Rod Liddle To draw a line between moderate and extremist Islam is to miss the point
From the Spectator - 15 June 2013

To draw a line between moderate and extremist Islam is to miss the point
Rod Liddle 15 June 2013

There’s an Islamic school in Birmingham which is very highly regarded. It’s called Darul Uloom — the same name as the school in Chislehurst which was recently the subject of an arson attack. In fact, that’s how I stumbled across it. Anyway, Darul Uloom in Birmingham is a good school not only academically, but also for the emphasis it puts upon neighbourliness, integration, and decent and friendly dealings with non-Muslims. In short it is a model school of its kind; it will surely not turn out furious jihadis, will it? The school encourages multi-faith dialogue, it urges upon its pupils the need to treat all members of the community with respect. Why does it do this? The school explains by means of a quotation on its website. It’s a story about Maalik Bin Dinaar, an early follower of Muhammad:

Once Maalik Bin Dinaar rented a room next to the home of a Jew. His room was adjacent to the entrance of the Jew’s home. The Jew spitefully always deposited garbage and filth in Maalik’s entrance. Even his musalla (prayer place) would at times be soiled. This treatment continued for a long period, but Maalik Bin Dinaar never complained.
One day the Jew came and said: ‘Does the garbage I deposit in front of your room not distress you?’
Maalik: ‘It does distress me, but I wash and clean the place.’
Jew: ‘Why do you tolerate so much distress?’
Maalik: ‘Allah has promised substantial reward for those who contain their anger and forgive people.’
Jew: ‘Truly, your Deen (religion) is beautiful. It commands toleration of even the hardships presented by enemies.’
The Jew was so affected by the beautiful conduct of Maalik Bin Dinaar that he embraced Islam.

So, there we are — even spiteful, filthy, enemy Jews can be redeemed.

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In 2002 Rod Liddle hosted a debate between Abu Hamza and Nick Griffin at the Radio Academy.

The link below will take you to the 'Real Player' audio file of this interesting debate, it's just over 60 minutes long.
I have just downloaded the real player file its very good. Hamza and Griffin each talk a lot of sense and so does Liddle
I have mentioned before the instantaneous reversal of parity by the left and their docile, obedient followers (journalists and "educationists" mainly) when the iron curtain was dropped and the Soviet Union was, at last, revealed in its full glory.
The Muslim Agenda - Full Movie Documentary

You can download a PDF version from the link below.
This is about 400MB, and two hours long to watch

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