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About Comments

The Comment Policy On This Website

There is no censorship or Political Correctness on this site.

However, that does not mean that 'Anything Goes'
It does not mean that at all.

You are more than welcome to speak your truth as you understand it.
That is the 'Birthright' of the British People.

Your understanding may be wrong.
You have the right to be wrong, without censure, or penalty.
You have the right to adjust your understanding, or not, as you think fit.
That is the 'Birthright' of the British People.

Telling someone something that they do not want to hear is quite OK.
The reverse is also true.
That is the 'Birthright' of the British People.

How you speak your truth as you understand it, is very important.

Normal levels of manners and respect are to be observed at all times.
Most people know what that means. ( If not, go home and ask your mum )

Within the very broad outline given above, it is perfectly possible to discuss
anything and everything under the sun.
Without resorting to offensive terminology or insulting speech of any kind.


And of course, all comments must be in English.

Free speech ?
Use it, or lose it !


Sean Bryson