The true face of Nelson Mandela and South Africa today

This is the South Africa of Nelson Mandela. White woman raped and stripped naked, then thrown into the street, only to be kicked and assaulted with garbage by black men. Nobody says a word.
Follow the link below for the video, it's heartbreaking just to watch it, and that is no exaggeration.
Listen to the Black women and children laughing and cheering in the background !!!

If you're White, show solidarity with your race, protect your race, defend your race, love your race ..... It's A Wonderful Race !!!


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The true face of Nelson Mandela and South Africa today

Barack Hussein Obama has compared him to George Washington. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews heralded him as “perhaps the world’s greatest hero.” The Las Vegas Guardian Express dispensed with the “perhaps,” declaring in headline: “Nelson Mandela World’s Greatest Hero. Others have christened him “the greatest man of the 20th century.” Many revere him as “the savior” of South Africa.

What is it about Nelson Mandela the man that justifies this global adoration? To be sure,  he is tall, dignified, and statesman-like in appearance, gracious in public speech, and  grandfatherly in tone. He does not exude the radical, self-promotional hucksterism of, say, Al Sharpton, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, or the ANC’s current head, Jacob Zuma. And, yes, he served many years in prison, but not merely for opposing injustice and racism, as his legions of hagiographers would have us believe.
He was a leader of the African National Congress (ANC), an organization designated a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department and many governments and intelligence agencies. He was also a co-founder of the ANC’s Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), a militant terrorist group within a terrorist group. He was tried and convicted for his terrorist and subversive activities  within those organizations.
Images of grossly tortured and mutiliated White South African farmers

• ANC and its terrorist arm, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), which was also controlled by the SACP, were trained in Soviet Russia and Red China;

• The SACP-controlled ANC and MK exploited the conditions of apartheid, racism and colonialism not to help South African blacks, but  to further the objectives of the Soviet Union and the world Communist conspiracy;

• The SACP-controlled ANC and MK used the Communist-provided training and arms to direct their terror, torture, and murder against South Africa’s black majority even more often than against the white minority;

• If Mandela was not only a Communist Party member, but also a top SACP leader — which the evidence irresistibly shows he was — then he is not only a colossal and persistent liar, but he is all the more culpable in the innumerable acts of terror, torture, and murder committed by ANC
mobs and MK cadres over the past several decades;

• Mandela has bequeathed South Africa a one-party state ruled by the increasingly tyrannical and kleptocratic ANC/SACP, which is leading the country down the path toward economic destruction, record-level violent  crime, chaos, and genocide.

The genocide campaign against white South Africans has already been underway for several years, but has not yet reached the all-out intensity of the slaughter stages witnessed in Rwanda, Burundi, or Sierra Leone. But that time may be coming soon, and if it does, Nelson Mandela will have helped to launch it. Chilling video footage of Mandela singing an ANC/MK genocide song about killing whites belies the sainted image.

The battle-lines for a final show-down have been drawn in South Africa: the country’s 3-million Afrikaners now live in a state of constant siege and 1-million are destitute and marginalised economically and politically. In the country of their birth and their forefathers, the vast majority of Afrikaner families now are unable to move safely between their homes, their schools, shops, their churches and their places of public business without first having to take the most extensive security measures on the planet.

The country has more than 1-million private security guards and only 270,000 police officers who are increasingly antagonistic towards Afrikaners. The country’s best-educated people now are falling into destitution and increasingly unable to raise their next generation because of the ANC regime’s deliberate barring this most visible, best-educated minority in South Africa from accessing any part of the job-sector – and now increasingly also disowning all the country’s food-producing farms by a plethora of anti-white laws. Afrikaners are increasingly being forced into marginal lands such as the desert regions of the Northern Cape.

The ‘white tribe of Africa’ is battening down the hatches and preparing for the final onslaught against the rights of all ethno-Europeans to even be allowed to live on the African continent.

The racist slogan ‘Africa for the Africans’ now specifically targets white Afrikaners for all-out increasingly ferocious genocidal attacks. This is the ‘secret genocidal process’ all set to finally burst into the open in all its ferocity – an event which the world’s top expert on this subject, Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has been warning about since 2003. See his first report:

And this growing genocidal process occurs at exactly the same time when many hundreds of thousands of destitute black Africans also are invading the European continent with the thousands of waterlogged Muslim refugee boats — and are being given sanctuary and legalised access to the entire European continent’s resources – access which is being constantly denied to the besieged Afrikaners of southern Africa. This contrast between the humane way Europeans treat African refugees and the way black South Africans are treating the Afrikaner minority in their midst, is indeed becoming very stark.

Afrikaners now are fighting with their backs to the sea while at the same time, also having no other place to flee to: born and bred in southern Africa, living there for many generations through no choice of their own, many Afrikaner families who try to seek sanctuary and polical asylum in any of the countries of their forebears, are nearly always being sent back to a South Africa… where they are facing genocide and constant streams of state-sponsored hate-speech, armed attacks, racism and legal discrimination in the job and property-market.

Warning to America from South Africa


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Whites Brutally Murdered in South Africa – JUST IN 2013:


• John Commins (71) Cape Town – Stabbed to death. • Jannie du Plessis (58) Villiers – Stabbed and tortured. • Rudolf van Heerden (79) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated. • Elna van Heerden (76) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated. • Ernst van Rooyen (77) Parys – Beaten to death. • Annatjie van Rooyen (75) Parys – Beaten and suffocated. • Pieter Kellerman (85) Johannesburg – Beaten to death. • Desmond Botha (59) Muldersdrift – Shot dead. • Andries Becker (29) Muldersdrift – Shot dead. • Eddie Fouche (30) Kemptonpark – Shot dead. • Shaun Lipshitz (30) Johannesburg – Shot dead. • Gordon Bazzard (75) Bloemfontein – Stabbed to death. • Manfred Schmidt (42) Kemptonpark – Shot dead. • Matty Smith, Gordons Bay • Chad Harris, Estcourt – Shot dead. • Fiona Finnis (57) Centurion – Shot dead. • Lorraine Shepheard (76) Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death. • Hettie Phillips (55) Cradock – Gang-raped and tortured to death. February 2013: (12) • Dawnsy Mieny (47) Cape Town – Pushed down a quarry. • Robbie Malan (39) Port Elizabeth – Shot dead. • Carmen van der Westhuizen (38) Welkom – Raped and tortured. • Gordon Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death. • Lorraine Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death. • Derek Cornelius (75) Roodepoort – Stabbed to death. • Zarco Bulajic (58) Brits – Skull crushed and shot dead. • Carel Ferreira (25) Brakpan – Shot dead. • Laurens de Wet (20) Bloemfontein – Shot dead. • David Barclay (66) Wolmaransstad – Shot dead. • Bertus Coetzee (42) Vanderbijlpark – Shot dead. • Nick Basson (67) Vereeniging – Beaten to death. March 2013: (13) • Waldemar Strauss (42) Danabaai – Shot dead. • Gert van Wyk (52) Kemptonpark – Shot dead. • Sarel Pretorius(43) Glenharvie – Shot dead. • Peet Du Plooy (42) Johannesburg – Stabbed and tortured. • Suzie Willemse (84) Port Elizabeth – Strangled and stabbed. • Johan Stighlingh (65) Ventersdorp – Beaten and tortured. • Eric Labuschagne (51) Rustenburg – Bludgeoned and stabbed to death. • Marius Hayward (31) Durban • Nico Nel (27), Durban • Johan Kemp (37) Johannesburg – Shot dead. • Talbot Smith, Ruimsig – Shot dead. • Quintin Brits (23) Rustenburg – Shot dead. • Hannes Hattingh (53) Stilfontein – Shot dead. April 2013: (17) • Paul Shultze (56) Muldersdrift – Shot dead. • Anton Bidlingmaier (43) Strand – Shot dead. • Bob Heunis (60) Seaview – Shot dead. • Francois Potgieter (59) Boschkop – Shot dead. • Robin Bothma (67) Uvongo – Shot dead. • Karel Pretorius (78) Pinetown – Stabbed and bludgeoned to death. • Jannie Dreyer (62) Paarl – Stabbed to death. • Louis Eksteen (45) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death. • Walkie Walkinshaw (65), Belfast – Shot dead. • Jacques Oosthuizen (35), Waterfall – Stabbed to death. • Rodney Bradley (35) Hillcrest – Shot dead. • Hendrik Potgieter (78) Pinetown – Tied to a chair and stabbed to death. • Adriaan Stander (33) Bethal – Beaten to death. • Jacques du Plessis (29) Alberton – Beaten to death. • Carl Mischke (63) Norwood – Stabbed and tortured. • Shirley Soffiantini (69) Umhlanga – Raped and tortured. • Nadine Prinsloo (20) Centurion – Shot dead. May 2013: (22) • Babs Roos (80), Klerksdorp – Raped and stabbed to death. • Peter Hackland (61), Ixopo – Stabbed and shot dead. • Daan Rousseau (72), Wellington – Beaten and suffocated • Erka Rousseau (72), Wellington – Beaten and suffocated. • Kenny Linmeyer (75), Johannesburg – Beaten and set alight. • Rui Moutinho (37), Nigel – Beaten and tortured. • Fred van den Bergh (58), Pretoria – Shot dead. • William Sharman (43), New Germany – Shot dead. • Francois le Grange (51), Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death. • Kobus Larrem (42) Springs – Shot dead. • Jenny Lachenicht (57), Kemptonpark – Beaten and tortured. • Morne Nel (32), Muldersdrift – Shot dead. • Annebe Lategan (33), Reigerpark – Raped, tortured, stabbed to death. • Dave Maratos (65), Greytown – Stabbed to death. • Traudel Kretschmer (67), Piketberg – Bludgeoned to death. • Johan Janse van Rensburg (62) Rustenburg – Shot dead. • Dennis Kleynhans (65) – Shot dead. • Carmen Mathe (37), Willowvale – Hacked to death. • Jeandre van Rensburg (20), Springs – Stabbed to death. • Freek van Niekerk (26), Wolsely – Shot dead. • Johan Raaths (29), Carletonville – Shot dead. • Dave Shaw (58), Johannesburg – Shot dead. June 2013: (14) • Dudley Buss (67), Queenstown – Stabbed, tortured and suffocated. • Michael Zafiris (42), Springs – Stabbed to death. • Melinda Lee Bam (30), Gravelotte – Shot dead. • Michael Quin (52), Hole-in-the-Wall – Stabbed to death. • Louis Traut (80), Hofmeyr – Stabbed to death. • Herman van der Schyff (34), Olifantshoek – Stabbed to death. • Lindie Nel (29) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death. • Eugene Preston (70), East London – Beaten to death. • Jeffrey Wiggel (59), Johannesburg – Shot dead. • Barend Nel (19), Sasolburg – Stabbed to death. • John Hatfield (42), Amanzimtoti – Stabbed to death. • Roelof du Plessis (51), Bronkhorstspruit – Shot dead. • Frank du Plessis (62), Cookhouse – Stabbed to death. • Willem vd Westhuizen (22), Potchefstroom – Stabbed to death. July 2013: (14) • Dirk Koekemoer (72), Springs – Stabbed and tortured. • Brian Shalkof (65), Johannesburg – Shot dead. • Andrew Brown (42), Port Elizabeth – Shot dead. • Clyde Byrns (26), Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death. • Isabel Hugo (67), Clocolan – Stoned to death. • Onika Bakkes (29), Saldanah – Stabbed to death. • Lizelle le Roux (42), Molteno – Stabbed to death. • Robert Bader (62), Cape Town – Shot dead. • Bossie Barnard (39), Rustenburg – Shot dead. • Judith Muller (84), Vanderbiljpark – Stabbed and strangled. • Neil Muller (43) Krugersdorp – Shot dead. • Nicky Klopper (56), Alberton – Shot dead. • Claudi van der Merwe (33), Hendrina – Stabbed, raped, throat slit. • Louis van Wyk (77), Nigel – Tortured and beaten to death. August 2013: (25) • Craig Botha (37), Pietermaritzburg – Shot dead. • Gerrit Myburgh (79), Heidelberg – Tortured, burnt and stabbed to death. • Attie Cronje (47), Germiston – Shot dead. • Janetta van der Walt (60), Margate – Raped and tortured. • Hennie Bentley (73), Vanderbijlpark – Bludgeoned and shot dead. • Brian van Blerk (42), East London – Bludgeoned to death. • Schalk Burger (95), Kakemas – Beaten to death. • Timothy Green (44), Newcastle – Shot dead. • Vivien Ponte (47), Oranjeville – Raped, tortured and set alight. • Michael John Poval (81), Bulwer – Tortured and beaten to death. • Johnny Meyer (46), Randfontein – Shot dead. • Mr. Thompson (69), Roodepoort – Stabbed to death. • Wilhelm Pretorius (36), Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death. • Johan Botha (51), Port Elizabeth – Shot dead. • Willem Swanepoel (59), Witbank – Stabbed to death. • Jochen Rädel (59), Stellenbosch – Bludgeoned to death. • Pikkie Stassen (72), Kempton Park – Stabbed to death. • Rina Stassen (69), Kemptonpark – Stabbed and strangled. • Bill Daly (81), Morningside – Stabbed to death. • Kulu Clark (92), Robertson – Bludgeoned to death. • Craig Bailey (32), Randfontein – Stabbed to death. • Jannie Hills (41), Hanover – Stabbed to death. • Miems Robberts (62), Mooinooi – Tortured to death. • Johan Harding (51), Utrecht – Stabbed to death. • Garth Johnson (67), Waterval Onder – Shot dead. Septebmer 2013: (17) • Gert Trucker (52), Hanover – Stabbed to death. • Eddy Reid (68), Erasmia – Shot dead. • Sollie Botha (72), Zeerust – Shot dead. • Elsabeth de Bruyn (71), Brandfort – Stabbed and strangled. • Noreen Bryant (84), Hermanus – Beaten to death. • Doris Labuschagne (72), Duncanville – Beaten to death. • Sollie Botha (71), Zeerust – Shot dead. • Louisa Francis (68), Middelburg, EC – Beaten and tortured to death. • David Shacklock (69), Oviston – Tortured to death. • Danie Geldenhuys (82), Kraaifontein – Bludgeoned and strangled. • Hannes de Wet (52), Fochville – Stabbed to death. • Hans Jonker (42), Boksburg – Shot dead. • Leanne Douglas (43), Port Shepstone – Murdered by black police officers. • Boetman Swart, Swellendam – Stabbed to death. • Johan Gouws (23), Pretoria – Stabbed to death. • Mick Hampson (69), Eston – Shot dead. • Rocco Swanepoel (39), Despatch – Stabbed to death. October 2013: • Paul Madison (63) Sabie – Shot dead. • Daan Wybenga (69) Clarens – Tortured to death. • Michael Foltin (61) Groblersdal – Shot dead. • Heidi Foltin (56) Groblersdal – Shot dead. • Deon Bezuidenhout (68) Pretoria – Stabbed to death. • Hennie van der Schyff (72) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death. • Eugene van der Merwe (61) Ixopo – Beaten to death. • Maria Erasmus (52) Durban – Raped, tortured and stabbed to death. • Frans van der Schyff (75) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death. • Gerhard de Beer (82) Witrivier – Bludgeoned to death. • Elize Douglas (52) Carletonville – Shot dead. • Dawid de Villiers (83) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit. • Ralie de Villiers (81) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit. • Susan Olivier (60) Bloemfontein – Stabbed and throat slit • Peter Rassloff (72) Kommetjie – Shot dead. • Dan Knight (56) Underberg – Bludgeoned to death. • Judy Washington (67) Kei Mouth – Throat slit. • Kevin Launspach (38) Durban – Shot dead. • Willem Weites (79) Vryheid – Shot dead.

Somehow I think the traitorous, brainwashing media will neglect to say one GD thing about any of these innocent White people suffering brutal deaths at the hands of SA blacks, while they go on and on and on about how great Nelson Mendela was. Also, remember, Mendela set off bombs to purposefully kill unsuspecting White people — exactly the kind of thing they now call “terrorism.” One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter — it’s only a matter how the media portrays it.

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