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William Wilberforce (Amazing Grace)
Anti Slavery Campaigner

William Wilberforce From
William Wilberforce (1759-1833) was a deeply religious man whose political views were very conservative, but who devoted most of his parliamentary career to the abolition of the slave trade and slavery.

He also campaigned for legislation to prohibit the worst forms of child labor, cruelty to animals and the removal of political disabilities on Roman Catholics. He fought to abolish the slave trade which, after many years of defeats, he finally achieved in 1807.

However, this did not abolish slavery.
He would frequently introduce a private member’s Bill abolishing slavery.

Year after year his Bills were defeated until, finally, late on Friday July 26, 1833, as he lay on his deathbed, his friend, Thomas Babington Macaulay, the famous historian and member of the Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Dominions, brought him word that the Slavery Abolition Bill 1833 abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire had been read a third time (which means that it had been passed) by the House of Commons.

Passage of the Bill through the House of Lords was assured.

Wilberforce exclaimed:
"Thank God that I have lived to witness the day in which England is willing to give £20 million for the abolishment of slavery."
(What would that be worth today ?)

He died three days later. It was agreed that he should be in Westminster Abbey in London.

The Slavery Abolition Bill 1833 passed through the House of Lords, it received the Royal Assent (which means it became law) on 29 August 1833 and came into force on 1 August 1834.

On that date slavery was abolished throughout the vast British Empire.

The Act automatically applied as new possessions (principally in Africa) subsequently became part of the British Empire.

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The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain,( Just since the Stephen Lawrence case ! )
is represented in the following pages. How many had you heard of before you saw them here ??
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They Don't Want You to Know




From The BNP Website On 24th March 2007

Slave trade is real history but Haley's book is a piece of imaginative fiction

The BBC has been indulging in a bit of "whitey" bashing again today, focusing on the marking of the slave trade which was abolished throughout the British Empire and reminding listeners to Radio 4 that the evil white Europeans and white Americans are collectively guilty of enslaving the poor down-trodden Africans. The indisputable facts that various African tribes were enslaving one another centuries before a single western European set foot in West Africa and that slavery continues today without the involvement of a single white European were not aired in the programme “Roots” broadcast earlier today. Another fact that wasn’t mentioned was that the book “Roots”, on which the 1977 tv series was based, was penned by one of the biggest fraudsters in American literary history and the work itself less of a milestone in raising awareness of Black American history than a plagiarised piece of fiction. Alex Haley claimed his work was based on twelve years of research spanning two continents and over two hundred years of history. The reality was less of a heroic piece of study and more of an act of deceit which duped millions in the UK and America.

Financial settlement

Haley himself was forced to acknowledge, a large section of his book - including the plot, main character and scores of whole passages – was lifted from "The African," a 1967 novel by white author Harold (Hal) Courlander. Haley was forced to pay the author $650,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement after a plagiarism trial in 1978, that’s about $2million in today’s money. Plagiarism isn’t the only issue which blights the success of the television series. Thanks to investigative American journalist Philip Nobile Haley’s alleged history of the book was a near-total invention. Nobile conducted a study of Haley's private papers shortly before they were auctioned off. "Virtually every genealogical claim in Haley's story was false," Nobile has written. None of Haley's early writing contains any reference to his mythic ancestor, "the African" named Kunta Kinte. Indeed, Haley's later notes give his family name as "Kante," not "Kinte."


And a long-suppressed tape of the famous session in which Haley " found" Kunta Kinte through the recitation of an African "griot" proves that, as a BBC producer James Kent noted, "the villagers [were] threatened by members of Haley's party. These turn out to be senior (Gambian) government officials desperate to ensure that things go smoothly." Haley, added Kent, "specifically asks for a story that will fit his predetermined American narrative." Historical experts who checked Haley's genealogical research discovered that, as one put it, "Haley got everything wrong in his pre-Civil War lineage and none of his plantation ancestors existed; 182 pages have no basis in fact." The tv series, like the book was presented as factual history, albeit with fictional embellishments. Haley himself claimed that the details came from his family's oral history and had been corroborated by outside documents. Viewers were duped- big style but a strange twist in all this – the BBC itself produced a documentary expose of Haley's work in 1996 (The Roots of Alex Haley, Documentary. Directed by James Kent. BBC Bookmark, 1996) which has been banned by U.S. television networks – yet the very same broadcaster chose to ignore that important fact in today’s programme in a prime example of how the State channel continues to rewrite history in a classical Orwellian 1984 manner.

George Orwell

  Roots - The CD Box Cover
25th Anniversary Edition
The Event That Made Television History
Roots Fraud
"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."
George Orwell