
The Arsehole Nazi League were saying just about two words throughout the whole night, which was "Nazi scum". I did not hear them say anything else. This is all the words they have in their vocabulary, the poor bastards. By about 7:30 a speaker from the BNP started making a speech about several things such as immigration, Iraq, Islamic extremists and so on. Many of the BNP members I spoke to did not agree that we should join America in a war with Iraq, so I was in a minority on that issue. Someone even said to me that Christians are treated worse in Israel than in Iraq. The speaker did mention how political correctness is still infecting our country so Sean, I don't agree with your views that PC is declining.

There was a very hostile atmosphere to begin because ANL, liberals and muslims surrounded us. But as the BNP numbers increased things started to settle down. We saw some pakis with scarves over their faces hoping that they would not be recognised if they started a riot. Also, the photographers literally surrounded us. I wonder which paper my photo will be in?

On the mosque itself there was a banner that said, "Islam will take over Britain". They tried to provoke us but they failed. The BNP speaker spoke a lot of common sense to the reporters and all we heard from ANL the usual abuse. Towards the end of the demonstration a group of around a dozen NF supporters joined us. I asked one of them if there was still this hostility between the NF and the BNP and he said that "was all in the past and the hostility is over". There was tremendous comradeship with everyone in the demonstration. We were all introducing ourselves to each other and I even met someone who I used to work with who I will introduce to this group. I have to be honest with Ian, you described them as morons but they didn't look like morons to me. One BNP member told me that the NF just happens to be more militant than the BNP, but militancy can give a political party a bad image. The NF handed out their newspaper which had only four pages. It contained the usual stories of ethnic minority crimes on whites.

So as the evening progressed there were lots of "football style" songs that were being sung from our side. One of them was "no surrender to the IRA", although I didn't see what that had to do with the demonstration. The NF were singing, "the National Front is a white man's front". But the most popular song of the night was Rule Britannia.

At the end of the evening the police escorted us back to Finsbury Park Station where we had our own tube to travel on to Kings Cross with a police escort. I thought the police handled the evening superbly. After that the group dispersed. I asked around if there was anyone from FSID in the demonstration but I couldn't find anyone. I asked if Mr Leacomber was there but nobody knew. This was only the second demonstration I've ever been to. The first one was about 15 years ago.

The night of 11th Sept. 2002 is one that I won't forget.

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