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As this website becomes more widely known and as the latest Gulf War drags on, more and more very pertinent questions are being asked by a whole host of different sections of society.

Watch the video the New York Times didn't Want You to See

This has caused even more panicking amongst the local left wing "PC Fascist" as they continue to attempt to stifle any debates that don't suit them.
( So what else is new ?! )
It has been with great sadness on my part, to find that these dictatorial extremists have gained a foothold in one of my long time favourite watering holes, the Portobello Gold.

This culminated today ( Tuesday 28th October 2003 ) with me being barred from the above public house !
I had been a trouble free customer at The Portobello Gold for many year !
I have been branded a Nazi !

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Anti Racist Hitler

In this part of town a Nazi is the same as a Racist, that is, ANYONE who does not agree with the dictates of the local "PC Fascists".
Or ANYONE who is winning an argument with a Labour supporter.

In fact ANYONE who asks embarrassing questions, or points to embarrassing facts !

Do not forget that I have not been banned because of anything that I have said to anyone in the Portobello Gold, either staff or customers ( I have never been a Political Missionary )
Not because of any sort of wrongful behavior on my part, but purely because of the things that I have highlighted on this website.
( See http://www.seanbryson.com )

On My Supposedly Being A Nazi ?

I have placed one of my favorite quotes below, as it sums thing up very nicely.
It's by Simon Heffer of the Daily Mail.

"This is, in theory still a free country, but our politically correct, censorious times are such that many of us tremble to give vent to perfectly acceptable views for fear of condemnation.
Freedom of speech is thereby imperiled, big questions go undebated, and great lies become accepted, unequivocally as great truths."-
Simon Heffer, Daily Mail, June 7th 2000. http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Portobello Gold - Locations

The Portobello Gold
95 / 97 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London W11 2QB Phone +44 (0) 207 460 4910
0845 066 0 666 (local rate throughout the UK)
Fax +44 (0) 207 229 2278 BNP Whistleblowers Information Appeal

Gruesome afghan Rape Marathon in Swedish refugee camp, Socialist:" It's racism to expel them"

Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden

Try To Get Your Head Around This - Sweden Is Gone, Sweden Is Finished

Portobello Gold - Locations

Notting Hill and Portobello Road in particular is one of the most famous media locations in London.

Portobello Gold is situated right in the heart of the Portobello Antiques market which only runs on Saturdays. As opposed to the fruit and veg market further down the street, the Antiques block is the quietest part of the whole road, with no through traffic and mainly pedestrians.

Over the years, the following features have proven to be the most popular:

1. Our tropical conservatory with sliding glass roof, offers plenty of light on a winter’s day. The (Kentia) palms, weeping figs and Yukkas are 20 years old and are very photogenic. As the bar operates as an Internet Café during the daytime, it is reasonably quiet in the weekday. Crews can be fed and watered in this area throughout the day.

2. Our roof terrace is a great favourite and was chosen by Working Title for roof top scenes in 'Notting Hill'. There is a pleasant view of St Peters Church to the rear, Kensal Rise four miles to the North and a perfect panorama of the whole of the Portobello Road Antiques market (on Saturdays only). The 900 sq ft space is not overlooked and access is straight out of our hotel apartment (no clambering up ladders).

Other popular facilities include:

Unlimited use of broadband Internet access via wireless and laptop sockets is available throughout the building. There is also an Internet café on the ground floor.
Our seven hotel rooms (all with direct outside lines and digital cable TV), can double as dressing rooms.
Our kitchen and bar can cater for units of up to 70 people (usually from 8am)
Parking is exceptionally good for London – except Saturdays. There are pay and display and single yellow lines and, with the market only on Saturdays, very little traffic.

Locations in the Chiltern Hills

1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped - The Political Cesspool

Welcome to Sweden of Today

Norway - Oslo Rape Epidemic

*** This is The White Man March ***

The object of any confidence trick is to create a sense of doubt about the obvious.
When I went to school to say 2 X 3 was the same as saying 3 X 2, that's arithmetic not race. Also when I went to school, to say you wanted more of something was the same as saying you wanted less of something else, that's arithmetic not race. To say you want more ethnic diversity, is exactly the same as saying you want less of the ethnicity that you already have. That's race, NOT arithmetic. I am very offended that I, and others of my ethnicity, "British White/Caucasian" are under constant pressure via the Media and the Judiciary, to accept that LESS OF US, is better for everyone.In fact, for us, it is now more or less a crime, not to agree with this !? Am I a Racist ? Absolutely not ! I want more "ethnic minorities" every bit as much as they want more of "me"
How much is that ?

Our venue in The Chilterns is in an unrivalled position conveniently located (to Central London) and offers a superb empty period barn with minstrels gallery, lan dscaped rock pool and outstanding views. Britwell HIll has been a favourite of discerning Location Managers for decades.

Portobello Gold - The Bar

Imaginative inexpensive world winelist
All day Bar menu
Wired up with broadband and Wireless connection making us the ideal venue for Website launch parties
All in a conservatory with a sliding glass roof
Oyster bar - famous for the oyster shooter
Classic cocktails
8 bottled and 8 Draught beers (including Hoegaarden wheat beer)
Extensive wine list - 15 by the glass
As many quality tequilas as are imported into the UK
Music - world, progressive, fusion, blues, anything good and unrepetitive great atmosphere.

From http://www.beerintheeveing.com

The Portobello Gold welcomed me recently when I stayed in the hotel. Their staff were outstandingly friendly and the wireless network was handy when I had business to do (while drinking a pint!). The selection of beers was surprising - czech, german, belgian and more and my friends loved the wine list, which I think was put together by the owners wife who had been a somelier in France for 15 years. I loved it!! I definitely recommend it, even though I would prefer to keep it a secret - it looks unappealing from the front.

Portobello Gold - The Hotel

All rooms feature:

Free internet access 24/7

Digital cable tv - 250 channels

Direct dial out (and in) phone

Laundry service (by arrangement with housekeeper)

Continental breakfast

Full breakfast extra (from 10am)

Tea/Coffee facilities

From ... http://www.viwlondon.co.uk

Portobello Gold Hotel has 5 rooms and is ideally situated within easy reach of Kensington Palace and Gardens, Hyde Park and the West End. They offer a variety of facilities, including a modem point, air conditioning and cable TV in every room

From ... http://www.informationbritain.co.uk

The only hotel in the heart of the Portobello Rd Antiques Market. FREE broadband Internet Access to Guests either in rooms or in our ground floor Cybercafe. Critically-acclaimed bar and attractively-priced conservatory garden restaurant. Rooms range from £25 Backpackers to Romantic maisonette roof terrace apartment (self catering or roof service!)at around £150 (depending on length of stay and number of people). 1952 Buick convertible available for tours, picnics and airport/theatre runs.

Portobello Gold - The Restaurant

Modern British / MediterrAsian menu (great dishes from around the world).
Seafood and vegetarian dishes a speciality.
Two courses cost around £14.50.
The best Sunday Lunch in London at a sensible price and a sensible time (1:30 - 9:30 pm).
We also do childs portions.
It is essential to book.

From http://www.restaurat-guide.com

In the heart of the Antiques Market, Portobello Gold was London's first gastropub and celebrates its 20th birthday in Jan 2005. It is an unpretentious pioneering sort of place with a delightful tropical conservatory restaurant with a sliding glass roof, serving (mainly) seafood and all-day traditional Sunday lunch. It is renowned as being the spiritual home of the oyster shooter. They also have seven rooms from a backpackers at £25 up to a rooftop apartment with sunny views at £180. Also Wireless Internet and cybercafe (free to hotel guests); it benefits from easy parking except on Saturday.

From http://www.alinlondon.co.uk

Portobello Gold offers a Modern British/Mediterranean menu with seafood and vegetarian dishes being the speciality. They also do a good Sunday lunch at a sensible time (between 1pm and 4.30pm) as well as children's portions. Catering for private parties of up to 60 guests is available upon request and seating in the garden area is provided, weather permitting. They also provide Internet access.

Portobello Gold Oyster Bar serve a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. They have a Happy Hour between 5.30pm and 7pm every day of the week except Sunday.

Portobello Gold - The Gallery

The Gold Gallery showcases a new photographic or art exhibition every month. Whilst the most prolific art form here comes from a wealth of excellent photographers, we embrace all forms of art including paintings, artefacts and even African barber signs! It all adds to the diversity that the Portobello Gold is famous for.

Exhibit in our Gallery

The point as far as the Gold is concerned, is not to be a profit centre, but to give exposure to up and coming artists and photgraphers and to vary the feel of the place and to introduce new customers to the restaurant and bar in the process. We suggest a 10% commission be offered DIRECTLY to the staff by way of incentive and so it is important that they are au fait with your work.

To maximise exposure of your work it is essential to make the most of the preview. We have in the past, left publicity to the artist and it hasn't always prompted the interest deserved.

Why Portobello Gold?

Portobello Gold has been a popular place to eat and drink since 1985 and, to many people, needs no introduction. Bearing in mind that 700-1000 a week pass through the Gold, what small gallery can offer that sort of attendance? Your show will run for one month and it is a good idea to be around at crucial times. It is up to you to replenish brochures. Don't assume, however, that we will have the time to spend with your customers - but our staff are trained to give as much help as possible.

The Cost

To stage a preview we charge £300.00 to include the following:
1) Cost price catering (24 bottles of wine and a buffet for 100 people)
2) Small administration fee to set up the preview
3) Help with the publicity (access to our ever increasing mailing list)
4) Space on our website
5) Mail-out to "Listings" services for up to 150 people

Artists Responsibilities

1) Printing and framing (if applicable)
2) Invitations, brochures, flyers, price lists/fact sheets
3) Press releases
4) Door security
5) Photographer to cover the event
6) Insurance


Email Mike Bell at the Portobello Gold
[email protected]
Check http://www.portobellogold.com
for the latest prices and info

Never give up Sean

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