Rape Of White Women & White Children Worldwide - Fuck The White Bitch
The video linked above appeared just days after the death of Mandela in December 2013. This video has now gone from Scoop, but you can still download it from the links below.
It's enough to make you weep with pity, she must have felt so alone.

A white woman gang raped, stripped, thrown into the street and brutalised. Notice the rock aimed at the naked womans vagina, and the final rock that makes her head bounce. Listen to the Black women and children in the background cheer and laugh. Notice how passers by just casualy walk or drive past and say nothing, and do nothing. Wake up Whiteman, wake up.
You can download this video from my site as either a FLV or PDF file, see the links below.

They ( 8 OF THEM ! ) attacked her. Chanting "FUCK THE WHITE BITCH" Kicked and punched her.Stripped her naked then raped her repeatedly. Then they threw her into a canal and left her for dead !


There were 'Female' members in this gang who assisted the rape by pulling the victims legs apart !
Nicholas Mavrides, 22, was spotted mingling with unsuspecting mums out shopping after being freed half-way through his ten-year stretch. The 22-year-old was one of eight teenage savages convicted in 1997 of the horrific gang-rape of an Austrian tourist taking a midnight stroll in London.
The brutes, just 14 to 17 at the time, snatched pretty mother of two Alexandra Sablatnig when she strayed into the red-light district of King’s Cross. They attacked her chanting “FUCK the white bitch,” kicked and punched her, stripped her naked then raped her repeatedly.
Alexandra was then thrown into a canal and left for dead. The 37-year-old later waived her right to anonymity. When the gang were sentenced at the Old Bailey in April 1997, judge Sir Lawrence Verney QC said: “This case is as horrific and revolting as any could be. It contains aggravating features of exceptional wickedness which merit exceptional sentences.”
Other gang members got between 11 and 12 years. Mavrides, then 16, got a ten-year stretch because he confessed to his mum and she shopped the mob to police.
But he served just five years as prisoner number LC2317 at Bullingdon Prison, Bicester, Oxon. He was released in August. Yesterday, dressed in jeans and leather jacket, he left his flat in a block in Islington, North London, for a lunchtime stroll.
Alexandra’s marriage in Austria broke up after the attack. But she formed a relationship with case cop Ted Grimwood and they live together in Middlesex.
She refused to talk about Mavrides yesterday.
But a source close to her said: “Alexandra is totally appalled. The Home Office did not even bother to tell her this man had been released.”

Norman Brennan, chairman of the Victims of Crime Trust, said: “The scars of this case are still raw. It was a trial that shocked the nation and little of the detail has faded from people’s minds. It is disgraceful that this offender has been released back into society after such a short term. The maximum penalty for rape is life.
“In my book, the offence of rape is second only to murder.
“It has a devastating effect on the victim, often ruining their life. This rape was made all the more awful because it was committed by a gang of eight.
“The judge used the strongest words of condemnation when he sentenced these thugs.
“But what deterrent is it when they are coming out of prison after serving half their sentences?” He added: “This woman was not only raped and degraded, she was thrown naked into the canal and it was only by a miracle that she did not sink and drown.
“If we have any hope of regaining respect for the criminal justice system, sentences must reflect the severity of the crime. “The judge should have imposed the maximum sentence. The early release of this man will do nothing to encourage victims of rape to come forward.”

Published on May 26, 2012
SWEDEN: Horrific gang rape of 29-year-old white mother of two by Muslim asylum seekers in Swedish refugee camp.

Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan MUSLIM refugees was the 'most gruesome rape marathon in Sweden's history,' say prosecutors. The rape was oral, anal, and vaginal, with up to three rapists in her at the same time. Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted.
The other Muslim onlookers were clapping and cheering and calling the woman a "whore" and a "slut," how Muslim men describe unveiled women. The victim is now confined to a wheelchair, suffering severe mental distress. The Swedish media concealed the ethnicity of the perpetrators and quickly removed the story. Swedish socialists say it would be "racist" to deport the rapists. No wonder, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world.

Ged Dodd sings White Roses - A Nation's Shame

Published on May 9, 2012
I read the paper today 2012 and was disgusted at the headline .. so I have uploaded this song about the very same problem in 2004 in my home town when everybody turned a blind eye in the name of Marxist Political Correctness and in doing so condoned a horrific systematic abuse of young girls here .. this is a hardhitting adult video which will upset some people but any comments posted of a racist or inflamitory nature will be deleted .. it's enough that you know something was done about it by the few who could not just stand back and let it happen .. thanks for watching .. WOW .. it's hitting the fan already .. just shows how some are living in the state of denial despite it finally appearing in The Times ..and it shows I care more for the safety of our young women folk than those who click the dislike button .. think about it .. ASYHUYA .. I have activated the comment button o you can vote on comments without revealing your identity .. let's hear from you ..

VINDICATION AT LAST ..today's papers on 8th June 2012
and about time too ...



20 refugees rape an 11-year old girl in a public bath, Husbybadet Stockholm Sweden.
Uploaded on Feb 25, 2011

The whole story in swedish.
Some (hair raising) details,
1. The 20 refugees were instructed, before they left for the bath house, that sexual attacks and rapes are not allowed. (?!)
2. Some public baths have signs that say, "rapes will be reported to the police".
3. The police said, "this is a place where temptations are great". (Really, is it "tempting" to rape 11-year olds?)
4. The cost for the taxpayers to house each refugee is US$150 000.00 per year.
They were mainly arab and african so called "child refugees". However they are in most cases adults lying about there age to obtain better benefits. In some

cases they are in the high 20's and 30's while claiming they are teens. Almost 100 % of them show false id's or no id's at all, therefore they are never truly identified. The government claim "we need more refugees" and similar mantra. The politicians have for many years forced mass immigration of biblical proportions. The voters has never given permission for the destructive immigration policy bringing in 100 000 new mostly illiterates from africa, asia and the arab world. Most of them are musilm.
The government TV has started a new indoctrination series to teach the swedes how to become good muslims. Its called, "islam for beginners"

Islamic Rape Wave in Norway / Islamsk Voldtekt Epidemien i Norge
Published on May 26, 2012
At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation "critical" and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures "with a reprehensible attitude toward women."

British Schoolgirl's Testimony Muslims Threaten Children With Violence.

Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.

The Problem Of Muslim Gang-Rapes Is Global - This Is Sydney, Australia.

Anne-Marie Waters | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union

Daniel Johnson | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union

Pat Condell - Our crippling fear of the truth
Veritaphobia. The definition below comes from Yahoo answers:
Veritaphobia-fear of knowing, telling and revealing the truth.
The English language is a often stated as being a difficult language to learn, because so many words have the same or different meanings, depending on how and where they are used.
Here is good example of a number of different words that have the same meaning.
Veritaphobia, Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Political Correctness, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Tollerence, etc.

Over 37000 White women raped every year by blacks in USA !!!
Statistics from the United States department of justice, national crime victimisation survey for 2003 to 2006

Marxists Solicit Invaders to Rape White Women

Muslim Child-Rape Gang Busted In The USA - Everywhere Islam Goes This Happens

Islamic rape epidemic in Norway
(Did this help give rise to Anders Breivik, and are there more Breiviks just waiting ?)

Published on May 27, 2012
Muslim immigrants are responsible for almost all rapes of white Norwegian women and about 95% of rapes of Western European women.
At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation "critical" and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures "with a reprehensible attitude toward women."

The scandalous fact is that Norway, for all its wealth, has chosen not to invest much in law and order. "Norway wastes millions of kroner every year on 'development aid' that ends up largely in the pockets of corrupt African dictators; it pours millions more into the pockets of non-Western immigrants who have become masters at exploiting the welfare system; the Norwegian government even funds anarchists. It's not entirely misguided for a Norwegian citizen to feel that his tax money is going less to fight the crime that threatens his home, his self, and his business than to support criminals."
But beefing up the police force wouldn't even begin to address the problem that's at the root of the country's growing rape crisis: the presence in Norway, and especially in Oslo, of ever-growing numbers of people who have nothing but contempt for Western culture, who have absolutely no concept of respect for members of religions other than their own, and who have been brought up on the idea that women who dare to walk the street alone and without veils covering their faces deserve to be violated.

Not so very many years ago, Oslo was virtually a rape-free city, inhabited by people who had been brought up on civilized notions of mutual respect and tolerance. No longer. Over the years, the incidence of rape has risen steadily. A wildly disproportionate number of the perpetrators are "rejected asylum seekers" - which may sound puzzling unless you are aware of the perverse state of affairs whereby even persons officially rejected for asylum in Norway are still allowed to stay. And the increasing temerity of the rapists -- who know very well that they will probably not be caught, and, if caught, will not be severely punished - is reflected in the fact that the most recent rape (in which two men assaulted a 21-year-old woman) took place virtually in the backyard of the Royal Palace.

Oslo is, of course, not alone in having undergone this cultural sea change: many major cities in Western Europe have experienced similar transformations. Yet it now appears that the incidence of rapes in Oslo has now eclipsed that in the other two Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen. This is quite an achievement, given that Oslo has traditionally been the smallest and sleepiest of these three cities - the least cosmopolitan, the one that feels more like a safe small town than a European capital.

A glimpse of the official mentality that makes this steady rise in rape statistics possible was provided in an article that appeared in the Norwegian daily Dagbladet on October 25. It appears that in the summer of last year, the same paper ran a story about Abdi, a Somali immigrant, then 24 years old, who since coming to Norway as an asylum seeker had committed 14 robberies, been incarcerated, become a narcotic, and lived on welfare.
On June 3, 2010, Dagbladet reported, an Oslo court had ruled that Abdi, who is not a Norwegian citizen, should be returned to Somalia. Now, however, that ruling has been overturned by an appeals court. Abdi's lawyer was jubilant, saying that this decision "is important for many Somalis in this country." (Of all immigrant groups in Norway, Somalis are among those with the lowest employment and highest crime rates.) The lawyer chided Norway for having shown "an ugly face in this case" by planning to return her client to Somalia, but she expressed hope that given the new decision Norway would "change its practice" - presumably meaning that no amount of unsavory activity would make it possible to kick an immigrant out.

The appeals court's basis for its decision to let Abdi stay in Norway was that it might be dangerous for him to live in Somalia. Whether letting him stay in Norway might make life dangerous for Norwegians didn't seem to enter into the court's calculus.

It's not only the courts, to be sure, that are at fault in this sort of situation. In such cases, the media almost invariably step in and bombard the public with shameless propaganda designed to stir up sympathy for the miscreant in question. So it was with the Dagbladet article the other day, which sought to present Abdi as repentant, reformed, and reflective - indeed, almost sagacious and saintly. He was represented as having claimed that he has turned over a new leaf and that he now wants to help wayward immigrant kids to straighten out. He also supposedly said that he wants to study to be a sociologist (which, the more one thinks about it, sounds potentially even more dangerous than if he decided to persevere in his life of crime).

Emanuel McLittle - September 2002
The NERVE of Nelson Mandela



"South Africa is now the AIDS capitol of the world, with 55 percent of its black population testing HIV positive, according to the U.N. South Africa also leads the world in violent crime. There are more murders and rapes (per capita) in South Africa than anywhere on the globe. To cover up, Mandela and his successors have created new forms of censorship in order to hide the mess. South Africa's Jesse Jackson, Desmond Tutu, recently asked for American aid, following the mass exodus, since 1994, of more than half of South Africa's commercial farmers. This has cut food production down by 60 percent. The reason for the mass fleeing is the near 1,500 murders of small and large white farmers by black thugs carrying military weapons, possibly distributed by the ANC.
The U.S. media is silent about South Africa's killings and rapes,where white women and even small white children are intentionally infected ( RAPED !!! ) with the AIDS virus.
To suppress the truth about their ( MARXIST ) brethren, world wide, is their job."
Walthamstow: Detectives hunt two men over rape of 12-year-old girl
31 Jul 2013 07:42
She was attacked in a garage in the early hours of Saturday morning


A manhunt has been launched after a 12-year-old girl was raped by two men.The girl was in Walthamstow, east London, between 12.15am and 12.30am on Saturday when she met three men, Scotland Yard said. She was taken to a garage area at the end of Hibbert Road, near Theydon Street, where she was pinned down and raped by two of the men. The girl managed to call a friend who came to the scene and they left together. The suspects then left the area. The trio are described as being between 17 and 19 years old. The first was dark-skinned and of mixed race, with a diamond stud in his left ear and a London accent. He told the girl his name was Mo and that he was 17. He had big brown eyes, short hair, was very skinny and wore a black puffa-style jacket with a hood, black chinos, black trainers and a grey/black T-shirt. The second was described as black and very tall with big lips. His hair was partly shaven and he wore black trousers and a red and blue shirt. The third, who did not rape the girl, was black and had a moustache. He wore a blue-coloured hooded top and a red and blue cap, and told her his name was Miles. Detective Inspector Simon Ellershaw, who is leading the investigation, said: "This was a very nasty attack on a vulnerable girl just 12 years old by a group of older males who engaged her in conversation before leading her to a secluded area. She was pinned down and two of the males then brutally raped her.

"I would appeal for anyone with information or any witnesses to please contact police as soon as possible."

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0208 217 7408 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Oxford grooming gang convicted of appalling acts of depravity on children. Who is at fault, you decide?


By Fill Smith 09/08/2013


Kamar Jamil, Akhtar and brother Anjun Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed and brother Bassam Karrar and Zeeshan Ahmed (all of Muslim heritage) convicted of grooming six vulnerable white girls before putting them through a “living hell” during which they were forced to commit acts of depravity.

When sentenced to serve a total of 95 years the presiding judge, Judge Peter Rook, described it as "a series of sexual crimes of the utmost depravity".

How long did it go on for, from May 2004 to Jan 2012, 6 YEARS!!!!

When did the Police know?
The Thames Valley Police was first made aware of allegations of rape and sexual assault against teenagers back in August 2006 when the Police interviewed Akher Dogar who denied it, so they dropped charges.

On at least three further occasions they failed to pursue the investigations after other terrified victims withdrew their complaints. They were all extremely intimidated and scared to death no wonder they withdrew their complaints (so reminiscent of the harrowing Rochdale grooming scandal).

If a child complains to you covered in cigarette burns, cuts and bruises, evidence of being whipped, and obviously needing help you should know something is fundamentally wrong!
Once under the control of their abusers these poor girls were forced to have sex using threats of extreme violence.
Some were gang-raped, while others were prostituted to men who would travel from all parts of the country to have sex with them. Mohammed Karrar even branded one underage girl with an “M” on her buttocks to show ownership.

Girl A was repeatedly raped and sold for sex between 2004 and 2007 when she was aged 12 to 15. To make her comply they threatened to burn her younger brother alive.

When she went to the police you would expect some reaction, there was, she claimed on oath, that the Police threatened to arrest her for wasting Police time. Wow PC at its best!

Girl B was threatened with a gun to her head when she was only 14 if she didn’t do as they told her. Then she was taken to a flat off Rectory Road Oxford where 11 men were waiting to have sex with her.

Girl C was plied with drugs and forced to have sex in front of cameras when she was only 13. Despite obvious evidence of abuse, this was not even picked up by an unnamed London Hospital when she was admitted with a drug overdose.

Girl D was only 11 when forced into depravity. Mohammed Karrar personally “prepared her” for sex slavery and when she was only 12 he subjected her to a DIY abortion.

She said, on oath, that she was taken two or three times a week to High Wycombe, for "sex parties", attended by more than three men at a time to be subjected to depraved BDSM acts. At 13, she was injected with heroin and from then on, she would be beaten if she refused.

Girl E was only 12 when she woke up one day in bed with two men - but could not remember how she got there.
Other girls are known to have been identified but would not give evidence.

I have to say, I don’t blame them and my heart goes out to those that did.

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