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The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism or "Political Correctness"
Cultural Marxism / Political Correctness. This section starts of with part of a superb analytical article by Ms Cassandra Goldman: Cultural Marxism began not in the 1960s but in 1919, immediately after World War I. Marxist theory had predicted that in the event of a big European war, the working class all over Europe would rise up to overthrow capitalism and create communism. But when war came in 1914, that did not happen. When it finally did happen in Russia in 1917, workers in other European countries did not support it. What had gone wrong?
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The Common Purpose Conspiracy
Brian Gerrish discovered Common Purpose when he was involved with a group in Plymouth in the west of England helping people find jobs and one of their projects was repairing wooden boats. He said they had lots of public support and backing from the local authorities and everything was going fine. But then it suddenly changed and the council support was withdrawn. When they tried to continue alone, he said that within a short time key people were being threatened: 'When we started to explore why we were being threatened we were absolutely staggered to find a very strange organisation called Common Purpose operating in the city. And we were absolutely amazed that there were so many people involved but they were not declaring themselves ...
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Bilderberg, the truth comes out. MP's Discuss Bilderberg in the House of Commons
Ken Clarke in the House of Commons speaking about his membership of Bilderberg for the past ten years. Bilderberg - Does this organisation exist or not, and what does it do ? For years now, people who have tried to raise this issue have been variously labelled as conspiracy theorists, cranks, paranoid fools, schizophrenics or psychopaths. Well, it would seem that the internet has once again spilled the beans and exposed the guilty. Just in case this video is removed from YouTube, people are advised to download it ASAP. Whatever your opinion, the subject raises some serious questions, and produces some seriously rage filled responses. I have copied a few of these responses here.
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