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Reasons for getting Britain out of Europe.
When we took the vote on European membership all those years ago, we voted on membership of the 'EEC' - This was the 'European Economic Community' Now look at what has been done to us with one illegal treaty after another and the vast sums of money being taxed away from our own coffers. There has been the attempt at a single currency, there is talk of a European Army, we have lost control of our own laws and borders. It's certainly time to get out. UK Elections 22/05/14 - I have said this before, and will say it again here. I am quite happy for the UKIP brigade to gain votes, it won't last, and here is why. I can remember not too long ago ( about 2002 ) that the BNP website put a "Google" search script/box on it's front page. There was astonishment from various BNP members that this could ever have happened to a website dedicated to "POND LIFE" such as us. It was astonishment that "Google" would be prepared to be seen as associating with us. The reason that I point this out is to highlight that just a comparatively short time ago, we in the BNP were even more "Untouchable" than we are today. Yet today, thanks to people like UKIP, the very issues that we were highlighting then, and for many years before, have become the subject of common debate today !! GREAT !! Take a look at the position of us in the BNP 10 years ago, and take a look at us now, then guess where we will be in 10 year from now. It will therefore follow, that one debate will continue to another, one question and answer will lead to another, and the more this happens, the more we in the BNP will appear less like "POND LIFE" and appear more like common sense. Conversely, as time goes by, UKIP will seem less and less like common sense and the BNP will appear more like a political reality check. Which it always has been. The biggest problem has always been, getting the great "British Sheeple" or "Joe Public" to have the guts to "voice" the questions that have been staring them in the face since the end of WW2. Do you think that the great "British Sheeple" ever will ?
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by Sean