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Free Speech ?
Use it or LOSE it !

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Katie Hopkins - Get Furious And Fight Back ! 1 Europe's fate was decided long ago ...Google this: ... Barcelona Declaration of 1995
We must get rid of our political masters, before they get rid of us !
THIS VIDEO WAS BANNED ON YouTube - Brit Girl on YouTube
Black Lives Matter - UK. The Rashan Charles Fiasco
The Iconoclast YouTube videos
2 Professor Kai Murros - England Is At War. This video was BANNED ON YouTube
Kai Murros on YouTube
The TRUTH about the race war
Free Domain Radio YouTube Videos
3 This is Europa - How to confront the Anti White Mindset
This Is Europa Videos On YouTube
FIREWALL - Bill Whittle - Ferguson and the REAL Race War
The truth about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri, USA
Bill Whittle's YouTube Channel
4 Pat Condell - Laughing At The Fake Feminists
A Special Video For International Women's Day, Thursday 8th March 2018

Pat Condell's YouTube Videos
BREXIT THE MOVIE - And no mention of immigration ! Europe = Soviet Dictatorship
70 Mins run time. This video and the one on the right by Pat Condell says it all !!
5 Pat Condell - Hello Angry Losers (The Remoaners !!)
Pat Condell's YouTube Videos
Pat Condell's YouTube Videos
6 Muslim Rape Gang Exposed In Newcastle
The Iconoclast YouTube videos
A Sikhs Response to Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham. I know for a fact that the SAS have been campaigning to raise awareness about this issue for years. And the BNP had been trying for many many years before that !! 7 Generation Identitaire
French youth declare war on the Generation who betrayed them
Génération Identitaire - Videos
How the British Empire abolished Slavery all around the world
The Iconoclast YouTube videos
8 The British Pakistani population accounts for just 3% of all births.
But account for 30% of all British children born with a genetic illness/dissorder.
The Iconoclast YouTube videos
Ken Livingstone at LBC on Hitler and Zionism.
He refuses to apologize for telling the truth. Quite right too !!
9 Halal / Kosher Ritual Slaughter = Ritual Cruelty
The Soviet Story 10 Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told - 6.5 hours long. This is a large file that might take a minute before it starts to play.