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Anti White Genocide in South Africa today
Mr Griffin interviews Henk Van de Graaf about the massive problem of state-sanctioned racist murder of white farmers in South Africa. Somewhere between over 1,500 and up to 3,000 have been killed, very often tortured to death with their entire families. With racist attacks in urban areas also claiming many lives, the total of Boers murdered in the on-going genocide is in the region of 20,000 since the ANC took power. Mr Van de Graaf has laid charges of genocide against the South African government at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Barack Hussein Obama has compared him to George Washington. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews heralded him as “perhaps the world’s greatest hero.” The Las Vegas Guardian Express dispensed with the “perhaps,” declaring in headline: “Nelson Mandela World’s Greatest Hero. Others have christened him “the greatest man of the 20th century.” Many revere him as “the savior” of South Africa. What is it about Nelson Mandela the man that justifies this global adoration? To be sure, he is tall, dignified, and statesman-like in appearance, gracious in public speech, and grandfatherly in tone. He does not exude the radical, self-promotional hucksterism of, say, Al Sharpton, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, or the ANC’s current head, Jacob Zuma. And, yes, he served many years in prison, but not merely for opposing injustice and racism, as his legions of hagiographers would have us believe. He was a leader of the African National Congress (ANC), an organization designated a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department and many governments and intelligence agencies. He was also a co-founder of the ANC’s Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), a militant terrorist group within a terrorist group. He was tried and convicted for his terrorist and subversive activities within those organizations. And this growing genocidal process occurs at exactly the same time when many hundreds of thousands of destitute black Africans also are invading the European continent with the thousands of waterlogged Muslim refugee boats — and are being given sanctuary and legalised access to the entire European continent’s resources – access which is being constantly denied to the besieged Afrikaners of southern Africa. This contrast between the humane way Europeans treat African refugees and the way black South Africans are treating the Afrikaner minority in their midst, is indeed becoming very stark. Afrikaners now are fighting with their backs to the sea while at the same time, also having no other place to flee to: born and bred in southern Africa, living there for many generations through no choice of their own, many Afrikaner families who try to seek sanctuary and polical asylum in any of the countries of their forebears, are nearly always being sent back to a South Africa… where they are facing genocide and constant streams of state-sponsored hate-speech, armed attacks, racism and legal discrimination in the job and property-market.
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